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re: BILLY ELLIOT 10/10  Oct 12 2008, 07:21:53 PM
How are the rear mezz seats? Does it feel like your in outer mongolia or are they worth every penny?

re: Favorite Set Designs  Aug 4 2008, 09:43:14 PM
Im surprised no one has said this yet

August: Osage County

Loved that set

re: Gypsy and PBS Great Performances??  Aug 3 2008, 06:40:29 PM
I'm pretty sure this current production is going to the West End once it finishes on Broadway. I would be overjoyed if they decided to record it for Great Performances or even straight to DVD. If they did decide to record it they would probably wait to release it once Patti finished her run as Mama Rose here on Broadway, West End, The Orpheum Circuit, wherever the show takes her, even if it takes 5 years.

I'm a student so I get the cheapest ticket at $27, I usually don't buy DVD's but i

Gypsy and PBS Great Performances??  Aug 3 2008, 02:23:36 PM
After seeing the current Gypsy revival twice I'm still in awe of the performances. I can't wait for the cast album but I was wondering if it was being considered for PBS's Great Performances, or for being recorded on video at all? I've only seen 7 shows on Broadway but out of them Gypsy stands alone far away from the rest. In my opinion this show needs to be taped so these performances can be immortalized.

I know part of Gypsy's appeal is the fact that your in a theater and its a show b

re: Gypsy 7/19 Matinee - FLYING PLATES MISHAP  Jul 20 2008, 07:49:37 PM
I LOVED being in the front row for Gypsy. The letter, the apple, Patti Looking like she will jump off the stage and kill you during Rose's Turn.

Probably the funniest part from my experience was during Dainty June and her Newsboys when the newsboys come to the edge of the stage and reach a newspaper out over the stage. Well the one newsboy basically put it right in my face and I tried to grab it but it was pulled away from me really quickly because thats how the scene is staged. My frie

re: 39 Steps/Passing Strange/August rush tickets  Jul 13 2008, 11:16:24 PM
Planning on rushing August and PS this wednesday!

How is August Osage from the rear mezz? Im assuming not bad because its a really small theater.

re: Patti did some LuPwning of her own tonight  Jul 13 2008, 12:29:51 PM
When I saw Gypsy in the front row I turned my cell phone off and removed the battery. I heard the Sweeney Todd Lupwn story and I feared for my life.

I would be so embarrassed if my phone ever went off during a performance.

And to the girl who "Got a new phone and didn't know how to turn it on silent." Your not supposed to have the phone on silent, or vibrate, its supposed to be off, its supposed to act like a rock and do nothing. All phones have an off button, its usually the

re: 'C U 2nite @ Wckd!' - Texting In Broadway Theatres  Jul 9 2008, 12:37:09 PM
I honestly do don't understand how some people feel they are that important and need to be connected to a cell phone at all times. When I go to a show I immediately shut my cell phone off once I reach my seat. It gives me time to read the playbill and just get ready for the show.

When I saw Gypsy I was in the front row and I recalled a story about someones cell phone going off during Sweeny Todd and Patti Lupone freaking out on them. I was so scared that my cell was gonna go off that I

re: Leading Actress in a Musical!  Jun 13 2008, 10:31:37 PM
Tomorrow I will (hopefully) see Jenna Russel in SITPWG so I can't comment on her right now.

Kerry Butler in Xanadu was amazing, she did amazing work in Xanadu. The way she plays the role so straight faced is amazing.


I saw Xanadu 3 hours after I saw Gypsy and Patti Lupone just blew me away. Her portrayal of Mama Rose was awe inspiring and jaw dropping. Her Rose's Turn made me shake and I've never felt that way during any other Broadway show. For that sole r

re: Sunday Rush Lately  Jun 13 2008, 05:32:44 PM
I've heard that the rear mezz seating at studio 54 is really bad. I have an Aisle seat (GG 102) but is it anything like the mezz seating at the Eugeue o Neil because that was pretty bad?

SITPWG Questions  Jun 10 2008, 10:29:27 PM
I just bought tickets to go see SITPWG (Mezz row GG) and from what I have read reviews wise you either love the show or don't care for it at all.

I don't know much about the show but I hear its really layered and complicated. Is there anything I should read, watch, listen to ect. before I go so I understand the show and enjoy it. I don't want to come home having disliked the show because it looks so interesting!

Thank You

re: Spring Awakening Seating ?...  Jun 7 2008, 03:41:02 PM
those are probably some of the best seats you can buy for SA. I sat left front mezz row A and the view was amazing, didnt miss a thing. There is nothing blocking your view and you can see all the amazing lighting effects. You are in for a treat.

re: Spamalot Tickets  Jun 5 2008, 09:05:49 PM
So Mezzanine I guess it is?

Any reason for the Left side 7-11 opposed to the right side right on the aisle?

Spamalot Tickets  Jun 5 2008, 07:30:41 PM
I looked through all the threads and didn't find much help so I apologize.

I'm about to purchase Spamalot tickets and I need some help picking the best seats for my dollar.

Center Orchestra row S -------$70

Right Mezz Row B seats 2-6 (right on the aisle)-----$70

Left Mezz row B Seats 7-11----------------------------$70

Right Balcony row A seats 2-6 (Right on the aisle)----$45

My initial thought would be to buy the Right Mezz row B seats

Spamalot Seating Question??  May 27 2008, 11:43:05 PM
I'm planning on seeing Spamalot next month and I don't know where I should buy seats for. My choices are either the back half of the orchestra of Front Mezz row B.

Naturally I would pick Mezz row B but from what I've read there is a lot of scenery that gets cut off if your in the mezz. Any opinions?


re: My Lenghty Gypsy Review (Spoilers?)  May 24 2008, 11:06:28 PM
I do suppose that ham was the wrong word to use. However in the front row I kept waiting for Patti to make eye contact with me but from the way it looked she wasn't making eye contact with anyone. To me at least it was clear that she had lost it. However she definitely makes the applause work for her.

But I can see what your saying that if the applause wasn't as long it would have made Rose seem insane, this however probably wouldn't happen because people just kept clapping. Because I

My Lenghty Gypsy Review (Spoilers?)  May 24 2008, 10:47:07 PM
Here is my lengthy review of Gypsy: (Spoiler alert)

On Wednesday I decided to rush Gyspy with my two friends for the Matinee performance. Got to the box office at about 9:50 and there were 18 people in front of us and I began to worry that we weren’t going to get front row. The box office opened and we anxiously waited for our turn to buy tickets. When we got up to the box office we scored the last set of front row tickets for the Matinee performance, BB 108-110.


re: Gypsy or Passing Strange??  May 19 2008, 09:33:00 PM
After these posts I guess my game plan will to be rush gypsy and then within the next month come back and rush passing strange.

Its only a 40 minute train ride into the city.

re: Gypsy or Passing Strange??  May 19 2008, 05:05:02 PM
I figured Gypsy would be the resounding answer. I know that the stage is very high for Gypsy and on the off chance we score front row are there certain things that we will miss?

Gypsy or Passing Strange??  May 19 2008, 04:58:19 PM
On Wednesday my two friends and I are rushing Xanadu for the 8pm show and we are indecisive about the second show we are going to rush that day.

We are all seventeen age range and have enjoyed Rent, Spring Awakening, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Company and Young Frankenstein.

At this point both Passing Strange and Gypsy seem to be love or hate shows on this board. Any suggestions based on our ages and show likings.

Also I know that Xanadu is right next to Gypsy so if w

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