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Broadway League To Announce Further Broadway Closure til May 30th  Oct 9 2020, 09:41:18 AM

Jordan Levinson said: "Will there even be any shows that could/will survive now? Believe me, we've been doubting many productions withstanding the shutdown since last spring (me included), but the perils of a year/year-and-a-half long hiatusare officiallyupon us. The tourist attractions are as wrecked as the newbies.

B'way is overdue for somechange... late next year seems like a good place to start in terms of a new Theatre District, with many different shows possi

Hamilton film awards - Will it happen? Should it?  Jul 5 2020, 10:13:43 AM

When a movie was filmed has nothing to do with whether a movie should be eligible or win Oscars.  Boyhood took twelve years to film, and the entirety of the movie was judged.  This is a weird year, so anything can happen, but if the stage show was adapted to a movie, then it would have had a much better shot at Oscar wins if the adaption was very good.  Maybe down the line, someone will make that movie...I can't imagine someone will not try.

Cirque goes bankrupt  Jun 30 2020, 12:51:57 AM

I have heard and read that Le Reve is the better show.  Last time I was there, I was going to see it, but got lazy and did not get tickets.

Cirque goes bankrupt  Jun 29 2020, 09:52:47 PM

Highland Guy said: "My husband and I frequently visit Las Vegas, and we always stay at the Bellagio Hotel. We have seen Cirque's "O" show three times. I don't know how it compares to other Cirque shows, but "O" is a wonderous spectacle. I hope for the best for the Cirque family and their fans.

I have seen most of the Vegas Cirque shows, and O is one of my least favorite.



On 6/9 Patti Said Company Won't Start In September  Jun 10 2020, 04:30:00 PM

I got an email today saying the NY Philharmonic will startup in January instead of the Fall.

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio: Coronavirus could keep fans from Yankee Stadium for months  Apr 17 2020, 03:57:04 PM

>I’ve said before when they do open I think temps will be taken upon entry and either every other row in use >or some sort of staggered seating will be implemented.

A few people on this board object when they are told they have to secure their cell phone in a pouch, I can imagine a few people would object to this as well.

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio: Coronavirus could keep fans from Yankee Stadium for months  Apr 15 2020, 11:41:50 PM

It will not be up to the billionaire owners whether or not fans can attend events.  The players I imagine would rather take pay cuts rather than not play at all, they are all not millionaires.  If you think life is going to go back to normal soon where everyone is going to pack in bars all over the city nightly and cram into subway trains and complain about the traffic, I unfortunately don't share the same optimism.  The government is going to focus on reopening vital

What Was The Worst Musical You Saw  Apr 8 2020, 01:08:05 PM

For me, Doctor Zhivago is probably the worst that I can think of.  #2 is Scandalous.  The book of Motown was awful, its saving grace was the music of course.  I don't go out of my way to see shows if from what I read on here everything thinks the show is terrible.

I thought the second act of Bandstand was much better than the first act.

Mack & Mabel City Center Encores!  Feb 21 2020, 11:46:48 PM

I saw this Friday night.  I was not familiar with this musical at all except some of the songs.  I like and try to see old shows I have never seen.  I think the cast did the best they could, but the book hinders the show.  I didn't know Jerry Herman had a musical that was not generally upbeat, but the piece in the program I read before the show explained why it was a little darker than other of his shows.  The score of course was great, as well as the orchest

Jeremy Jordan @ Carnegie Hall - Overview  Oct 20 2019, 01:27:59 PM

I have been going to the Pops for years.  I was there in the balcony.  What you saw is typical New York Pops.  Jeremy was the guest artist, but it wasn't his show, it was the New York Pops show.  I am sure a lot of the people appreciate the exposition of each piece.  These are not necessarily seasoned symphony audience members.  This orchestra plays to people who would not otherwise attend classical music orchestras.  I think they are a good intro to peo

Suggestions for ticket buying last minute?  Oct 11 2019, 05:42:55 PM

TKTS is probably your best bet for Beautiful and Play / Wrong, or check Stubhub.  I saw Hadestown and Moulin Rouge for cheap using Stubhub about an hour before curtain.  The box office does not normally discount tickets an hour before curtain just to get rid of them (perhaps moving premium seats to normal priced seats they will do).  You could try a rush ticket to Beautiful, but by 1 I am guessing it likely would be gone.

Bway Producer Almost Went Bankrupt  Sep 9 2019, 03:34:20 PM

In awards talk, if anyone from the property wins, the property won an award.  Tootsie is a Tony award winning musical, even though it did not win Best Musical.

Moulin Rouge (pro) reviews  Sep 9 2019, 01:17:45 AM

I saw the show Saturday afternoon, and I loved it.  Of course it will not change your life, but it is enjoyable.  I saw in the last row, third seat in from the right, so literally almost the worst seat in the house besides the partial view seats.  I did miss some of the catwalk, but I can't imagine I missed that much, the main action seemed to be center stage.  I laughed at every song intro following the woman next to me, I thought it was inevitable to laugh, even thou

Times Square Theatre Photos of Renovation  Jun 17 2019, 01:45:29 PM

I had read an article prior to the opening of Hudson Yards that only luxury malls have a chance of succeeding in NYC, that malls for average people are failing.  The article cited the mall at the World Trade Center as an example of a mall that has not succeeded.  It may have to do with the location of it.  Budget shoppers are more and more buying from online.

The photos looked jarring to me at first, but it is better they are doing something with the space instead of lea

Choreography award during a commercial break?  Jun 10 2019, 05:56:53 PM
If the ratings continue their plummet, a toned down version of the awards will air on PBS sooner than later, live from the ballroom of a hotel.

Cher show at the tonys performance  Jun 10 2019, 01:10:33 AM

That was my first exposure to the show, and that made me cross it off my list of shows to see.

Half hour last minute tickets?  May 22 2019, 12:42:05 AM

I would never depend on a TV taping ending at a specific time, whatever you are told by the show...

HADESTOWN and NY Drama Critics  May 10 2019, 09:54:34 AM

I saw it at NYTW and didn't think much of it, but it seems like I should give it another shot.

Brian Miskell on for Lucas Hedges today  Jan 6 2019, 10:59:30 PM

I saw the play for the first time today as well, and I didn't know ahead of time Lucas would be absent.  He was very good in the role.

Mary Poppins Returns - Crowding Lyrics, Weary Watchers  Dec 23 2018, 01:26:26 AM

I just saw this and I agree that what worked in 1964 doesn't necessarily work today.  It was fine, nothing revolutionary.  It was too similar to the original.  I saw the new Spiderman animated movie yesterday, and I was impressed how they revisioned a story told many times through the years to current times.

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