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Favorite Company Cast Recording  Jan 11 2020, 04:21:57 PM
The 2006 revival is pretty much go to for me. I love Raul’s performance and generally appreciate the less broad performance style, although the original probably had better orchestrations.

Best Songs of the Decade  Dec 30 2019, 05:08:22 PM
Agree with much of what’s been said already, I’d throw in:

Dust and Ashes- The Great Comet
One Day- Grounshog Day

Groundhog Day in San Francisco  Nov 13 2019, 02:14:30 PM
I’m glad this show is finally showing up regionally. I really loved it on Broadway and think it was kind of cursed by a busy season- if it had opened in the 2018 season I think it would’ve been a bigger hit.

Tootsie Is Closing  Nov 12 2019, 02:57:02 PM
Loved this show, saw it twice and it really held up. I think it’ll do really well regionally!

In defense of Tootsie  Oct 22 2019, 09:52:52 PM
I completely agree. Much of the score grew on me and I liked many of the songs a lot better when I saw it the second time.

Is Santino Fontana still out of Tootsie?  Oct 14 2019, 10:33:17 AM
He only took a week off, he’s back in the show now and has been since the beginning of October.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 10/6/19  Oct 7 2019, 03:25:39 PM
Truly sad numbers for The Great Society, Linda Vista, and The Lightning Thief.

BEETLEJUICE Reviews  Aug 14 2019, 06:07:26 PM
Saw this on Sunday and really didn’t like it. I thought the book was so lazy and often went for the cheapest possible jokes and refused to engage with the material dramatically. The score was even worse and some of the laziest work I’ve seen in a while (other than King Kong which I also had the “pleasure” of seeing this week) The actors and design were easily the most redeeming parts, and Rob McClure Leslie Keitzer and Kerry Butler are making the best of what they’re given.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/7/19  Jul 8 2019, 08:16:27 PM
I loved Tootsie as well and thought it had a great score. It was a weak week for almost everyone, but I figured the controversy (which I think is pretty contrived) would probably catch up to its grosses at some point.

Sad to see Frankie and Johnny close early, but you can’t say it’s surprising given the grosses for almost its entire run.

The Ferryman recoups  Jul 8 2019, 12:36:26 PM

Congrats to everyone involved with the production!

King Kong to close on August 18  Jun 25 2019, 06:38:30 PM

Cant say this was unexpected....

Best musical adaptations of movies  Jun 13 2019, 01:51:17 PM
Glad to see Groundhog Day mentioned- I think that’s a perfect example of an adaptation that deepened the movies story without losing its charm.

I’ll also throw my hat in for The Band’s Visit.

Tootsie controversy  Jun 11 2019, 12:51:05 AM
I’m a black and gay member of Gen Z who saw the show again tonight and loved it. I think everyone having a platform, like almost anything in the world has its ups and downs. It’s allowed lots of shows to build strong communities with their fans which is a good thing, but it can also start witch hunts like what happened with this show.

I completely understand why people had serious reservations about this show based on the plot, which has potential to be horrible with a bad adaptation.

Rate the 2019 Tony Performances  Jun 10 2019, 04:14:10 PM
Ain’t Too Proud- B+ Sounded and looked slick and clean. Shows like this have an advantage because they have built in great songs.

Tootsie- B My favorite show of the season, but the performance didn’t make it look amazing. Santino sounded great but Unstoppable is probably their worst production number. I think I Like What She’s Doing or the audition probably would’ve translated better

Oklahoma!- B- Ali was great, but mixing the two Oklahomas ended up giving off a really weird vi

Give Santino Fontana the Tony.  Jun 8 2019, 12:46:51 PM
Yeah, I loved Santino’s performance and think he’s easily the best in the category. I think the book absolutely deserves its win too, I can’t think of a better one from this season.

Drama Desk Reactions  Jun 3 2019, 06:12:00 PM
I think Tootsie absolutely deserves music and lyrics above any of the other shows nominated here- I really loved it and I think especially lyrically it’s way smarter than given credit for. Hadestown for Score is one of the biggest locks for the Tonys anyway (deservedly), so it’s not like it’ll pull an upset there.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/26/19  May 28 2019, 05:20:57 PM

I dunno, Tootsie's gross potential looks meh but the Marquis is so huge that it's still making a lot of money (over 1M a week). Even if it does start falling I think it should be good through the rest of the year, or at least labor day. 

I would be way more worried if I were the producers of Be More Chill, considering every musical (and some of the plays) are outgrossing it.

Musicals most people hated, but you liked  May 21 2019, 04:57:20 PM

I looooooved American Psycho, I thought it definitely deserved a Best Musical slot and Ben Walker should definitely have been nominated.

Musicals most people hated, but you liked  May 20 2019, 03:03:34 PM
Same with Groundhog Day, it was well liked just in a crowded season

Brantley and Green's WILL WIN/SHOULD WIN 2019  May 15 2019, 07:23:54 PM
Will win vs should win isn’t belittling, it’s a pretty common thing in award show predictions. The two are different a lot of he time.

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