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The King and I - Ken Watanabe and Kelli O'Hara Contracts  May 17 2015, 02:16:11 AM

At the N. Y. Pops fundraiser about two weeks ago at Carnegie Hall, Kelli O'Hara sang and then exited into the wings, but immediately returned with "her King," Watanabe. It would have been a great theater moment if he had launched into a song like "This Nearly Was Mine," but he just thanked the usual people and introduced the next piece by the orchestra: "Excerpts from Memoirs of a Geisha." No singing.
I understood him as I did when

Tony nom for Ken Yes or No  May 17 2015, 01:58:36 AM

"My theater friend who is usually picky about performances on Broadway; she told me that Ken Watanabe deserved his nomination, he won't win, but he deserved it."


I hope he extends his time in The King and I glad everyone though he is great

Is 39 Steps worth seeing?  May 17 2015, 12:50:51 AM

Did this show not get a TONY Nomination and Olivier Award  Widespread Critical Acclaim and is a NYT pick Which reminds me to see Off Broadway as well as Broadway.

Tony nom for Ken Yes or No  May 17 2015, 12:40:07 AM

Did Ken in King and I deserve his Tony Nom?

Which shows did you really want to like, but...  May 17 2015, 12:38:44 AM

"I'm on the Something Rotten bandwagon. I was more or less enjoying it until about forty minutes in when it became clear that there was only going to be one joke in the entire show.
Oh, oh, and Side Show. I went into the revival expecting something kind of challenging and interesting, based on its reputation and the subject matter. I found it almost unspeakably bland. The real elephant in the room, for me, is that the lyrics are so incredibly juvenile and ge

Which shows did you really want to like, but...  May 17 2015, 12:37:03 AM

"Book of Mormon.  I really thought I would like it.  And it's not that I didn't like it. It was good. But I was underwhelmed.  Probably my expectations were too high because of all the hype. Hype is a double edged sword."

 I thought there was a lot of black and white in the show rather than shades of gray . And too much cliche rather than real people much like a silhouette 

Darren Criss in Hedwig  May 16 2015, 11:42:19 PM

so how is Mr Criss

Pixar's Ratatouille as a musical (Concept)  May 16 2015, 05:20:48 PM

Didn't they do plates in Beauty and animals in the Lion King

FINDING NEVERLAND Previews  Mar 15 2015, 11:49:16 PM

Is the Can-Can revival still a thing?  Mar 15 2015, 11:48:12 PM

FINDING NEVERLAND Previews  Mar 15 2015, 11:47:36 PM

FINDING NEVERLAND Previews  Mar 15 2015, 10:34:26 PM

FINDING NEVERLAND Previews  Mar 15 2015, 09:01:09 PM

FINDING NEVERLAND Previews  Mar 15 2015, 08:52:47 PM

FINDING NEVERLAND Previews  Mar 15 2015, 08:50:51 PM

FINDING NEVERLAND Previews  Mar 15 2015, 08:50:49 PM

ON THE 20th CENTURY Reviews  Mar 15 2015, 08:49:24 PM
sorry jv92 deleted

The REAL  Mar 15 2015, 08:21:08 AM

FINDING NEVERLAND Previews  Mar 15 2015, 04:32:10 AM
I do not like Harvey Weinstein.

But I do wish it does well, alot of time and effort and runs have happened to get to this point.

I wish Laura Michelle Kelly and Matthew Morrison all the best and wish they break a leg. Don't break legs oh you know what I mean!

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS Previews  Mar 15 2015, 01:18:19 AM
The problem is when people saw it in Paris they said TONY TONY TONY but now we all know its an average musical in a very average and bad season. If Finding Neverland is bad god help us.

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