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re: Euan Morton in Caligula  Oct 15 2008, 10:03:20 AM
All I've kept is the Caligula t-shirt, which sparks questions from puzzled strangers just about everywhere I go.

re: Euan Morton in Caligula  Oct 14 2008, 03:09:23 PM
Not with Euan Morton. The demo had four songs (which were available online.) I've also heard the full demo, but it's not available to the public. Recorded before Euan, it's rather unimpressive.

re: Strike 12  Nov 27 2007, 11:53:56 AM
A bit too precious for my taste. Pleasant music though.

re: FRANKENSTEIN Reviews  Nov 2 2007, 03:09:54 PM
This turgid fiasco cost me a date. During the first act, I nuzzled up to the personable single hottie sitting next to me. I feverishly searched for him during intermission, but he'd already fled.

re: Frankenstein 10/21  Oct 22 2007, 12:16:19 PM
Simply putrid. I recently saw at least five NYMF shows which deserved an off-broadway run. Who financed this uninvolving, badly staged, 'all songs sound alike' dull mess? And who decided that mild-mannered Hunter Foster could project the angst to portray Victor Frankenstein? Special thanks to the production member who vigorously clapped and awoke me out of my curtain-call stupor.

**Dear Christiane Noll--i'll follow you anywhere. Yes, you've tested my patience but my adorati

re: Bare licensable?  Apr 11 2007, 12:14:38 PM
Michael Bennett won't admit the truth--he was a waiter at Uncle Vanya's and the noise ruined his tips.

re: Legally Blonde Musical, first preview reactions  Jan 26 2007, 12:48:09 PM
Can someone explain why Jerry Mitchell was walking around my neighborhood this week? Shouldn't he be in SF?

re: Manhattan Theatre Club...  Dec 26 2006, 07:52:54 PM
Paul Rudnick's work is a punchline looking for a story. He doesn't disappoint, with this lightweight attempt at a serious subject. There's lots of 'humor', and Jackie Hoffman overstays her welcome way before intermission. George Grizzard is touching, and Christine Baranski is...well Christine Baranski. Nothing seems real here, because everything's a set up for a joke.
Gay Marriage deserves a better theatrical ambassador than this. Unfortunately, Terrence McNally's Some Men (at the Phi

re: Rachel York in Ragtime?  Dec 22 2006, 01:52:19 PM
The Paper Mill production was far from stellar. It reeked of penny-pinching. NO CAR? The whole story revolves around an event that occurs in a car, which we had to imagine. Rachel was fine, as always.
Now The Paper Mills 'The Baker's Wife'--THAT was stellar.

re: anyone see Apple tree last night > how hot did she look ?  Nov 29 2006, 12:13:49 PM
The street entrance is now lit bright green, like God blew his nose all over Kristin Chenoweth and her apple.
Not looking forward to walking by that over the next few months.

re: Behind the Limelight - NYMF  Sep 27 2006, 01:38:48 PM
It feels like forever. That's all you need to know.

re: Is Margo is London ? Seen SITPWG yet ?  Aug 31 2006, 01:41:38 PM
So it's true. I heard Margo was last seen boozily walking down Old Compton Street questioning (to no one in particular)--'Where are the stalls'? Did she mean toilets or theatre seats?

re: BROADWAY ACTORS WHO MISS ALOT.  Jul 13 2006, 03:21:56 PM
It's also amusing when someone new posts that 75% of today's audiences wouldn't recognize the names Bernadette Peters, Chita Rivera and Kristin Chenoweth. All three have performed in various mediums for years--TV, stage, screen.

re: Caine Mutiny Closing?  May 11 2006, 04:32:02 PM
On holiday in Chicago recently a friend pointed out 'Schwimmer's Theater'--a beautiful, old structure near Magnificent Mile. We walked by in reverence (rich actor remains connected to the theater blah, blah, blah.)
However, after suffering through one act (oh glorious intermission) of Schwimmer cardboard acting, I want to return and kick the building.

re: Riedel says: Oprah not out of the question for TONY host  May 3 2006, 12:15:34 PM
Then the Tony's become even more marginalized like the once regal Miss America Pagaent (only half serious), now relegated to CMT (a country cable network.)
It's easy to criticize since neither our money or livelihoods are at stake. However, a solution is still unclear (maybe there is none.)
Paris Hilton as host! Not so crazy, didn't they name the Hilton Theater after her?

re: Riedel says: Oprah not out of the question for TONY host  May 3 2006, 11:47:23 AM
Angela is also IN her 80's. Not exactly a way to get kids to watch--who's granny up there hosting? Old queens like us will watch no matter who hosts--where's Julia Roberts?

re: official Whatever Happened To... thread  May 3 2006, 10:26:24 AM
JCM's movie has been 'in production' for years-guess it's finally finished.

re: official Whatever Happened To... thread  May 3 2006, 09:55:59 AM
John Cameron Mitchell?

re: Theatre Suggestions for Chicago...  Apr 22 2006, 03:25:06 PM
Saw two well-acted shows last week--

Love Song-Steppenwolf
Dealers Choice-Shattered Globe Theatre

Dealers Choice was 1/2 price if you pick up the tickets at Hottix (several locations around town)

re: TRYST  Apr 21 2006, 10:55:55 AM
Maxwell's gym-taut bod apparantly hypnotized you. When he broke down in the second act, half the audience (myself included)practically burst into guffaws .
There's gratuitous full-body nudity. Unfortunately, it wasn't him.

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