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Eurovision Musical Movie  Jun 26 2020, 10:28:59 AM

Anybody else just watch the mess I just watched on Netflix? There were some  good moments but it was werid.....

Phantom to change to "re-staged" production in flagship productions?  Jun 20 2020, 11:40:04 AM

Phantom4ever said: "So this would involve removing the angel from the false proscenium and having the chandelier on a huge track, correct? This would basically involve a full load out of the entire 1988 set, right? All the curtains, the elephant, the dressing room, the trap doors etc? All that would be removed?"

Restaged production had elephant ,dressing room , and curtains. The chandiler was a little more modern but not on a track. No trap doors I beleive

Phantom to change to "re-staged" production in flagship productions?  Jun 20 2020, 11:29:51 AM

Phantom4ever said: "Do you think they would make an official announcement about it or just kind of let it happen?"

Somebody  said to expect announcement "soon"

Phantom to change to "re-staged" production in flagship productions?  Jun 20 2020, 09:51:08 AM

It keeps popping up on one of the fb groups I'm on that employees of Her Majesty were told the production is revamping to the "restaged" production. I know the recent  ill fated UK tour had aspects of both the original and the restaged productions. Back in April, I had a q&a event with a bunch of former US restaged tour cast members(one of the reasons why I basically got into broadway) and they were saying rumors were going around that the broadway production would

FROZEN closes on Broadway  May 14 2020, 08:16:51 PM

IAMREADING said: "FlyHigh523 said: "Rogerdellibovi said: "What shows are in the most danger of never opening back up? "

I’d honestly say Mean Girls is next. Obviously I do not want any shows to close, but I think MG will likely close due to the pandemic.

I love that show but I’m bracing for this too. I am pretty sure they don’t even have a Cady now unless Sabrina’s other projects or what not also got

FROZEN closes on Broadway  May 14 2020, 05:24:29 PM
theory : Disney planned to close it in 2021 for BATB revival (I like BATB better than Frozen ,lol) so they decided to close it now instead of reopening for a few months or if broadway reopens before 2021

What happened to The Muppets on Broadway ? Watched the original 1979 movie the other day then looked up if there was ever a musical in the works and I was surprised to find out it's been in the works since the 70s and was always Jim Henson 's dream . There apparently was a "presen

FROZEN closes on Broadway  May 14 2020, 04:52:31 PM

Buena Vista is not a producer on Mrs. Doubtfire. It’s just presented with a special arrangement with Buena Vista."

Ohhh. As of right now , it looks like MD is safe and they are pushing it hard. Company is still having rehearsals virtually and there was the big NYT article last week 


FROZEN closes on Broadway  May 14 2020, 04:40:21 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "MannPhan24601 said: "I noticed Disney is a producer for Mrs Doubtfire . I hope it isn't jepordy for them either ... I'm shocked , espically with the success of Frozen 2.

Beetlejuice to the St . James ????

I don’t think that is true.


It has Buena Vista Theatricals as a producer since Disney owns Fox Films now ... Don't think it will be a "Disney on Bro

FROZEN closes on Broadway  May 14 2020, 04:29:12 PM

I noticed Disney is a producer for Mrs Doubtfire . I hope it isn't jepordy for them either ... I'm shocked , espically with the success of Frozen 2.

Beetlejuice to the St . James ????

Tootsie National Tour: Equity Production Scrapped, to start non-union?  May 5 2020, 10:30:10 AM

ughh. I got upset this wasn't coming to Philly and was planning on maybe taking  a trip to the nearest stop. Glad i saw the full OBC last year right after it opened (then bumped into Sarah Stiles on the street a few weeks later who was lovely) 

Falsettos Reunion Zoom  May 4 2020, 02:53:38 PM

Saw Lulu Lloyd's theater company is doing something similar with different actors for "hang outs". Might do the one for Sierra Boggess next week. I recently hosted a "hangout" with a bunch of former Phantom tour cast members for free and the 5 people I got on there had some great conversations with the 16 former cast members I got! 

EDIT: Saw Sierra got sold out. Oh well.... 

Hamilton on SGN.... huh  Apr 26 2020, 08:06:00 PM

Last night , I was watching a virtual Javier Colon concert and he had several of his buddies on as special guests . He said he couldn't sing with them due to the way feeds work and it made me automatically think of this , espically since it's such a hard song 


And speaking of Javier, he's a big Hamilton fan and has friends who are/were in the show in several productions. Would love to see him as Washington, Burr, or Jefferson someday ......

1776 Broadway revival cast for 2021  Apr 16 2020, 10:59:49 PM
Brooke Simpspon came in 4th on The Voice a few years back on Miley's team. She has a wonderful voice

Sophia Caruso departs Beetlejuice  Apr 16 2020, 08:25:51 PM

Somebody said on a FB group she was charging $225 an hour for a virtual vocal lesson instead of selling that stuff . I would pay $225 for a lesson from somebody like Sutton Foster or Kristin Chenoweth but not somebody who's 2 years younger than me


EDIT: See she's doing it for Broadway Cares. At least it's for charity  Thought I saw somewhere Alex was doing a virtual workshop for 75 . 

New Lydia Deetz ( who do you think should replace Sophia Anne Caruso ) ee  Mar 7 2020, 09:04:46 AM
Jackie Evancho ? Sarah Hyland ?( Who people think are the kitty on the Masked Singer )

Kaitlyn Davis looked like she was having a fancy photoshoot with Matthew Murphy the other day . Her mom is a photographer and always does her headshots so hmmm

No More Backstage Visits At Broadway Shows  Mar 6 2020, 07:53:05 PM
Patrick Dunn wrote Les Mis cast not stage dooring until further notice .

Fantastic Phantom, Finally  Mar 3 2020, 04:43:10 PM
Slave Master Peck was in the restaged tour . Glad to see he made it to Broadway !

Betsy Wolfe is expecting!  Mar 2 2020, 05:55:22 PM

RunnyBabbit said: "Now she’ll never get to be in Carousel!"

Omg. I was about to write about that thread,lol 

New Lydia Deetz ( who do you think should replace Sophia Anne Caruso )  Feb 26 2020, 02:50:38 AM
If I remember correctly , Dana and Alex went to NYU together . I would have never guessed her age until she posted about that ...

New Lydia Deetz ( who do you think should replace Sophia Anne Caruso )  Feb 26 2020, 02:02:59 AM

Kaitlyn posted a story singing some big song in a clip that looked like an audition tape . She'd kill it as Lydia . Hope she's in the running !( If they are auditioning "older actors, she'd be in the range since she's older than Sophia and Presley but younger than Dana)

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