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Do you think the ùPhantom film should have been made earlier?  Jul 23 2020, 02:33:15 PM
I really disagree with the comment that Evita is awful, to me it's the best ALW movie adaptation and one of the best movie musicals of the last 30+ years. I'm no Madonna fan but I thought she nailed the role.

Phantom was a victim of its creative team and not it's time. And all movies date to some degree, even the current marvel ones will feel dated someday.

Phantom needed a darker more gothic and less campy tone. It was also unfortunate that it was around the time alw went into

OUR Hamilton Reviews  Jul 5 2020, 10:34:32 AM

SmoothLover said: "Sounds like the timing of this filmed production could not have been better given the pandemic, the election, Black Lives Matter and the closures of Broadway theatres."

Interesting you say that because I was actually thinking current events may actually date this show quicker than many would think. I'm not saying I think this, but we are very much in an age of cancel culture and demands are being made for statues and the like representing

Eurovision Musical Movie  Jun 29 2020, 01:50:50 PM
I think it depends on how familiar you are with Eurovision. The Eurovision segments and songs are fantastic, very well done and very funny. great pastiche of the contest. the love story and will Farrell stuff around the Eurovision is less effective unless you're a big fan of his

Favorite Christine Daae  Jun 29 2020, 01:47:34 PM
For me Sarah Brightman is the pinnacle as she just has this unique other worldliness about her that fits the story so well

Aside Sarah Brightman for me its Gina Beck. She nailed every aspect of the role and her with Ramin Karimloo and Simon Bailey formed a very powerful trio that I've not seen better.

I know she has her fans but I dont get the Sierra Boggess appeal. To me she has a strong voice but doesnt have any light or shade in it and she cant act other than doe eyed

The Great "Bright" Way  Jun 24 2020, 05:14:24 PM

uncageg said: "No, that won't happen and as a member of the Black community, we are ok with being called black or African American. I can't speak for the entire community but in my many years on this earth I haven't met a person that has had a problem with it. We embrace it."

This is part of the problem and what causes confusion. While you say the black community are fine with African American, that's not actually true as I've seen several  b

The League To Announce Broadway Canceled The Rest Of The Year?  Jun 24 2020, 04:08:41 AM
Even if they did prepare for reopening in November...that's the beginning of the winter flu season. The big test for the world is going to be the coming winter. That's going to be when we see a potential deadly second wave. They could reopen and then have to close, having wasted money on rehearsals, casting, marketing all for nothing. Or even worse, theatres could be named as a source of being a super spreader. No business or sector wants to be known for spreading disease. This is something for

Phantom to change to  Jun 24 2020, 03:57:12 AM
Yes sorry I should have been clearer, the new UK tour chandelier was a very similar design concept to the Albert hall but wasnt the exact one I dont think. and there were multiple rumours of a new chandelier being brought in for Manchester...but we will never know now.

I'm far from a Cameron fan, but I'm sick of seeing peoples comments about billionaires. Being classed as a billionaire doesnt necessarily mean you have the cash in the bank. In Cameron's case its things like property, sho

Phantom to change to  Jun 23 2020, 01:25:57 PM
The fact that the new UK tour, which had only just begun performances at the first venue when lockdown occured, has been pulled completely is a strong sign that the tour set could be used for London. You dont invest in a new tour set and costumes and just pull it for the brand new set to sit in a warehouse. All other major UK tours are rescheduling for 2021 and 2022. Phantom just cancelled outright.

It was about 90% to 95% the original, there was unconfirmed reports that a new chandelie

What shows will we never see again on broadway  Jun 18 2020, 02:48:09 AM
Actually shows like South Pacific, King and I and even My Fair Lady may not be revived much in future. Not because of current events so much, more that their core audiences are dieing out. Similar to how shows from pre-1950 are done less and less. They are big expensive shows to put on and the two most recent revivals really didnt last that long. Outside of theatre fans, future generations of more casual theatre goers arent exposed to the classics as much. They will likely be drawn to shows that

Korea's Phantom of the Opera  Jun 5 2020, 03:53:19 AM

dramamama611 said: "The number of people ALREADY that are stating to 'unfriend' them if they plan to sign up for any contract tracing is ridiculous.

