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Mary Page Marlowe begins previews  Jul 9 2018, 07:46:00 PM

Can someone please explain the final scene for me? I saw it on Saturday and left a bit confused. Feel free to throw it in spoiler tags or PM me off board if need be. Thank you!

gavin creel back injury  Feb 23 2018, 06:33:01 AM

Wishing Gavin a speedy recovery.

Also wanted to echo the praise of his understudy. What a beautiful voice and charming onstage personality.

Todaytix rush has only 4 tickets, FOUR!  Feb 11 2018, 11:06:41 AM

I don't care if they have only 4 rush tickets, what stops me from buying TodayTix is the $12.50 a ticket fee. It seems unnecessarily high. I waited until Hello Dolly had no ticket fees to buy a ticket and will only enter lottery for that purpose. For those purposes, TodayTix is great. But the fees have skyrocketed since it's launch.

Kings @The Public (PREVIEWS)  Jan 31 2018, 07:31:28 AM

The ushers said it's 100 minutes. Which is about what it timed at last night - we started a bit late and ended just shy of 9 pm. The house looked pretty much full.

Some of the scenes are a bit repetitive, which makes the 100 minutes feel long at times, but it was a pretty good show. The show is set up well and you understand exactly who the characters are, what they do and what the show is about, which is why some of the scenes feel unnecessary. Like, we get it. We're following

FREE: 1 ticket - Aladdin - Wed Jan 24, 7pm  Jan 21 2018, 11:50:53 AM

Wow, that's so generous. I'd love to see Aladdin if still available. Thank you.

Tons and tons of really cheap (18-$30 cheap) Meteor Shower tickets on Stubhub for today  Jan 2 2018, 11:25:19 PM
Can you buy the ticket at the stubhub office day of to avoid the $12/ticket fees or are you stuck with them?

Looking for Ghost Quartet tickets  Oct 4 2017, 07:18:19 AM

Hi all - that show sold out quickly. Anyone have 2 tickets for Ghost Quartet on the 14th or 18th they're looking to sell? PM me. Thank you!

JOHN LITHGOW: STORIES BY HEART to Play the American Airlines, December 2017-March 2018  Sep 14 2017, 06:32:57 AM

This remains as one of only two shows I've ever walked out of. And I love JL. The material was just not good.

Really Rosie  Jul 23 2017, 11:08:13 AM

Are there any promo codes for this? I'd love to see it. I know there are $25 back of house tickets, but it felt quite far when I sat there for Assassins and would love to be a bit closer if I can without spending big bucks. Thank you!

replacements  Jun 9 2017, 06:42:32 AM

I think the entire replacement cast of Waitress is superior (Bareilles, Houlahan, Dawson, Diamantopoulis).

Can You Forgive Her thoughts?  May 21 2017, 09:11:43 AM

Has anyone seen this? I love Amber Tamblyn and would like to know how it is.

Sara Bareilles in WAITRESS  Apr 26 2017, 07:40:11 AM

haterobics said: "VintageSnarker said: " with this second viewing, I think the material is stronger than I initially thought as it stands up to different interpretations."

Same thing happened to me.


"I'm going to agree. I saw the show with Jessie and thought it was just good. Admittedly I am a massive Sara fan, but I just thought the show felt fuller... that's the best way I can describe it. I was more connecte

Cabaret Tour  Apr 9 2017, 10:05:58 PM

I caught this last night in Philly and wanted to say how stunning I thought Leigh Ann Larkin was as Sally. The tour is in great shape, but her performance stood out to me especially.

OSLO Previews  Apr 6 2017, 07:19:07 AM

I saw this last night and am truly in awe. What a fantastic ensemble. I came in tired, fearing the run time, but the three hours flew by. This is a must-see.

Problem with Dear Evan Hansen lottery  Mar 11 2017, 01:50:14 PM

I applied for today's matinee this morning, so this is still very much a thing.

Bull in a China Shop  Mar 1 2017, 07:34:19 AM

I couldn't find a thread for this. Anyone catch this yet? If so, thoughts? Debating whether or not to get tickets. Thank you!

Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon alternating in LITTLE FOXES  Feb 26 2017, 06:23:57 PM

Is there a 30U30 code for this? Thank you!

NEWSIES Will Be Filmed Live With Jeremy Jordan & Kara Lindsay  Feb 24 2017, 05:49:37 AM

I saw this at the AMC in Times Square on Wednesday. The crowd was insanely giddy and happy to be there. There was so much applause. It made for one of the most enjoyable movie experiences I've ever had. And there were many Newsies in the audience, cheering for each other, which added to that.

So Long Matilda  Jan 2 2017, 10:19:33 AM

Does anyone know why Aviva left and Tori was brought back again? Did she get sick? I hope she's all right.

Dear Evan Hansen Previews  Dec 6 2016, 07:23:42 AM

Digital lottery is supposed to start today. Anyone know the link? Thank you!

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