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Cabaret previews  Apr 17 2014, 01:21:59 AM
It was a BWW party at Cabaret, apparently! I was in the rear mezz as well. Absolutely phenomenal production!

The 2013 Flea Market Thread  Sep 22 2013, 10:46:25 PM
I agree that there seemed to be something lacking this year, though it was still a fantastic day. I didn't find the prices to be that high compared to years past, but I mainly go for the Playbills so that's probably why. I did notice more "pushiness" than before - whoever said they missed the camaraderie of looking for certain Playbills, I completely agree with you. When someone would ask if anyone had seen a particular Playbill, they would usually get no reply or a very short "No" and a glare.

Can you get playbills form the box office?  Jul 26 2013, 06:38:13 PM
I tried to get a playbill one morning following a show I had seen the night before. It was pouring rain that night, so my playbill got ruined before I even made it to the subway. I was told that they didn't even have any playbills in the box office to give me (though this is just one example of one box office).

In-depth Update on Karen Olivo  Jul 26 2013, 06:36:38 PM
If success is more important than happiness to you, you clearly just want fame - acting has nothing to do with it.

In-depth Update on Karen Olivo  Jul 26 2013, 05:20:32 PM
all that jazz, you have an extremely stylized and unrealistic view of the acting world. If you choose to pursue it as a career, you are in for a rude awakening when you realize that it is nothing like the Glee-induced walk in the park you seem to think it is. Winning a Tony Award and performing in a Broadway show is far from failure.

Rose Byrne in talks to play Grace in Annie remake  Jul 19 2013, 01:50:36 PM
The entire time I was watching the revival, I kept having to remind myself that Brynn O'Malley was not Rose Byrne, even though she looked just like her. I'm all for this!

Rate The Performances  Jun 11 2013, 12:24:06 AM





CINDERELLA: B+ (the quick changes were praised so much that I was disappointed with the poor execution)

ANNIE: B (had no idea Jane Lynch could sing like that based on the songs she's given on Glee)

TV SHOW SONG: B+ (had a hard time hearing it with the applause)




PHANTOM: F (and that's coming

How Many Of The 40 Broadway Theaters Have You Been To?  May 20 2013, 07:01:33 PM
Holy cow! 38/40! All except the Lyceum and the August Wilson.

Pippin Rush  May 9 2013, 01:04:54 AM
I happened to be in the neighborhood this past Friday morning around 9, so I took a look at the rush lines. Every line had barely 5 people in it (even Matilda)...except for Pippin, which must have had about 15-25. Hope that helps!

Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway Previews!)  Apr 17 2013, 12:50:31 PM
When I rushed, I was given front orchestra. Judging from the various posts, I'd guess rush isn't limited to one specific location in the theatre.

Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway Previews!)  Apr 11 2013, 12:42:42 PM
Saw the show on Monday - was excited going in, as I love Jekyll & Hyde. Spoilers throughout, but I'll try to keep them to a minimum.

The set was pretty disappointing - the first 15-20 minutes all occur with the board of governors sitting in a Cell Block Tango-esque formation telling Jekyll repeatedly that he is a madman; occasionally they get up and wander aimlessly, but for some reason, they feel the need to tell him he's crazy over and over again, which leads to an incredibly slow sta

Sigourney Weaver Stage Door?  Apr 2 2013, 12:34:09 AM
When the show was still at Lincoln Center, I stage doored afterwards with a friend. There were 2 other people around our age there (early 20s or so), and the rest were autograph hounds with Alien memorabilia(maybe 10-12 of them?). Ms. Weaver was incredibly gracious to everyone, but when she got to us (we were at the end of the line), she stopped and said "Oh! You actually saw the show!" She chatted with the 4 of us for a bit and was delightful - she expressed her surprise and pleasure that "youn

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Rush  Mar 16 2013, 05:27:12 PM
I've gone two afternoons to see if they had any left (a Friday and a Wednesday, I believe) and both times they were all gone by that point.

Is Matilda selling student rush in previews?  Mar 11 2013, 04:43:45 PM
Tried it this morning thinking it'd be less crowded being a Monday.

I got there around 8:20 and was about 20 people back - the line went all the way to to the Lucky Guy marquee by the time the box office opened. It looked like only the first 5-8 people in line got tickets.

The Heiress Rush  Jan 24 2013, 02:48:59 AM
Went this past Thursday - easily got 2 tickets at 6 PM for a 7:00 show.

Les Mis set to be highest grossing movie musical of all time.  Dec 27 2012, 01:11:42 PM
I saw the film yesterday in a theater in Texas, and the theater was packed - it seemed to me like the people who wouldn't normally go to a movie were coming out for it. On another note, my friend who I went with said she saw The Hobbit in the same theater on its opening day, and the theater was only half full.

DROOD Audience Voting Result Chart  Nov 17 2012, 01:46:58 AM
I had something similar happen. I was sitting towards the front, and an elderly couple next to me seemed to think the performers were directly speaking to them every time they broke the fourth wall. Needless to say, there were quite a few yelled responses back that irked more than a few around us.

DROOD Audience Voting Result Chart  Nov 16 2012, 11:27:23 PM
The second time I saw it, Helena won with 350 votes. Rosa was 2nd with 200. I couldn't believe she won by such a large margin!

SCANDALOUS Reviews - EW  Nov 16 2012, 01:17:20 AM
Saw the show this evening and Chaplin was definitely in it. He's introduced to McPherson, then is never seen again (though he is mentioned quite a few times after).

Best place to buy cheap Phantom tickets?  Nov 16 2012, 12:47:44 AM
Did sock puppets used to be more imaginative, or am I just being delusional?

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