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Could this be the end of live theater, period?  Apr 12 2020, 05:22:15 PM

Hopefully some things will stick, such as the emphasis on hand hygiene, covering your mouth when you cough/sneeze, limiting handshakes, and personal space. I visited NYC a few days before the shut down and it was rainy so there was a lot of "everyone squeeze in as close to each other as you can so that we can fit as many people as possible inside." I hope THAT changes. But to say that theatre or any other large gatherings will never return is ridiculous. They are deeply in

What’s the last show you saw on Broadway before its closing?  Mar 15 2020, 03:33:40 PM

Six on March 8. I also saw JLP, We're Gonna Die, Beetlejuice, Hadestown between March 6-8. Now I am in self-isolation back home in Toronto because on March 13, Toronto Public Health recommended that anyone who has been outside of the country in the last 14 days self-isolate.  

Six Rush or Lottery News  Mar 10 2020, 12:07:43 AM

GlenCoco said: "anybody rush this morning?"

I did - it's not "this morning" anymore but I am referring to Sunday, March 8, which you were asking about.

I arrived at 10:00 AM (box office opens at noon on Sunday) and was around 20th in line, with a huge line behind me. By the time my turn came, there was only partial view left. I got the Left Box A (front box). It was totally worth it - I just couldn't see the drummer who is at the back le

is anyone winning hadestown or moulin rouge lottery tix  Mar 1 2020, 01:53:15 PM

I know this is an old thread, but I'm wondering if anyone knows how hard/easy it has been to win Hadestown tickets lately? I will be in the city next weekend but it looks like the shows are almost sold out, so does that mean there will likely be very few lottery tickets? 

Relatives in Musicals  Feb 26 2020, 08:26:38 PM

When I saw The Wedding Singer on tour, the people playing Robbie and Julia were husband and wife. I had to look it up but their names were J. Michael Zygo and Jillian Zygo. 

THE LAST SHIP - STING  Jan 19 2020, 09:14:59 PM

I enjoyed it when I saw it in Toronto. The staging is cool and I liked the music. I thought the ending was kind of silly, but the show has heart. I would never have seen Sting perform otherwise, so that was cool, too. 

Toronto Tour of "Hello. Dolly" cancelled  Dec 21 2019, 11:41:36 AM

I don't think it was selling poorly in Toronto, because I needed to change the date on my Saturday night subscription tickets and usually when I change the date, I am able to get equivalent seats or better. When I changed for Hello, Dolly, they only had significantly worse seats available. I change my date for subscription shows all the time, and I have never had this issue before, which I had assumed was due to the fact that it was selling well. But maybe not. 

Are Playbills environmentally friendly?  Aug 12 2019, 07:48:08 PM

Fosse76 said: "Personally, I think they should charge for them. That would significantly reduce the number of Playbills distributed. Pretty much everything is electronic these days, they can develop a phone app that has all the necessary information for the current performance."

That's what they do in the West End, and it makes sense. They charge 2 or 3 pounds for them, which is no big deal for people who want the souvenir, but the people who would just throw the

Are Playbills environmentally friendly?  Aug 12 2019, 05:46:28 PM

Some touring houses have done away with printing programs and just email a PDF out with the show reminder. The theatre that I'm thinking of is out of town from where I live so I don't go there often but the time I saw it was for a non-equity tour. Maybe the trend will continue. 

Cary Shields' One Man Show "I Shot the Albatross"  Aug 12 2019, 05:44:02 PM

LizzieCurry said: "Thanks for the post! Also, I think the Rent backlash around here disappeared years ago."

You're welcome! I guess I'm still scarred from those days so I still felt the need to start with a disclaimer :). 


Was Evan Hansen punished enough for his sin?  Aug 12 2019, 04:48:22 PM

Nothing repulsive in his actions, and he instigated verylittle himself that was wrong--things spiralled out of control. He's a very alienated kid who can't figure out how to develop healthy interactions. He made something up and it got out of hand and then he didn't know how to deal with the results.

