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News on Gypsy coming to Broadway  Jul 5 2015, 11:17:53 PM

Ado, You'll love this:


We're gonna win so many Tonys

Mark Rylance  Jul 5 2015, 11:05:35 PM

How do we know you aren't the real Megan Hilty? Hmmm.... HMMMM?

News on Gypsy coming to Broadway  Jul 5 2015, 11:01:19 PM

How about a Gypsy Revival starring Angela Lansbury singing Hello Dolly songs?! It's genius

Your Very First BWW Post  Jul 5 2015, 10:47:50 PM

Philly You don't know?! Aren't you industry friends?! I thought you knew everyone?!

re: Nicest Broadway Stars?  Jul 5 2015, 10:41:00 PM

I got to meet Eden Espinosa in California and she was very sweet.

News on Gypsy coming to Broadway  Jul 5 2015, 10:35:10 PM

I'm not going anywhere Jordan :)  But please keep following me around, I love the attention you give me. xoxo #Jordanissocool  #JordanForPresident 

News on Gypsy coming to Broadway  Jul 5 2015, 10:25:48 PM

Oh god another gypsy revival. Gross. 

Your Very First BWW Post  Jul 5 2015, 09:06:23 PM

My first post was in 2011 and I believe it had something to do with Newsies.

Countdown till Jordan comments some hilariously stupid remark about me having multiple socks and then going on a hissy fit on why I may or may not see his posts....LOL #JordansoFunny #JayAndJordanForever

West Side Story Revival 2009  Jul 5 2015, 04:37:40 PM

Not sure if that really was said. It was a nasty time around here, but not sure how one could make that assertion without having seen every Anita on Broadway


It was definitely said. I doubt that statement was shared by everyone of her naysyers but it  was definitely said. It was something along the lines of " She may have won the tony but she is the worst Anita to be on Broadway"


And yeah I ag

West Side Story Revival 2009  Jul 5 2015, 03:40:08 PM

I believe what was said by some when it opened was that, Anita should be played by a triple threat and Karen apparently was not that. Many disliked that during the "dance at the gym" Riff's girlfriend was dancing circles around Karen. I believe some others said Karen was the worst Anita to ever play Broadway. 

Beauty and the Beast  Jul 5 2015, 03:33:21 PM

Thanks for the link. If hundreds of high school girls can sing "Home", I don't see why a professional like Emma cannot. I assume she has a voice instructor for this part to whip her voice into shape... 

Beauty and the Beast  Jul 5 2015, 03:08:30 PM

I really can't (and don't want to) believe that Emma Watson is the reason we won't be hearing the beautiful Broadway songs. It's not like "Home" is of "Rainbow High" caliber. If she can't sing Home, No Matter what  and  A change in me, the we might as well just replace all her songs with Twinkly twinkle little star  and other nursery rhymes. 

But like I said, I'm in denial Watson's singing ability is the reason for this.

Spring Awakening is coming back to Broadway. But when and where?  Jul 5 2015, 03:03:07 PM

"Spring Awakening without that hobbit Rachel Berry?!! Great! I'm in!"


You're trying too hard to appear new.

Beauty and the Beast  Jul 5 2015, 02:51:12 PM

Director Bill Condon had previously said it was his intent to use the Broadway songs, but something clearly changed...

I don't remember reading that. I wonder what changed...

Lion King Question  Jul 5 2015, 12:24:55 PM

see it

West Side Story Revival 2009  Jul 5 2015, 11:34:45 AM

Many on here didn't like it. Usually because of one of these reasons:

1. Spanish dialogue

2. Didn't recreate the energy of the original show

3. Karen Olivo apparently is a terrible dancer and she got attacked on here after missing performances because of an injury she was going through.

I saw the tour and really loved it. It was my first time seeing a professional production of WSS and I really enjoyed myself. I actually liked the Spanish dialogue.&

The Legit Musical Theatre Sound Today  Jul 5 2015, 11:03:22 AM

That being said,  it is my main goal to work at Lincoln Center in  a golden age musical or  in  a more classical show like Light In The Piazza  or on Broadway in a revival of a Golden Age show.  So I have no intention of not doing legit repertoire   because the reality is my voice is much more suited to legit singing.

It's hard to make a living just off of Lincoln center shows. I mean we get it, you love Kelli O'hara and you want to be Ke

Favorite Musical About American History?  Jul 4 2015, 04:19:48 PM

Definitely Ragtime.

David Shiner/Seussical?  Jul 4 2015, 11:11:34 AM

Sweet video of opening night:

WHAT IS ON THE TOWN DOING?  Jul 3 2015, 03:58:23 PM

Go away, Pinto. Go be butthurt about OTT somewhere else. 

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