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Richard Nelson's New Play to World Premiere via Livestream  Apr 30 2020, 11:43:42 AM

Did anyone watch this? I really enjoyed this. So lovely to see that cast again. 

Funny as I just watched the first play in the Apple Family cycle which begins with the line "F*ck Cuomo." I loved in this one "Hey, I like him now!"

I may have to watch the whole cycle again before it leaves PBS next week. 

What should I watch in isolation?  Apr 29 2020, 06:39:21 PM

One of my favorite series of plays is Richard Nelson's The Apple Family Plays and The Gabriels. I loved  them at the public and I watched That Hopey Changey Thing this afternoon and it has held up really well.

You can watch the whole cycle for the next week on Thirteen's website which I highly reccomend.

And tonight the public via their youtub

Some Advice-Six and Coronavirus  Mar 12 2020, 01:15:47 PM

I bought tickets to Six on the presale ($49 tickets) for this weekends show for my mom and her friends. 

My mom is in the at risk age range for this virus and she and her friends do not want to go. I suggested we pick a date in august and try to exchange. 

However, if I do that, Ticketmaster has informed me I need to pay the difference in price which is essentially re-buying the tickets again since they have doubled the price. 

Do I have a leg to stand on w

Sideways The Experience  Feb 21 2020, 11:44:08 AM

I saw this last night. I loved the film and I liked the idea of making the show interactive. I did the wine pairing which translates to 2 glasses of wine which you can do at your own pace, IE have a glass before and at intermission etc. 

There are three versions of tickets:

1. Full experience which includes a catered dinner with wine pairings. At $175 it was too rich for my blood!

2. Wine+Show

3. Show only. 

Sadly this show did not really meet expe

Mack & Mabel City Center Encores!  Feb 20 2020, 04:21:43 PM

I was there last night and thought that Alexandra Socha and Lili Cooper were both absolutely fantastic. 

I had more problems with Douglas Sills who I thought was nearly unintelligible for chunks of the show. The book does not help this but I also thought he did not have chemistry with Alexnadra Sohca. 

I never understood how these two characters fell in love as another poster mentioned.  However for whatever issues with the story I had, the score is just glor

Dracula/Frankenstein at Classic Stage  Jan 21 2020, 10:58:18 AM

2:20 with an intermission

Dracula/Frankenstein at Classic Stage  Jan 20 2020, 05:40:02 PM

I saw Dracula at the first preview. I enjoyed it though i found it flawed. This is a feminist take on Dracula which focuses on two of the least interesting characters rather than Dracula himself. 

The tone in this varies from trying to be scary, to having a goofy, over the top feeling. Van Helsing (Jessica Franes Duke) is given the "sassy black woman" trope and while it livened things up I didn't think it totally worked. 

I think they could lean into

SING STREET @ NYTW  Dec 2 2019, 04:06:03 PM

I saw this last night and really enjoyed it. 

The young cast is fantastic. It was really refreshing to see such talent onstage. 

I think for the most part they have done a good job of adapting the film. I think that the sister could be cut entirely to give the brothers a little more focus. 

However, I think the show could use a bit more color if it were to transfer to Broadway. I don't think the English Channel is necessary for the entire show's bac

The Little Shop got extended till March 8!  Nov 26 2019, 10:16:50 AM

I got this as well. It saidGroff through the 19th and Glick starts on 21. 

Slave Play-Actress replaced mid-scene  Nov 25 2019, 04:28:05 PM

I didn't see anyone post this. I've seen a lot this weekend so haven't really had time. I saw Slave play on Friday night and midway through the final 20ish minutes of play before the actress playing Kaneisha walked across the stage and walked through the bedroom the a door. Before she'd even left, there was an announcement that the role would be played by someone else. Of course what follows in this scene is a very long monologue and her voice seemed to be going though I

JLP Rush?  Nov 19 2019, 03:57:07 PM

I rushed this on Saturday. I got there at 8am and was 7th in line. Most people came right before 9am and then the line got fairly long. 

