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Member Name: RobbO
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Gender: Male
Profile: Xander: You're considered somewhat cool.

Oz: I am?

Xander: Is it because you always tend to express yourself in short, non-commital sentences?

Oz: Could be.

the quickest way to a man's heart is through his chest.


I am not a pollyanna. Not now. I want to be a pollyanna. I don't want to look at the world through rose-colored glasses, I want the world to be rose-colored. I want people to be nice. People should be nice. Nice should be the norm. I hate it that I can't trust anyone. I liked being a pollyanna. I want to be a pollyanna.

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re: Don't trust  Feb 20 2011, 08:14:31 AM

re: a question for those who felt mistreated at a HAIRSPRAY screening  Feb 20 2011, 08:11:46 AM

my five  Feb 20 2011, 08:10:48 AM

re: Does successful equal good  Feb 20 2011, 08:07:59 AM

your profile has been viewed...  Feb 20 2011, 08:05:43 AM

your profile has been viewed...  Feb 20 2011, 08:05:21 AM

.  Feb 24 2010, 10:23:29 AM

your profile has been viewed...  Aug 13 2007, 01:29:30 PM
son/gunn, i'm sure it has nothing to do with your avatar in the short shorts.

re: Welcome Home Rapp & Pascal  Jul 31 2007, 10:26:33 AM
amazing show. it was great to finally see adam in person. anthony was hilarious and his chemistry with the actor playing joanne was terrific. joanne was one of my favorites. the actor playing her was absolutely superb. like others said, it took me a bit to warm up to mimi since the hair was throwing me off but i was sold by the time the show ended.

great energy, terrific singing and cute little "moments" like the wiggle adam did in response to tamyra's wiggle with the "no, with my fath

re: Hairspray Screening Disaster - New Line Responds to the Plebians  Jul 25 2007, 08:43:02 AM
i emailed new line and alls i got back was a handwritten note signed from some guy named marc s. that said "suck it."

re: Does successful equal good  Jul 19 2007, 12:49:33 PM
good is different than nice.

re: a question for those who felt mistreated at a HAIRSPRAY screening  Jul 17 2007, 10:39:18 AM
emergency passes are a theater thing and as the theater management stated it was a new line screw-up not the theater. oh, and man that's a cheap ass family. spring for a buck or two and buy the kid something next time!

re: Broadway Barks today  Jul 16 2007, 01:38:26 PM
did anyone else notice loch ness and big foot in elphie's photos?

re: HAIRSPRAY at the Box Office...  Jul 16 2007, 10:33:17 AM
i'd be very surprised if it makes over $20 million its first weekend, and over $70 million total (domestic) for its entire run.

the FAQs need to be laid out better, or categorized.  Jul 11 2007, 12:14:30 PM
where'd the friggin' block feature go?

re: Strange Audience Members at City Center  Jul 10 2007, 02:36:03 PM
gypsy's a musical?

re: Tarzan to Close  Jun 25 2007, 11:33:37 AM
wow, that was quick. how long did will it have lasted compared to other disney shows like lion king and beauty?

my five  Jun 21 2007, 09:10:03 AM
in the event my original five and my alternate five are unable to uphold the duties of the title bestowed upon them, i reserve the right to substitute mother younger brother's five.

re: Don't trust  Jun 13 2007, 12:56:37 PM
actually it's the exact opposite of ebay, so that argument really does not hold water. the warning is appreciated but it does not make the original action any less moronic. i think few people would send their belongings to someone that they do not know for a "promise" of payment.

re: Telecharge Purposely Blocking Best Buyers from Website!  Jun 13 2007, 12:52:58 PM
almost everytime i have gone to the box office directly or called telecharge/ticketmaster, i've been treated very rudely. for me it is more important where i am sitting than when i am going, so i like to know my options that way.

when i've tried to get this information in person and over the phone, the person inevitably gets very testy and has tried to tell me that they cannot search that way - at least that was the party line the last time i tried either of these options a few years ag

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