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What Was The Worst Musical You Saw  Apr 9 2020, 05:38:47 PM

On Broadway Pretty Woman. Such a waste of talent and my time and money. Although it was my first time seeing Orfeh perform, so that was a silver lining.

On tour - Rock of Ages. I don’t know if it would matter where I see this one - definitely not my cup of tea.

What Was The Worst Musical You Saw  Apr 9 2020, 05:38:46 PM

On Broadway Pretty Woman. Such a waste of talent and my time and money. Although it was my first time seeing Orfeh perform, so that was a silver lining.

On tour - Rock of Ages. I don’t know if it would matter where I see this one - definitely not my cup of tea.

April 13th ??  Apr 1 2020, 07:06:07 PM

IAMREADING said: "Jordan Catalano said: "But really they need to put out a statement ASAP. It’s getting ridiculous."

I agree. I saw another poster say they were not able to get a refund for I believe Lehman Trilogy until it was officially canceled, but even some people who could once afford tickets may now really need that money back for someone else.


I was really expecting  (hoping) an announcement on April 1st w

Broadway and the Coronavirus  Mar 10 2020, 07:10:23 PM

BdwayLife said: "HGR2 said: "Had tickets for SIX on Wednesday, and LSOH on Thursday. Called Ticketmaster on Saturday, and believe they refunded my ticket today. Called Telecharge today - waited on the phone for 30 minutes, but they refunded as well. Thankful for the refunds. Sad for the circumstances. Praying for everyone."

Thanks HGR2. I live in Canada, and was planning a trip to NYC end of April/early May (conference). I learned today that due to a var

What would you see if you had a time machine and tickets to 3 shows?  Jan 27 2020, 11:21:19 PM

I’d love to see:

Sunday in the park with George - With Bernadette and Mandy

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - JCM/Trask at the Jane

The Boy from Oz - Hugh Jackman

What would you see if you had a time machine and tickets to 3 shows?  Jan 27 2020, 11:19:47 PM

Sauja said: "This is one of the hardest of these questions ever!

 If I could relive one night I spent at the theater, I'd go back to Sondheim's 80th birthday concert at Lincoln Center. Hearing that enormous chorus and watching them stream into the theater singing "Sunday" is an all time highlight.

"You were there??  How thrilling that must have been! I get teary just watching it on YouTube!


TOP 10 PERFORMANCES OF THE DECADE  Jan 1 2020, 12:56:07 AM

My top 10 in no particular order:

Ben Platt - Dear Evan Hansen

Lena Hall - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Lin Manuel Miranda - Hamilton

Alan Cumming - Cabaret

Laura Benanti - She Loves Me

Carmen Cusak - Bright Star

Cynthia Erivo  - The Colour Purple

John Cameron Mitchell - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Annaleigh Ashford - Sunday in the Park With George

Brian d'Arcy James - Something Rotten!


Moulin Rouge! - Glee connection?  Dec 9 2019, 08:19:40 AM

Justin D said: "whenever i listen to the cast recording it always reminds me of Glee with all the mashups"

It did to me as well. That’s why i was surprised when he said he was from Lima.  I was wondering if maybe Adam Anders was involved. Or someone from the creative team. 

Moulin Rouge! - Glee connection?  Dec 9 2019, 05:57:09 AM

Saw the show last night and am wondering if someone with the production had a Glee connection or was it just coincidence that Christian was from Lima Ohio?
It seemed really weird to me - of all places to pick.
Sorry if this has been answered before - I havent been following all the ML threads
For what its worth I loved the show. Danny was out. Kevyn Morrow was fantastic but I was disappointed not seeing Danny.

Jagged Little Pill - Reviews  Dec 9 2019, 05:41:08 AM
I saw it on Saturday night. About 30 minutes in I thought it was great. Edgy dancing and strong cast. It had a “DEH” vibe to it. But then it started to feel like an onslaught of one social issue to another and just became too much for me. I wish the book had just stuck to one or two issues - that would have been enough.
I LOVED Elizabeth Stanley as well. She made the show for me personally and Uninvited will stick with me for a very long time.

Your Top 10 Shows This Decade  Nov 30 2019, 11:04:38 PM
I was just figuring this out for myself a while back. In no particular order:

Hedwig and the Angry Inch


Dear Evan Hansen

She Loves Me

Sunday in the park With George

The Great Comet

The Ferryman

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 1 & 2

What the Constitution Means to Me


That all being said I’m coming to town next week and thinking Moulin Rouge might knock one of these off the list!

Buying tix on StubHub  Nov 5 2019, 11:02:46 PM

yes - i just looked at one ticket and it was listed for $390 and then there was a $100 service fee added.  it came to $499 after everything.  I've never paid this much for any show - not even Hamilton.   I'm really unsure on this.  I'd be coming in from across the country and would be devastated if it turned out not to be a legit ticket.

I'm also noticing that its nearly impossible to get a single ticket.  There mostly all grouped in twos.<

Buying tix on StubHub  Nov 5 2019, 10:30:27 PM

I've never bought tickets on StubHub before.  I really want to see Little Shop of Horrors but there are no tickets available for my dates on Telecharge.  There are some on StubHub for a premium of course which  I don't mind paying, but is this site legit?  Are there any other secure ways of getting tickets?

Thanks in advance! 

Hadestown Question (Major spoiler)  Jun 28 2019, 06:22:33 PM

I think she was in orchestra a couple of rows away from me. It was a little over dramatic. A few people finally shushed her and she cried silently throughout the rest.

re: Much Anticipated Musicals That Crashed & Burned - Big Time  Jun 23 2019, 05:16:51 PM
I’d add American Psycho to the list. Sadly it closed a couple of days before my planned attendance. It was the first show that closed on me. Still bummed about it.

The Origin of Love - Town Hall  Jun 20 2019, 07:19:22 PM
Im coming in to town next week for my semi-annual theatre vacay and one of the performances Im going to is JCMs The Origin of Love at the Town Hall. I have a VIP ticket that I believe allows me to attend a reception afterwards? But Ive no info on it and so was wondering if anyone else will be attending this and/or do you know whats involved? Im thinking its maybe a version of a meet and greet at the theatre but Ive really no idea. If anyone can shed some light on this Id appreciate it!

Hillary and Clinton closing Sunday  Jun 17 2019, 03:06:37 PM

dramamama611 said: "Constitution is doing fine, nothing to worry about."

Good!  Thank you!

Gyllenhaal and Ashford to lead West End SUNDAY/PARK in 2020  Jun 17 2019, 12:55:57 PM

jacobsnchz14 said: "They pulled a Beyonce and tickets are now on sale as of 30 minutes ago. Bought a ticket for next June!"

Oh man. I am so tempted to book a trip to London next summer to see this again.  One of my all time favourite shows I’ve seen. Who would have thought we’d get an opportunity for a repeat?  Will wait and see who else joins the cast. 

Hillary and Clinton closing Sunday  Jun 17 2019, 12:48:43 PM
Argh.... I had ticket for June 26th. Was really looking forward to this. This is the second casualty of my upcoming trip. I also had a ticket to Gary.
I’m now starting to worry on WTCMTM.
Guess I have some time slots to fill.
Maybe INK?

2019/20 season shaping to be another jukebox season  May 1 2019, 08:06:17 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "I hope Ride the Cyclone transfers finally."

I agree. That would be fantastic! 

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