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autographed Playbill values  Dec 27 2010, 05:49:21 PM
I'm an avid playbill collector, and I was wondering what some of my playbills are worth.

I'm not SURE if i'm gonna sell, but it'd be nice to know

Some big ones I have are:
Alice Ripley autographed next to normal
John Stamos autographed Bye Bye Birdie
Adam Pascal/Anthony Rapp/Tamyra Gray autographed RENT
David Hyde Pierce autographed Curtains

Are they actually worth anything?

TDF Account question  May 6 2010, 12:22:04 PM
I was advised to join TDF to get highly reduced price tickets for great seats. There is a $30 membership fee, and it would be worth it if the seats are good. How are the seats generally? Which shows are offered? Most importantly, how many tickets can I order to a given show? Is there a two ticket limit? I will join if I can buy 4 tickets at once so that I can take my family. thanks in advance for the info!

Is there a Billy Elliot actor schedule?  Sep 27 2009, 12:22:31 AM
I was wondering if there was a set schedule for which actor plays Billy on which day?

I just saw David and he was great, but I am very interested in seeing Trent too.

Do you know which days Trent is playing?

Hamlet on Broadway  Sep 22 2009, 12:45:18 PM
I wanted to order tickets for my university monologue class to see Hamlet on broadway.

Why are these tickets SO expensive? They show a rate of $25 for rear mezz, but these tickets don't even show up when i search.

Is there any way to get cheap tickets to this show?

re: which seat section are the rush tickets for?  Sep 1 2009, 05:03:41 PM
=/ glad you mentioned that. I would've showed up at like 9:30...

Do they raffle them? or just give them to the first people in line

re: Characters represented by certain instruments?  Sep 1 2009, 05:02:37 PM
lol. well that's up for debate.

I meant symbolically,of course.

re: Characters represented by certain instruments?  Sep 1 2009, 04:59:33 PM
In Les Mis, during "Bring Him Home", valjean is praying to God, and a violin almost plays a response to each statement.

I always thought the violin was God speaking back to Valjean assuring him that he would watch over him and marius.

which seat section are the rush tickets for?  Sep 1 2009, 04:57:49 PM
I've never 'rushed' a show before. I know very little about it, but i'm curious as to which seating section the seats are for.

i'm interested in rushing Next to Normal. any advice?

safe hotel in times square?  Jan 15 2009, 03:09:57 PM
In looking into it, the Pod Hotel looks awesome.

Portland Square looks very nice too, but you have to be 21+ to get a room. and we're 18

safe hotel in times square?  Jan 15 2009, 03:06:12 PM
oh and PRFRMR20,although i'm sure we'd have a wonderful time playing improv games and drinking orange soda, that'd make mommy and daddy worry.

safe hotel in times square?  Jan 15 2009, 03:04:33 PM
thanks guys, i know its not Law and Order, and that things are safe, but i wanted to make sure we didn't pick some trashy place.

How about, which hotels would you NOT suggest?

i'll just assume things in times square are good. Price isn't a huge deal, just not one of the $500 a night places.

and sorry, i'm new to NYC hotels. What do you mean by private bathroom? Does that mean that some rooms have communal bathrooms for the floor/hallway? do NOT want that.

Safe hotel in times square?  Jan 14 2009, 07:34:52 PM
my two friends and I are planning an overnight trip to NYC after our prom. We will be unchaperoned, and we want to make sure that as 3 girls, we pick a safe and economic hotel location. We also need a place that will allow us to reserve a room at age 18, and share one room amongst 3. Suggestions? thanks!

Jon larson music question...(its weird...)  Oct 25 2008, 11:48:56 PM
This is probably the weirdest question ever....

(and if its on the wrong board, sorry. i wasn't sure where to put it...)

but i know jonathan larson wrote music for sesame street. And whenever i hear the commercial for the Elmo's Restaurant toy, in the beginning, it sounds SO much like "Light My Candle"

is there any way to know if they used this tune from something he wrote long ago? Has anyone else noticed this?

haha you KNOW you're a renthead when sesame st

re: Anyone want to buy my Shrek tickets?  Oct 8 2008, 07:55:24 PM
To the original poster,

I don't fault you for wanting to sell your ticket at all, your money, your experience.

The only thing i'd say, is since you're selling them at FULL PRICE, its much easier for someone to just pay their OWN $111 and get new tickets, rather than going through the trouble of trusting someone from a message board.

You should consider lowering your price to encourage people to pick you over ordering their own. Remember, theyre doing you a favor by bu

re: Wicked and B&N  Sep 28 2008, 04:31:30 PM
i DEFINATELY noticed this. i kept commenting on it to my friends...its interesting. i wonder why?

re: Rent Closing Playbill  Aug 28 2008, 03:41:58 PM
hmmm i was expecting "goodbye love" or something.

and no "final performance" sticker???

re: Mamma Mia! The Movie Sing-Along Version In Theaters 8/29  Aug 20 2008, 04:42:37 PM
i'm glad they didn't do this for the RENT movie...

a sing-along to Out Tonight might make my ears bleed

This is a pretty cute idea though lol

Awkward Stage Door Moments  Aug 20 2008, 04:34:45 PM
SOO many awkward RENT stagedoor moments

My favorite:
On Sept. 21st, Adam pascal was there, but Harley Jay was filling in for Anthony. One fangirl asked Harley for his bracelet, and he gave her his necklace instead! She said how she was his biggest fan and was so excited he would be there. Although I wouldn't have asked for his jewelry, I was glad she was so happy.
Then Adam came out to sign, and the SAME GIRL asked him the name of the actor who played mark, because he

re: Do you Think Rent will get a special Closing Playbill?  Aug 19 2008, 08:50:35 PM
Dollypop, Les Mis is famous for its closing playbill

go to and check in the playbill store

re: Rent Being Filmed Tomorrow Night, 8/20  Aug 19 2008, 08:49:47 PM
will they be selling a DVD?

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