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National Theatre Live's "All About Eve" streaming anywhere?  Apr 15 2020, 07:48:37 PM

I'm interested as well if it's streaming anywhere

Attending live audience events after all this. A study.  Apr 2 2020, 08:20:50 AM

Exactly, a bunch of popular w/ tourists shows on Broadway are geared towards children so that decreases that average age considerably.

"Very old" = the age range that is most in danger from this virus. The virus is ageist.

Attending live audience events after all this. A study.  Apr 1 2020, 04:28:34 AM

I'm young-ish and -- barring financial difficulties--- I probably will go to more live events once this is over because they will mean so much more after this isolation. I feel like I took all the great art around me for granted until now. 

That said, most of the Broadway audience is very old, and barring a vaccine, I would not advice my older family members to go out much. So I would imagine content, esp in the theater, will have to be geared more towards younger folks. 

Satine mid-show switch @ Moulin Rouge 1/1?  Jan 3 2020, 12:57:37 PM

To be fair to Karen, who I saw in Moulin Rouge both times I saw it and in West Side Story both times I saw it, Satine is a really vocally and physically demanding role.

I actually would love to see any of her understudies though, so if there is any preplanned missed shows for her, is there a place to check? And is SRO the only option for cheap tickets aside from the lotto at the moment (is last minute cheap Stubhub a possibility?)

Trevor Nunn is directing The Bridges of Madison County in London  May 14 2019, 02:07:18 AM

Whoa Jenna Russell looks so much younger than her actual age. 

I would love to see Ramin do this. I hope they still cast someone Pasquale's age, I do think the whole point of this musical version is that they were still young stuff to start a new life together. 

Kiss Me Kate - Rush  May 11 2019, 03:00:38 AM

How much was the rush? Does it vary according to location? 

All About Eve - Spectacular  May 8 2019, 01:20:41 AM

Where was it playing in NYC? I really want to see this despite the bad reviews. 

Hugh Jackman in The Music Man  Mar 25 2019, 04:37:28 PM

I'm so excited for this but this is so far into the future. I wonder if Sutton will do another limited show before then. I miss seeing her. 

Scarlet Pimpernel..  Feb 18 2019, 02:06:44 PM

Are you still selling the ticket? it won't let me DM you for some reason

Mean Girls Lottery/Pink Wednesdays  Sep 11 2018, 09:39:51 PM

I won the online lotto from an unclaimed seat last week, and I got a row H center seat.  Not sure if that's the norm though. 

Sleep No More Discounts?  Dec 8 2016, 11:21:05 AM


They're not letting me PM you? 


But PM me! Let me know when you want to go!

Sleep No More Discounts?  Dec 7 2016, 03:03:41 AM

Have you bought SNM tickets yet?  I have 2 unused reservations for a future performance of SNM and I'd sell them to you for below list price.  Basically you can choose any date and I'll change the reservations to that date.

If the OP doesn't want it, anyone else can have them as well.  PM me and name your price. 

Sleep No More Florida?  Oct 11 2016, 04:44:25 AM

BenjaminNicholas2 said: "Punchdrunk is NOT opening a FL company.  I can say this with confidence.

SNM in Shanghai is going to be incredible.  They've learned a lot of new tricks since the McKittrick



Any other info you can give us for those of us who won't be getting to Asia anytime soon?


LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES Previews  Oct 8 2016, 09:21:35 PM

Me too, seeing this on Thursday!

Cirque: Kurios  Oct 5 2016, 01:47:53 AM

I went tonight as well.  I was waiting a long time for the public bus, and decided to walk instead as it was a nice day.  Be warned: do not do that.  There were some sketchy people on the bridge and it was really unclear how to get to the tent once you got off the bridge.  On the way back I waited for the bus, which came pretty frequently. 

I quite enjoyed the show as well.   Nothing I can say to add to other's posts.  This is the only other Cirqu

Phantom tonight 10/3  Oct 4 2016, 01:28:35 PM

Damn!  I saw the show twice last month! Wish I could've missed out on Barbour!

Who is the alt Phantom?

And did you see Ali Ewoldt or an alternate?

THE CHERRY ORCHARD Previews  Sep 19 2016, 12:08:43 AM

Is anyone going to the Hiptix Party for this on Sept 29th (Thursday)?  Does anybody know if the party is before or after the performance?

Hamilton Cancellation Line  Sep 17 2016, 04:47:14 AM

Sent you a PM as well!

Rebecca back on?  Aug 19 2016, 06:56:33 AM

I actually really hope it does get here because I love the German recording.

The Humans Ticket Tonight $25  Aug 11 2016, 10:48:27 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm selling a single rear mezzanine ticket for The Humans for tonight's 7pm show for $25.  I originally bought it for $49 including fees on Todaytix.   If you're interested, please PM me.  Since I bought it on Todaytix I can meet you outside the theater at 6:30pm.  Thanks! 






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