I've never understood Americans big concern over privacy issues. This, cameras at intersections - I don't break laws so why would I care about those things. Goes along with the people that freak out that my Alexa is spying on me - because what is it exactly that I have to hide?

Alexa is a diff

Frozen on Broadway - Where did they go wrong?  May 16 2020, 04:12:02 AM
I think part of the main reason is the demographic issue. Disney relies heavily on nostalgia, and that's the same for their shows. The audience that can afford broadway prices were kids during the disney renaissance so will either want to see something beloved from their childhood or introduce their children to something they loved. Frozen hasnt built that audience yet. The Lion King also had the added benefit of a unique and spectacular staging that has yet to be matched. So with no nostalgia a

FROZEN closes on Broadway  May 14 2020, 05:38:34 PM

Mr Roxy said: "Wonder if Phantom will ultimately survives. Disney has deep pockets so this is,a shot across everyones bow."

They dont have deep pockets. They are losing billions. Almost all their revenue streams have stopped, and they have also made some big purchases recently.  Disney Plus is pretty much their only major form of income at the moment.

This is an easy decision for them really.  it wasnt making much money for them and they can sav

Shut down until June 7  Apr 9 2020, 10:45:25 AM
I'm surprised so many are placing everything on a vaccine, like it's obviously going to happen. Things will start to resume to a form of normality when the peak has passed and numbers start to drop. Broadway and any other large gatherings will likely be the last to return. The lockdowns have been more about medical facility capabilities and slowing the spread rather than the virus vanishing completely. It will become a case of living with it as best we can. Hopefully a vaccine can be found, but

Thank you, Great Britain  Mar 16 2020, 06:13:16 PM
It's worth noting that the government haven't closed the theatres, they made an advisory that people should avoid going. This in turn puts pressure on producers and theatres to close anyway so as not to appear socially irresponsible, but without the official government shutdown theatres are vulnerable from being ineligible for insurance etc. Very underhand

Thank you, Great Britain  Mar 15 2020, 06:45:20 AM
erm I think this post is a bit of a narrow view point.

I'm British and there is panic buying, events are being cancelled and universities are starting to go to online teaching. Public spaces are noticeable quieter. People are already starting to self isolate and work from home where possible.

Plus the media is stirring panic which isn't helping.

We are just a little behind other countries in terms of number of cases. A ban on large gatherings is expected this week and

Broadway to Close?  Mar 12 2020, 11:19:45 AM
This virus is really showing how sheltered people have become and comments like 'the government cant...' yes they can, your freedoms arent more important than the greater public good.

This is series, and possibly the most serious threat the world has faced since ww2.

It also reminds people, and I include myself in this, that the saying that you should have several months worth of bill's saved in your bank account is even more valid. Obviously that's a lot easier said than done

Broadway to Close?  Mar 11 2020, 06:30:34 PM

Georgeanddot2 said: "songanddanceman2 said: "Georgeanddot2 said: "I can't help but feel that this Coronavirus will be a whole lot of nothing that will propel us into a full blown recession and destroy the American economy and the lives of many people for a few years."

A whole lot of nothing? Tell that to all the dead , tell that to Italy

Maybe because I can recall the the swine flu and Ebola "outbreaks" and we

Disney's TANGLED on Broadway?  Mar 8 2020, 07:55:17 AM
A live action movie has been confirmed as in the works so he might just mean that

It is a much better movie than Frozen in many ways, with the exception of the songs which are good but not standouts

The cruise ship production shows the potential for a stage show so it wouldnt be the worst idea

Diana A True Musical Story  Feb 27 2020, 04:23:04 PM
Does it have a Che type character to give a more balanced critical view? or is it purely a simple diana was perfect and the victim etc etc. If so then it will be a very bland and hallmark movie type of show.

I first saw the movie of Evita not long after Diana died and it immediately struck me as so similar to Diana. so many moments/songs could be applied to her story

Sophia Caruso departs Beetlejuice  Feb 23 2020, 04:03:06 PM

darquegk said: "Except the moderators have in the past- repeatedly- used “freedom of speech” to justify not handling members who repeatedly post racially-charged and broadly offensive comments, amongst other things."

Social media- all social media- is an inherently right-wing phenomenon. And if it doesn’t start that way, it ends up that way.


Huh? I see far more left wing social media posts tha

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