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The Minutes Preview Thread  Feb 25 2020, 07:19:13 AM
I think it’s best to go in knowing as little as possible.

By the way I have a ticket for sale on the buy/sell board if anyone is interested.

Has Blake Jenner been in Cyrano since Wednesday?  Dec 1 2019, 05:21:53 PM

Okay, if that's true then it still fits in with the timeline. 

I agree about the point of the video and I know she doesn't name him because it's about stepping forward as a survivor of domestic violence, even though it's easy to figure out who it's about. I also don't expect Jenner to be fired from Cyrano (I know that won't happen) or to face any repercussions. I do, however, think it's understandable for audience members to feel uncomfortable

Has Blake Jenner been in Cyrano since Wednesday?  Dec 1 2019, 03:24:54 PM

dramamama611 said: "Please keep in mind, she hasn't stated who her abuser was. (But, yes, I was wondering about all the concern over his attendance.)"

That's correct, she has not named her abuser. Below are just some dates and facts. Choose to make of it what you will. (Let's see if the BWW censors choose to delete this anyway, even though nothing below is speculation.)

-Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner started dating by March

Has Blake Jenner been in Cyrano since Wednesday?  Nov 30 2019, 06:46:16 PM

ModernMillie3 said: "Yes, why?"

Google his name and/or Melissa Benoist. 

Oklahoma! Attendance recently  Nov 22 2019, 07:08:49 AM

MollyJeanneMusic said: "I’m thinking of seeing Oklahoma Thanksgiving weekend. I love both Ali and Sasha, so I would love to see either of them but would also love to have an idea of who I’m going to see. Does anyone know how the alternate schedule will be affected by the Friday matinee? Thanks!"

I'd like to know as well; I already have tickets to the Friday matinee. (I've seen Ali twice so I would be okay with seeing Sasha, but I'm bringin

Discount Codes  Nov 20 2019, 06:11:13 PM

The Lehman Trilogy code MAIL1. 

Jagged Little Pill Seating Advice Thread  Nov 19 2019, 05:32:07 PM

I also got B 9 and 11. 

Jagged Little Pill Seating Advice Thread  Nov 18 2019, 04:53:43 PM

VotePeron said: "As for the question, extreme side orch is a fine view. House Left is probably better than House Right, and aim to sit as far back in the orch as possible for the better of the partial views."

Thank you for this; I appreciate it. I just got partial view side orchestra seats for $59 at the box office (and I went for house left). 

Discount Codes  Nov 13 2019, 06:45:44 PM

MTC is actually 30 under 35. smiley

They haven't sent a code yet for How I Learned to Drive, right? 

The Official TDF Thread  Nov 5 2019, 05:09:08 PM

Trish2 said: "Hi, does anyone know where the TDF seats have been located for THE SOUND INSIDE?

Thanks in advance!

Mine was orchestra H1 (aisle seat, fabulous view). 

Ian McKellen: On Stage (One Night Only)  Nov 3 2019, 10:57:16 AM

This is a couple days away. I have a ticket and am curious if anyone here saw it in the UK and might share their thoughts. 

Suggestions for ticket buying last minute?  Oct 10 2019, 09:44:57 PM

I don't have experience to share about buying day-of tickets, but most of those shows (and more) have a digital lottery, so I'd recommend entering those. 

The Official TDF Thread  Sep 28 2019, 07:50:52 PM
At The Sound Inside tonight I’m in orchestra H1; it’s a fabulous seat. At The Inheritance part 1 last night I was in row B of the rear mezz, but I moved to row A because it was strangely empty.

Hugh Jackman in The Music Man  Sep 15 2019, 01:37:04 PM

IdinaBellFoster said: "They also may not exist on the weekends. I went with a Thursday as it was the cheaper option!"

I have a $109 ticket for a Saturday evening show, so they do exist on the weekends unless they raised the prices (which is very possible!). 

Hugh Jackman in The Music Man  Sep 14 2019, 08:28:20 AM

I just got a $109 seat (G28) by calling Telecharge. 

Hugh Jackman in The Music Man  Sep 14 2019, 08:10:42 AM

I'm in but I'm only seeing the same two seats open at every single performance (and they're not seats I want).

Advice on buying tickets  Sep 13 2019, 09:29:34 PM

Dkinny23 said: 
"Hey how did you get a $10 ticket to Scotland, PA?"

I assume through Access10; Roundabout sells $10 tickets to the first four previews of each of their shows. (They sell very quickly.)

PLAZA SUITE revival coming Spring 2020  Sep 10 2019, 06:57:54 PM

I enjoyed Broderick in The Seafarer at Irish Rep last season. 

I'm not familiar with the play, but I'm looking forward to seeing this duo onstage together.

MODERATORS: Why was the Ben Vereen thread deleted?  Sep 4 2019, 07:20:58 AM

Is this the thread? (I missed it the first time around, but it's easy to find cached versions of deleted threads.) If so, I agree that there's nothing that warrants its removal. BWW has published HERCULES to Play the Public Theatre this summer!!  Sep 2 2019, 10:52:36 PM

LightsOut90 said: "How is Jeff Hiller? having seen him in a bunch of other stuff this part seems absolutely perfect for him"

It was a small role, but it definitely was perfect for him; he was hilarious. laugh

Teaming up worked! CarmenA3 won the stand-by lottery tonight, and I was lucky enoug

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