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SPONGEBOB Reviews  Dec 4 2017, 12:16:01 PM

I saw the show on Wednesday night from second row, center. There were some empty seats, but mostly it was full. And let me say - AMAZING show. Never thought I'd say that when this was announced, but I couldn't possibly love it more. If it weren't for the fact that he's playing Spongebob, Ethan Slater would be a dead ringer for that TONY this year. What an amazing star-making performance. That dude has it ALL and works his ass off! I can't imagine how exhausted he

A Funny Thing... Forum REVIVAL?  Dec 4 2017, 12:05:15 PM

Bumping this out of curiosity and further dream casting.

Muppets to Broadway?  Dec 4 2017, 11:58:43 AM

The Muppets are my everything. Even more so than theatre, dare I say it. Although, they go hand-in-hand, considering their vaudeville inspirations, and how Frank Oz always described The Muppets relationship with each other as something as complex as a Eugene O'Neil play...

I have a friend who works with Disney Theatricals, and I just asked them about this project the other day!

They said, as of now, it's still in limbo. "On the shelf", as they said. B

A Funny Thing... Forum REVIVAL?  Aug 10 2017, 10:26:11 PM

^ I mean, there's no reason to NOT have an all-male production of anything. If it's a good concept and it makes sense, it should be done. A show is a show, a vision is a vision. It's not about taking work away from women, it's about presenting a concept based production. There will be many other productions, and many other opportunities for whatever woman doesn't make it into one all-male production. Not to mention, that all-male FORUM was directed by a woman, Jessica

A Funny Thing... Forum REVIVAL?  Aug 6 2017, 02:18:41 PM

Even if they did move Corden's show to NYC, I can't imagine he'd really have time to do both, since it's an evening show. 

I actually think it would be an ideal vehicle for Jack Black. I know a lot of people got over saturated years ago, but I think he's proven himself as a comedian, singer, and ability to own the stage. Plus, he's just a great modern comedian and certainly a big name. 

Geoffrey Rush also did a production in Australia a few year

A Funny Thing... Forum REVIVAL?  Aug 5 2017, 11:23:03 AM

I'm sure most of us can agree that it's time for a FORUM revival! We haven't seen one since the 90's, and what a star vehicle.

When James Corden was set to open a revival of it in Spring 2015, directed by Alex Timbers, it fell thru because he was offered the LATE LATE SHOW. How could he refuse? I remember them saying they were eyeing Josh Gad to take over - he even went on to make a joke about it at the Tonys this year - and said they were eyeing Jim Parsons and Je

Nathan Lane Tribute to Danny Kaye?  Apr 2 2017, 09:56:35 AM

Hey guys! Random request here, but back in the 90's Nathan Lane did a Danny Kaye tribute show with the Boston Pops and it aired on PBS.

I used to have a copy of this taped on DVD years ago, and I've been searching for it EVERYWHERE. There's nothing, not even on YouTube. Does anyone have a copy or know where to find one???

Besides the fact that Lane is the perfect performer to convey Kaye's antics, it's really a wonderful concert. The highlight, as I recall, i

Announced Replacements That Never Happened  Apr 2 2017, 09:37:23 AM

Cloris Leachman was announced to take over for Andrea Martin in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. She did the original workshops/readings, but Mel thought the Broadway run would be too strenuous on such an old lady... Then Cloris went on to kill it in Dancing With the Stars, and Mel changed his mind. Not to mention the show wasn't doing so hot... They announced her casting in Nov.-Dec.ish, and the show closed after the New Year before Cloris could begin. Too bad, would have loved to see her deliver &qu

2 shows in 1 night? (Fun Home & Hedwig)  Apr 12 2015, 12:42:55 PM

Glad to hear it went well for you, afaye11! I bought my tickets to both shows, so I'm all set. Hopefully it all works out. I'm so excited!!

2 shows in 1 night? (Fun Home & Hedwig)  Apr 2 2015, 02:58:00 AM

Thanks guys! Sounds like a close call for sure, but it'll be worth it. :) 


A biiit off-topicish - whats the best section to sit in for FUN HOME. I'm so indecisive with circle in the square seating...

