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re: Is That You In Your Avatar part 21? Legal Eagles!  Jun 6 2011, 06:21:07 AM

miss you all like shaq misses free throws


re: Trick 'r Treat (2009)  Oct 23 2009, 01:40:46 AM
The Hills Run Red was good. Better than Trick r' Treat, actually, IMO.

I did enjoy both movies, but let me just say I'm not thrilled, no pun intended, with the release of horror movies this month. The selection is usually a lot better.


re: Unpopular Opinions You Hold  May 2 2009, 03:38:46 AM
I hate Kristin Chenoweth's voice.

A lot.

re: RENT: the Musical! Tour review..  Apr 17 2009, 06:02:14 PM
"Thank you Jonathan Larson! Forever you will be in my heart, the message, which you created, is something to hold onto for life lessons."

Man, if I had a nickel...

re: Spring Awakening to Close January 18  Oct 23 2008, 11:16:31 PM

re: show stoppers (the wrong kind)  Sep 13 2008, 11:53:52 PM
The Dark I Know Well- Spring Awakening (can't stand it)

More I Cannot Wish You- Guys and Dolls

re: Rent Has Officially Closed  Sep 8 2008, 03:34:57 AM
It kind of just hit me that it is no longer at the Nederlander, which is sad, in a way... but Lepetite it right.

We have the tour to look forward to.

re: WICKED tickles me pink and gives me the rub of the green!  Aug 23 2008, 03:15:20 AM
I LUV GLINDA!!! But she the pink one? cuz that color is SO last season.


re: WICKED tickles me pink and gives me the rub of the green!  Aug 23 2008, 02:58:11 AM

WICKED for PREZident.

Obama better watch his back.

re: WICKED tickles me pink and gives me the rub of the green!  Aug 23 2008, 02:46:09 AM
Aww, stagey.

You're such a good sport.

re: If you could travel back in time and see ONE show...  Aug 4 2008, 05:03:30 AM
Definitely Angels in America.

re: The Perfect Musical?  Jul 22 2008, 01:58:51 AM
Perfect? That's easy.

Sweeney Todd, hands down.

meh  Jul 21 2008, 02:16:50 AM
"My only complaint is how we didn't see the Joker die."

The Joker didn't die. He got arrested.

Anyway, I saw it tonight and thought it was a bit too long, but Heath Ledger was BRILLIANT. He really was. Definitely a unique and intense performance that easily stole the show.

Christian Bale did a great job and was absolutely gorgeous in this movie, though his Batman "voice" was a little creepy, kind of annoying, and way over the top.

Overall, it was a great mov

re: RENT and a Changing East Village  Jul 16 2008, 04:41:38 PM
It really is a great article and I enjoyed reading it.

On the other hand, I can't stop laughing about what Lizzie posted. It's so true too (the first part, anyway).

Oh well.

re: irritating voices  Jun 30 2008, 12:42:23 AM
Ethel Merman's voice is extremely annoying to me.

re: Everafter?  Jun 30 2008, 12:39:52 AM
LOL, Weez!

I really love this movie. I don't think the fact that it only got "avarage reviews" has anything to do with the future success of the musical. I hope it does well.

re: Your Favorite Musical  Jun 30 2008, 12:30:20 AM
It's a tie.
Guys and Dolls
Sweeney Todd

re: What is the musical that just makes you cry?  Jun 30 2008, 12:27:29 AM
Rent- I'll Cover You (reprise)

It's true.

re: Aubrey O'Day next Amber in Hairspray  Jun 25 2008, 03:15:18 PM
Really? Interesting...

I think she can sing, but not well enough to be on Broadway. She has a quiet voice.

re: MAMMA MIA! Film Soundtrack Cover Art!  May 30 2008, 08:18:59 PM
Love the Colin Firth pose.

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