I was front row. The stage is high, and to be honest this show is a lot to take from the front row with the projections and choreography! I'm sad they didn't change it more from Boston as it still has the same problems I had with it there. Still can't beat the price and I think Tom Kitt's orchestrations are great!

London - Christmas  Oct 30 2019, 10:54:07 AM

No reason to see Tina in London. See it in NYC as Adrienne Warren IS the show. 

I like Six over there as you get the accents and its a really small theater. Not a bad seat. 

I'm checking out Soho Cinders at Charring cross as I've really fallen in love with the score! Also looking forward to The Boy Friend at Menier which will be my first time seeing something there. Ian Mckellen's show is one that I plan on seeing as well. 

The reviews weren'

The Lightning Thief previews thread  Sep 23 2019, 03:49:05 PM

I saw this Sunday night. I had TDF seats that were in Row B orchestra on the Aisle which were great!

Chris McCarrell was out which I thought was a bit surprising since they had only done a few shows. 

I thought Sam Leicht was good in his absence. 

If you thought Be More Chill was too slick this is at the opposite end of the spectrum. It's a scrappy little show which sometimes works in its favor. I kinda start rooting for it in spite of itself and the story t

Derren Brown - Coming to Broadway???  Sep 11 2019, 10:49:55 PM

I saw this on Tuesday. I don't usually go for the special event shows on Broadway, but I have to say I took a chance with a TDF ticket (Row A second row orchestra) and thoroughly enjoyed this. 

Derren Brown isn't necessarily doing anything that is new in the world of magic and mentalism etc, but he is such a charismatic performer and ties it all together so nicely that it makes for a really fun evening. 

I'd highly recommend this especially if you can grab

Handbagged at 59e59  Jun 5 2019, 01:06:10 PM

For those who don't know this is a new play as part of the Brits off Broadway festival at 59e59 theater. This play imagines what went on during the audiences between The Queen and Margret Thatcher.

I saw the first preview of this last night. I really wanted to love it. Susan Lynskey and Beth Hylton were outstanding unfortunately the play is disappointing and also has been re-written for American audiences which I found disappointing. The new references felt either forced (vague Tru

HIGH BUTTON SHOES  May 9 2019, 10:32:55 AM

Even with the cast I say skip this show. I am a big encores fan and never miss a show there, but this one was a doozy. 

I think this is the worst show they have done since Irma La douce. The show is a third rate music man plot but felt so shoddily put together. It seemed to amble from a book scene with random musical numbers thrown in. As the older lady next to me put, "the story is just odd." (She didn't stay for act 2)

On paper Michael Urie seeme

FRANKIE AND JOHNNY Previews  May 7 2019, 10:11:33 AM

I saw this last night and loved it! I think the show is in great shape. I'm sad that they couldn't have slotted this in in time for Tony season as I think Audra and Michael would both be contenders. My one criticism is that I think both are a bit too attractive for these characters as another poster mentioned. But still its a fine display of acting from them both. 

I think the play is still quite lovely and McNally's dialogue is wonderful. So many funny scenes and I th

THE FLAMINGO KID at Hartford Stage  May 7 2019, 09:57:34 AM

I'll be there on Saturday night and really looking forward to it (even if that means I have to spend the night in Hartofrd!)

I just watched the move last weekend and absolutely loved it (Wow young Jessica Walter!). I want to go to the beach club where it was filmed too!

The prom rush  May 1 2019, 02:52:30 PM

I rushed on Sunday got there about 11:45am (15 minutes before opening) and was about 10th in line. I was able to get great side orch seats row L. Perfect for $40!

 Mar 27 2019, 12:31:35 PM

I saw this last night for the first preview. Interesting to be back in the Sweeny Todd theater and see the space totally reconfigured.

There was a speech before the show by director Lila Neugebauer explaining that the show had been re-written up until three hours ago and that there was someone available to call for lines if needed. This proved to be unnecessary as no one did.

I have to say I really enjoyed this show. The play could use some more edits and doesn’t a

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