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Meryl Streep, Patti LuPone, more to perform for virtual Sondheim 90th birthday celebration  Apr 26 2020, 09:28:50 PM

Sigh. I love Kelli but I was excited for her to do something different and she does "What More Do I Need?" again. Do a different Sondheim piece!

Judy sounds beautiful! 

Kelli O'Hara in Così fan tutte is streaming today for 24 hours  Apr 14 2020, 12:42:46 AM

Dollypop said: "I saw this production at the cinema and found the opera to be an odd choice in light of the "Me,Too" movement. All the cleverness of the staging and the scenic design couldn't mask the cuelness of the joke that the two men make and the grief the women experience as a result of it.

Kelli sang beautifully, as did the rest of the cast but I questioned the Met's decision to perform this opera at this time. It contradicts their efforts to make

Wicked Movie 2025??  Apr 3 2020, 01:40:14 PM

It's been sixteen years since it opened- way too long.

What the hell is with all the pro-trump advertising here?  Apr 3 2020, 01:38:32 PM

They are based on browsing history but the Trump campaign in general has been spending a lot on digital advertising and targeting it to voters. They have money to burn so they are probably just testing the waters a lot. 

Wicked Movie 2025??  Apr 3 2020, 10:38:39 AM

Seriously, it'll be 2050 and there still won't be a movie for this. They have been dragging their feet forever. And there is literally no good reason for it. Seriously. If there is, someone needs to tell me ASAP. 

Why do people hate Wicked?  Mar 27 2020, 08:12:05 AM

I don't hate the show personally- it has a special place in my heart as it was one of the earliest contemporary shows that I discovered and enjoyed. I listened to the cast album again and again not out of obsession but out of observation, learning the show that way. One thing that I don't like about the cast album is that it cuts too much dialogue out not to mention the Wicked Witch of the East song. I think the show has a good message to it and it hits its mark reasonably well. But i

Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House” Concerts  Mar 17 2020, 07:10:47 AM

I sadly missed it live(I didn't even know about it!) but it was definitely fun! I am so glad somebody asked about her next solo album! It's been 9 years and we have been waiting forever! Hopefully something gets off the ground with her 54 Below show or something else. I wish someone had brought up The Baker's Wife or Desiree in the Sondheim roles section. 

RAGTIME Reunion Concert Happening This April  Mar 16 2020, 04:08:05 AM

JennH said: "I don't even care that Kelli doesn't really have a belt voice, she can make it work anyway, and SLAY MY FACE. TAKE MY MONEY."

You don't need to belt that role- it may be traditionally done that way but it doesn't need to be and not belting it definitely fits the style of the show. 


Grey Gardens Revival?  Mar 16 2020, 04:01:13 AM

Does it really matter about her height?

Grey Gardens Revival?  Mar 15 2020, 06:47:29 PM

Kristin Chenoweth for Big Edie/Little Edie! 

Bunheads: Thoughts?  Feb 25 2020, 03:44:02 AM

I've been watching Bunheads on Hulu. I have a lot of mixed feelings. It's a guilty pleasure for me. Sutton Foster is quite good(as is Kelly Bishop) although sometimes Foster has to deliver really forced dialogue. That is the main problem with the show. The script is terrible. The worst part of the show involves the four teenage girls. It's not like they aren't good actresses or have interesting storylines on their own. But their scenes are the most uninteresting and annoying t

The Music Man Revival post Jackman and Foster  Feb 22 2020, 05:54:10 AM

Kelli O'Hara should play Marian afterwards. Laura Osnes too. 

Most Overdone Auditions Songs Lately?  Feb 20 2020, 05:18:01 AM

Bumping this because I am still pretty curious about this!

Broadway's Greatest Love Song?  Feb 18 2020, 04:13:06 AM

Tonight or You Are Love.

Favorite Sondheim Score(or Scores?)  Feb 17 2020, 02:56:14 AM

I'm bumping this because I'm revisiting Sondheim right now and I've been thinking a lot about his music. A Little Night Music is still my favorite but Sweeney Todd is incredible. The score  has become more accessible to me in terms of enjoying it as just easy listening but the piece is a bit too disturbing for me to constantly listen to though. I'm still not all gaga over Follies the way some people are and I've never been a fan of Sunday's libretto nor of Ma

Are we nearly at the end of an era for our great musical divas?  Aug 11 2019, 03:04:33 AM

I definitely think that some of these performers huge larger than life presence is hard to match today especially with more cookie cutter performers in terms of type/vocal type(not that they aren't amazing talents in their own right) dominating the stages right now. But things will always keep developing so we'll see. 

How did Phantom lose Best Score??  Jul 30 2019, 02:49:29 AM

A lot of debates on how the qualities of the scores compare but not a lot on why Phantom lost. I think it was because Sondheim hadn't won a Tony since Sweeney Todd  and his win for Into The Woods was in some ways a makeup award for Sunday In The Park With George being ignored in all of the major categories it had been nominated in as well as a nod to the fact that Into The Woods was his biggest hit of the decade. Lloyd Webber was THE composer of the eighties who had won twice in

Biggest Tony upset of all time?  Jun 18 2019, 05:42:04 AM

Broadway61004 said: "Soaring29 said: "Was Avenue Q favored to beat Wicked in both the book and score categories? I've seen predictions from back then predicting a split between them for the most part and it seems that odds were tipped in favor of Q winning book but Wicked winning Score?"

I think it was actually closer to the opposite of that. Wicked was favored in both categories, but there was some thought that Q could win Score as a way to recogniz

2019 Tony Awards Reactions Thread  Jun 9 2019, 09:08:33 PM

Six Tonys for Hadestown. It's going to win unless it loses Best Score. That could be an indication that something else could win Best Musical. 

2019 Tony Awards Reactions Thread  Jun 9 2019, 08:38:43 PM

Kiss Me Kate losing Best Choreography is  definitely a surprise. Given all the tech awards for Hadestown so far I'm sensing a Band's Visit like sweep for it. 

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