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KING KONG - Previews  Oct 7 2018, 12:42:06 AM

Alright. Saw the show tonight. Please forgive my disjointed sentences and rambling. It’s been a long day in the city.

My husband and my good friend loved everything about the show.

I did not.

I thought the show lacked whenever Kong was not onstage.

Everything about the puppet is amazing. The choreography of his operators. The puppeteers’ athleticism. Their timing as they disconnect and reconnect cables then jump from Kong’s back. H

KING KONG - Previews  Oct 4 2018, 11:27:02 AM

Seeing the show on Saturday.

I'm expecting to see a 4-hour-long extravaganza.

I'm intrigued, excited, and a bit nervous as I've been following the show for quite some time.


Cradle Will Rock  Jul 13 2013, 08:34:11 AM
I will be there tonight. I'm a huge Raul fan and wouldn't miss this.

I will be going with someone who has absolutely no clue about Cradle Will Rock and will probably be lost the entire time.

This could be tragic.

Need some Last 5 Years Help  Aug 26 2008, 03:26:04 PM
Does a Karaoke CD exist of this show somewhere?

A theatre group I belong to does "Workshops" of shows to preview them to their subscribers, but they don't typically provide a pianist.

Neither one of us have the money for one right now.

I know there's a few songs on the Jason Robert Brown "New Broadway Writer" Karaoke CD, but there's only a couple of songs on that.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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