2 shows in 1 night? (Fun Home & Hedwig)  Apr 2 2015, 02:00:16 AM

I'm debating on attempting this... Catch Fun Home on a Friday night, it starts at 8, and supposedly runs an hour and a half with no intermission. So, that would put me getting out at 9:30, and Hedwig starts at 10. Of course, this is considering there are no late starts at the Fun Home... Thoughts? Can it be done, or is it too close of a call?

LA CAGE AUX FOLLES in Boca Raton, starring Lee Roy Reams and Walter Charles!  Feb 2 2015, 02:36:34 PM
I went back to see the show a few days ago, and it's only gotten better!!! Both men are obviously not in their PRIME, but they are turning in very fine, well rounded, legendary performances. The Cagelles are TOP. NOTCH. As are the supporting members of the cast - ESPECIALLY Angie Radosh (John Tartaglia's mom) as a hilariously drunken Mme. Dindon. The costumes are stunning!!!

BWW did a special article on the theatre and production, there are some photos! Check it out!

LA CAGE AUX FOLLES in Boca Raton, starring Lee Roy Reams and Walter Charles!  Jan 10 2015, 10:14:18 AM
Walter was the original understudy for both Albin and Georges, and he was in the ensemble.. I think he eventually played Albin regularly on Broadway, but I know for sure that he opened the L.A. company of La Cage as Albin!

LA CAGE AUX FOLLES in Boca Raton, starring Lee Roy Reams and Walter Charles!  Jan 10 2015, 09:42:59 AM
So, I just got back from The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum, in Boca Raton, FL! The whole theatre is a true, moving, classy experience. This new theatre is owned and run by the famous, Costume World. There are even tours of the museum, which is just incredible. Filled with original Broadway costumes.

LA CAGE AUX FOLLES is playing now, starring Broadway Royalty, Lee Roy Reams as Albin, and veteran Walter Charles as Georges. Not to mention an AMAZING cast of Cagelles, and local notables

FORUM Coming Back To Broadway?  Apr 25 2014, 05:54:17 PM
^ That makes sense. There does need to be a "straight man" to all the chaos, and I guess I overlooked that that's exactly what Hero contributes. lol But yes, Parsons would be an excellent Hysterium, as well.

If we're going with an all male cast, I'm gonna be obvious and say Harvey as Domina :P It would amazing to actually get Mary Testa back, though. She's still fully capable to rock the part like she did back in the 90's. Maybe Marin Mazzie? Sally Struthers?

FORUM Coming Back To Broadway?  Apr 25 2014, 05:04:50 PM
Forum is my very FAVORITE show. I'm so thrilled by this news. I think there's ton of potential in terms of casting.

James Corden, Geoffrey Rush, Danny Burstein, Christopher Fitzgerald (Although I see him more as a Hysterium) and yes, even Jack Black, would all be inspired.
Other actors I'd love to see tackle the role:
Martin Short
Mark Hammil
Mike Myers
Paul Reubens
John C. Riley
Rowan Atkinson
Josh Gad
Patton Oswalt
- just anyone b

Bullets Over Broadway TDF  Apr 9 2014, 08:24:32 PM
So, sorta off-topic, but I attended a talk back of a show Off-Broadway, with Richard Kind a few weeks ago, the day after seeing Bullets (which I thought was fun, and OK - and Im a HUGE fan of Stro, Zach, Brooks, and Woody especially...) and he said he passed on the show, because he didn't want to sign a year contract to do it... I assume he would have played Brooks' role? Thoughts?

P.S. Brooks turned in my favorite performance of the night. That being said, I haven't seen a performance

Broadway Stars in TV Commercials  Apr 9 2014, 07:20:02 PM
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Nathan Lane's several commercials:

2 NYQUIL commercials in the early 90's:

I.D. Board Game:

1981 Pi

Best site to buy tickets?  Mar 16 2014, 10:49:45 PM
I know there have been such threads before, and I searched, not coming across a legit thread that really answered my question. What are the best sites to buy broadway tickets? I haven't been to NYC since I moved back in 2006, and I'm making my first trip back this month to catch some shows! :) I've been out of the ticket buying game and used to have my sites - but now the only thing I can find so far that seems reliable is ...

Also, is Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder o

THE NANCE Air Date??  Feb 6 2014, 06:02:17 PM
Any word yet on when this is going to air? I remember reading that February was it's goal air date.. I'm so anxious to see it!!!

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