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Nick Cordero in ICU for likely COVID  Apr 1 2020, 10:44:20 AM
Shared by his wife on Instagram...

Danny Burstein home from hospital after severe case of the virus  Mar 28 2020, 10:53:53 PM

I didn’t see this posted on here- Rebecca Luker tweeted that Danny was home from the hospital, and I checked his Facebook and he wrote a public post last night that he was exhausted, had survived the experience of COVID-19 and there were times he wasn’t sure he would. It seems to have really run rampant through the cast of MR. So thankful he is ok and recovering!

West Side Story  Feb 19 2020, 10:44:01 PM

New article from NYT.

Mean Girls Cast Replacements  Feb 10 2020, 02:18:10 PM

I just looked at her website and the greeting is 




Jordan Fisher—DEH  Feb 8 2020, 02:08:10 PM

^^I think he’s just resharing a story of someone tagging a billboard for his show- I don’t think he’s saying he’s in LA.

Rachel Bay Jones to Lead NEXT TO NORMAL at the Kennedy Center  Jan 31 2020, 08:58:07 AM

I agree that Khamary has a great voice, but he made me really appreciate and think back to the nuance and complexity Aaron Tveit brought to the role. Agree his Gabe was too nice and had no darkness to him... for that reason, Khamary was honestly the weak link for me. That complexity wasn’t there at all. I’m still not over Aaron not getting nominated that year! I didn’t mind Maia’s “pop” voice at all- I thought her singing was beautiful and that sh

Eden Espinosa vocals  Jan 23 2020, 12:15:01 PM

Did anyone watch her Holding to the Ground BWW posted yesterday? Ive seen Eden twice over the years and always kept up with videos posted of her on YouTube- but saw her many years ago in Brooklyn when I was a teen, and was absolutely blown away. I had never heard someone sing like her live, so high and effortless and powerful. I know the show isnt exactly beloved, but her performance a

Different “tiers” of Broadway performers- question  Jan 3 2020, 10:52:05 PM

In this article, which is in her own words, she basically says she wasn’t working and lived on her savings, for three years. She might still feel like that was accurate despite having a regional gig or two.

Different “tiers” of Broadway performers- question  Jan 3 2020, 05:01:23 PM

I noticed something in both an interview with Christy Altomare when she was in Anastasia and a recent podcast with Desi Oakley. Christy talked about how between playing Sophie and getting Anya, she was basically unemployed for 3 years- auditioning for a ton of stuff but now that she was leading lady status basically because of Mamma Mia, the jobs were more competitive/harder to come by. Desi said something similar about how she was fully unemployed between the end of her run in the Waitress t

New podcast episode came out all about this board  Nov 19 2019, 08:49:42 AM
This was posted in the issues at Mean Girls thread but though this deserved its own post. Fascinating episode all about this board over the years, and its current state! Many of us are quoted

darren criss vs ben platt?  Nov 15 2019, 11:06:32 PM

I don’t see that comment, but I think they’re friends, and Ben just posted a video of himself rocking out on piano and singing, so it was probably a teasing comment like “ugh you’re so untalented” but meaning the opposite?

Issues at Mean Girls last night  Nov 15 2019, 08:15:17 AM

I think Tina is very involved- not on a day to day level anymore, but she stays involved with casting and I’m sure still frequently checks in. That said, Tina worked closely with Alec Baldwin for years and he doesn’t have the reputation for always being the easiest to work with. I think Tina is probably very understanding of different personalities and personal struggles, and I don’t see Barrett being on her “bad side” or Tina trying to blacklist her in the indus

This board in the old days  Nov 14 2019, 03:23:18 PM
Sure, a tinge, but a lot of the rumors on DL are downright vulgar!! Here it was more PG-13. I was also in high school/college during the early days of the board, so maybe that’s why I attach some sentimentality to the “good old days!” I’m not saying I think it should be filled with harmful rumors and slander, which is why I feel DrowsyKaye twisted my words.

This board in the old days  Nov 14 2019, 03:11:46 PM
JSquared2- no, I don’t like datalounge at all. When I’ve skimmed it it’s very mean-spirited. The board wasn’t like that at all- it was thoughtful theatre talk with a hint of gossip.

This board in the old days  Nov 14 2019, 03:09:27 PM
Good point, Lizzie. I read a subreddit about a popular reality show franchise, and sometimes the gossip there gets out of control- if it’s a rumor the poster can’t prove, they have to mark it “unverified tea”; if they CAN prove it, they have to send screenshots or whatever to the mods and it’s then verified. I just feel like there’s a sense here of sucking up to actors, since the Patti Murin incident and her meeting with Rob on how the board could be more respectful to actors, etc. Like I think

This board in the old days  Nov 14 2019, 02:54:18 PM

Exactly, GreasedLightning! Yes, I agree there are rumors that cross a line and need to be deleted... but others... are probably ok! It’s a chat board! And moderating it well is a nuanced task... I feel like it’s very black and white these days!


lizzie, yes, you’ve been here a long time too!! Can you extrapolate? One thing I do remember we used to have way more trouble with is the “trolls” who would terrorize the whole board!! Props to th

This board in the old days  Nov 14 2019, 02:47:32 PM
That’s not what I’m saying at all!! I never even had any tea to spread! I just felt like the board had a little more of a gossipy personality to it (which does not automatically mean negative- gossip has many positive purposes from an evolutionary standpoint!).

This board in the old days  Nov 14 2019, 02:29:48 PM

Ive been on this board for over a decade (and was lurking for years before that!), and I was wondering, when exactly did it change to become so strictly moderated? I remember the board used to have not only insightful reviews and analysis of shows, but juicy gossip, speculation, etc! People would freely talk about who was having affairs with who, who behaved badly backstage, etc! Lately Ive noticed that anything that even resembles a rumor is deleted, and anything that could offend any actor

Actors Weight  Nov 4 2019, 06:08:31 PM
Renee Rapp has publicly spoken, multiple times (just one example is below), about being curvy and body positivity. References to her should not have been deleted.

Wilson Jermaine Heredia as Tony in a rural MD community theatre’s WSS...  Oct 26 2019, 02:08:50 PM
I think Heredia is still living in NYC. I had forgotten he was at Olney- I missed that production. However, Olney Theatre Center is a well-respected regional theatre and we frequently get Broadway actors there (Alexandra Silber just finished Cabaret there this month)... I don’t find it at all comparable to doing a guest-star stint at a small community theatre- not sure you were making a comparison but just wanted to say I don’t think it’s related that they’re both in MD, other than it being some

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