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2020-2021 Touring Season  Mar 27 2020, 05:00:24 PM

dmwnc1959 said: "Just got this email from the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust...WOOHOOO!!!

When the world and life as we knew it turned upside down at the beginning of March, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust was forced to delay many events, including the announcement of our 2020-2021 PNC BROADWAY IN PITTSBURGH Season.

We want you to know that the cancelled and postponed Pittsburgh Cultural Trust events of this spring really are just an intermission, and we are working di

Should SIX transfer?  Feb 23 2019, 05:31:58 PM

I'm so glad I read this thread! We'll be in London in August, and I just picket up tickets to see this. So very excited!

Choir Boy Reviews  Jan 10 2019, 12:25:49 PM
This is definitely worth a go. I got a $30 ticket for tonight. (Not so much with luck for The Jungle....)

HAMILTON National Tour  Jan 6 2019, 01:15:17 PM

Enjoy! I saw it four times in New York and I'm STILL just so excited to see it in two weeks. :)


HAMILTON National Tour  Jan 5 2019, 06:43:17 AM

Nope, me neither. A friend of mine said she knew people who won twice in Charlotte, so don't give up!

THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT Previews  Dec 8 2018, 06:34:21 AM

Miles2Go2 said: "I’m not expecting it to be my favorite of my Jan. 4 - 7 trip, but I’ve been wanting to see it mainly for the cast (I saw Cherry Jones in The Glass Menagerie on the West End; just amazing; I told her at the stage door after it was like watching a master class in acting; been wanting to see the Radcliffe and Cannavale) plus it’s only available play that interests me for my Sunday evening slot."

I hope you totally enjoy it. I found it

THE PROM Previews  Dec 7 2018, 01:48:22 PM

I thought her comedic timing in general was just fabulous.


Fiddler Tour. Tevye replaced?  Dec 6 2018, 04:05:40 PM

I don’t really know, but I saw the matinee performance in Pittsburgh the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Lazarov came out as Tevye for the opening number and he sounded very ill. His voice was terribly strained. After the opening number, the understudy (presumably Arnold) came on as Tevye for the rest of the show.

HAMILTON National Tour  Dec 6 2018, 09:34:12 AM

dmwnc1959 said: "After all 32 shows in Pittsburgh showed zero availability, some seats have now opened up in 25 of those shows. But at $530 a ticket - and that’s the price being offered by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust - I’m not sure who’s going to pay that kind of money for something that’s not actually on Broadway."

Just in case this is of interest to anyone here, my charity, Dressed (searchable on Facebook as Dressed15501)

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF National Tour  Nov 25 2018, 09:35:35 AM

dmwnc1959 said: "^ ^ ^ Thank you for your thoughts on the show. Looking forward to heading up to Pittsburgh tomorrow to see the matineeperformance. Sad to see in the news another report of someonethreatening the safety and securityof theater goers...

Tomorrow I’m also

Be More Chill Off-Broadway Official Thread  Aug 4 2018, 11:41:34 PM

yesraccoons said: "Saw the show today. The music was the best part for sure book could definitely use work mainly towards the end. Overall enjoyable but not a broadway show. Hope it extends though.

My main issue wasn’t even because of the show itself but the speakers were incredibly loud. Beware if your ears are sensitive I don’t have senestive ears and I still held my ears at points it’s extremely loud.

Almost all the cast came out expect for

No Tony Award Tickets this year  May 16 2018, 08:12:16 PM

BroadwayFan5 said: "rebeccmam31 said: "BroadwayFan5 said: "FYI there are now some tony tickets listed on stubhub"

Would you possibly be able to link me? When I search the site nothing comes up.


So for some reason it seems stub hub took it down not sure why. But its on seat geek as well.

Here is link:No Tony Award Tickets this year  May 16 2018, 01:08:52 PM

BroadwayFan5 said: "FYI there are now some tony tickets listed on stubhub"

Would you possibly be able to link me? When I search the site nothing comes up.


Extra Tony Tickets  May 15 2018, 06:21:19 PM

kasim said: "lindatnyc2 said: "k
Are you trying to purchase one or two? I'm hoping additionaltickets will be released closer to date. I've lucked out in the past. I would sell my original (3rd Mezz Sect 500) if I can geta pair.


2 but I was also looking for the cheaper pair .. I am with you hoping they release more near the time.

I actually just got descent Harry Potter tickets for the 9th today

I just noti

Favorite Musical this Season?  May 15 2018, 01:22:07 PM

CedricOates said: "Tell me your favorite musical this season and why! :)"

The Band's Visit. I loved its quiet beauty. It also has what might be my favorite ending of any musical ever. I also really adored Once on this Island. The staging and the riot of color and the performances really drew me in.

Extra Tony Tickets  May 15 2018, 01:19:05 PM

lindatnyc2 said: "kasim said: "Eh I am not sure I think its quite the experience I've been twice and loved it.

That said I think its been since 2010 that I went and the tickets were 200-225 each.

And damn I tried to get tickets this morning but they sold out fast

Are you trying to purchase one or two? I'm hoping additiona

Extra Tony Tickets  May 15 2018, 11:58:50 AM

lindatnyc2 said: "I wish my budget allows for that.

That said, I am interested in purchasing 1 ticket in 3rd Mezzanine. If you have a pair, I'd consider that as well. Thanks.

Unfortunately, I don’t. Just the second mezzanine solos. I was working to get us ever closer together.??

Extra Tony Tickets  May 15 2018, 11:35:05 AM

dramamama611 said: "To know if I'm interested would include knowing how much the tix are! (Please and thank you.)"

Oh, right! ?? With fees, each ticket is $742 (??). It’s a lot, but it’s our Super Bowl...

Extra Tony Tickets  May 15 2018, 11:17:58 AM

So, I managed to get my daughter and I tickets to sit together at the Tony Awards, but the consequence of that is that I have 3 (yes, 3!) extra solo tickets. I guess I can list them on StubHub, but I figured I'd offer them up here in case anyone desperately wanted some but didn't get them.  They're all second mezz (G 612, F214, and H 611). They are all transferable on Ticketmaster. I would only want face value if anyone is interested.

No Tony Award Tickets this year  May 15 2018, 10:46:03 AM

Eliza2 said: "I got one! They went really fast - within about 2-3 minutes they were gone and it said sold out... but then as i kept reloading, singles started popping up 1 or 2 at a time, then they would be gone faster than I could click. I kept at it for about 10 more minutes and finally got one. I guess people had added multiples to their carts and then would release them.

Oh well! So excited!


My daughter and I are going! I couldn't ge

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