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Mean Girls Cast Replacements  Feb 13 2019, 11:43:58 PM

JustinLovesSideShow said: "Current rumor Loren Lott is replacing Taylor Louderman as Regina George

Also annouched already Ashley Park is leaving March 10th 2019 Krysta Alabado will be her replacement

Where did you hear this “rumor”

THE PROM Previews  Oct 23 2018, 09:10:36 PM
Act 1
Ordinary Lives
Ordinary Lives (Reprise)
Just Breathe
It s Not About Me
Dance With You
The Acceptance Song
You Happened
Look to the Stars
Tonight Belongs to You

Act 2
The Lady's Improving
Love Thy Neighbor
Alyssa Greene
The Prom
Ordinary Lives Playoff
Unruly Heart
It's Time to Dance

Mean Girls @ The National in DC - Reactions  Nov 1 2017, 09:32:35 PM

Wait, I’m surprised no one asked this yet. What happened with the phone call scene? Is it still there? If so, how did they do it?

Betsy Wolfe begins performances tomorrow in WAITRESS  Jun 12 2017, 12:29:42 PM

Hello Everyone! It's Betsy Wolfe's turn to begin performances in WAITRESS tomorrow night! If you're going to the show tomorrow, or one of Betsy Wolfe's performances, let us know how she is here! 

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Previews  Mar 29 2017, 06:20:24 PM

WithoutATrace said: "A coworker of mine who attended the first preview last night DID NOT like it at all.  He is not a regular theatergoer, but just a huge fan of the book and both films.  Sadly, the negative word of mouth is already rampant.

I'm going tonight.  From what I had been reading over the past few months was that the creative team was going to retool the London production to make the Broadway version more like the original film so that America

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Previews  Mar 29 2017, 02:01:50 PM

Thank you so much for the set info! I'm really sad this is what this show has turned to. Hopefully preview changes are made. Let's hope for the best! 

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Previews  Mar 29 2017, 01:21:39 PM

Can someone explain in detail how much set there really is? Like is it only backdrops, is it only that 10x10, is there any backdrops that fly in? Also, is the Glass Elevator as magical or is it a let down as well? I have tickets for June but I am extremely dissaplointed from what I'm hearing 

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Previews  Mar 28 2017, 09:58:39 PM

This makes me sad. I knew this production would be different than the West End.

How was Christian. Please tell me he was at least good! 


CATS Broadway  Feb 26 2017, 04:27:08 PM

Hello Everyone! I just got tickets to see CATS, and I know at intermission, they allow you to go onstage. Is this only for Orchestra people/ select people? Also are you allowed to take pictures onstage? If anyone has had an experience with this please let me know!! Thank you! 

Guess Paper Mill's 17/18 Season!  Feb 8 2017, 11:30:16 PM

Liza's Headband said: "Again, not relevant what the bee looks like (or if it's a hornet, or a wasp, etc.).  Just connect the dots."


Is it Dogfight? 

The Bodyguard at Papermill  Dec 4 2016, 07:43:16 PM

Jasmin Richardson was AMAZING at today's matinee of The Bodyguard at Papermill! Chfried is inncorect, a friend of mine who works there informed me that Deborah called in sick and couldn't make it to the matinee. Hopefully she's performing right now! I'm sure she would want a practice performance before she got reviewed. 


Anyways, The Bodyguard was a very well put together show! Papermill NEVER disappoints me and even though I wanted to see Cox go on, I'm glad Jasmin could step

What went wrong with Dames at Sea ?  Nov 18 2016, 11:52:42 AM

Sorry about that. I didn't realize auto correct changed it. Eloise and Mara! 

What went wrong with Dames at Sea ?  Nov 17 2016, 12:02:01 PM

I saw closing night of Dames At Sea. In my opinion, I thought it was a phenomenal show. I agree it came to Broadway at the wrong time and the wrong theater. Lesli killed it and so did Elaine and Maria, along with the other guys in it. I think a show like that is meant for Off Broadway. So sad It didn't get a cast recording,  but one of my favorite shows! 

Will THE BANDSTAND open on Broadway?  Sep 17 2016, 12:25:45 AM

No. Its dead. get over it "chfried"

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