I find the judgmental nature of the quote, particularly for what is an entirely fictional story (do Broadway shows need warnings akin the "no animals were actually

Cary Shields' One Man Show "I Shot the Albatross"  Aug 12 2019, 04:34:28 PM

I know it’s frowned upon to like Rent around here but I still have a huge sentimental attachment to the show and some of the performers. So if anyone else here shares my sentiment, you may be interested in this.

Last week I saw Cary Shields’ one man show “I Shot the Albatross” in Toronto ( In the 1 hr 45 m

Do 2019 Audiences Know They Aren't Supposed To Film The Show?  Mar 18 2019, 08:18:32 PM

LxGstv said: "At Artman’s incident the woman wasn’t filming through her phone, but from another device that had a viewfinder.

When I last saw Harry Potter the person next to me checked his phone a couple of times during the first act of part 2, we were on the first row of the mezzanine. I talked to an usher who said they would make another announcement. In Harry Potter not only the ushers tell you to turn them off, but there’s also a pre-show announcement

Do 2019 Audiences Know They Aren't Supposed To Film The Show?  Mar 18 2019, 03:15:04 PM

Wick3 said: "I agree with qolbinau. I don't really go to concerts but the first one I went to was Mariah Carey's Christmas concert at the Beacon theatre back in 2014 and I'll admit I was shocked that so many people were recording it via their cell phones but my friend told me it's quite common in concerts (silly me for being ignorant.)

This is probably why a lot of younger folks going to Broadway for the first timethought it was ok to film. In addition, for

GIRL/NORTH COUNTRY part of Mirvish season  Feb 10 2019, 10:18:59 AM

sabrelady said: "I'm just ticked u have to go on a WAITING LIST to buy the subscription series otherwise u have a slim chance of getting a Hamilton tkt for the 4 month sit down."

I planned ahead and got a subscription for the current 2018-2019 season so that I'd have priority for the 2019-2020 season :). It was a great season and I had been leaning towards subscribing for years, so it wasn't all about the demand for Hamilton, but unfortunately that&#

RENT Live on Fox  Feb 3 2019, 11:27:36 PM

HeyMrMusic said: "Daphne Rubin-Vega is one of the most underrated performers in my opinion. I think it’s sad that people don’t understand her. She’s such a great actor and performer. And I love the gruffness of her voice. While others may have more pleasant singing voices, she’s always felt like the real Mimi to me. Her passion in the role is remarkable and untouched."

I agree. There is a big difference between not liking the sound of someone&

RENT Live on Fox  Jan 28 2019, 10:42:36 PM

Random observation from rewatching the broadcast (sorry if this has already been mentioned), but at the Life Support meeting, Keala introduces herself as Cy. In Without You, Anthony Rapp talks about how Jonathan Larson brought a woman named Cy from Friends in Deed to one of their early rehearsals to help them get a feel for the purpose of the Life Support meetings. Thought that was a sweet throwback. 

RENT Live on Fox  Jan 27 2019, 01:09:01 AM

Pashacar said: "Valentina3 said: "How ironic is that Rent of all things is so highly commercialized? I saw a picture the other day of it being advertised on Saks Fifth. I mean... what the actual..."

Totally agree -- was just commenting on that with my friend. We discussed how, ina way, the 2019 RENT reflects the highly commercialized and polished NYC of 2019, compared to the grittier, more real NYC of the 90s matched more bythe original producti

I'm in Las Vegas first weekend in February  Jan 2 2019, 10:04:18 PM

Impossible2 said: "Platypus said: "I saw Absinthe in July and absolutely hated it..."

You sound really fun x

If racism and sexism and giggling every time someone says penis and no personal space are your idea of fun, then I guess I'm the opposite of fun. And I'm good with that.

Now I'm going to go talk to someone who doesn't make fun of my claustrophobia. 


I'm in Las Vegas first weekend in February  Jan 1 2019, 07:19:26 PM

I saw Absinthe in July and absolutely hated it. It's full of so much low brow humour and overdone sexist and racist stereotypes that it was painful to sit through. The hosts acted like little boys competing for who can say penis more times. The acrobatic/circus acts were mediocre at best. But some of my friends thought it was hilarious so I guess it's a matter of opinion? Also, if you have even an inkling of claustrophobia, skip it, or spring for the front row

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