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Tony Rulings  Jan 25 2019, 11:06:17 AM

Best Actor in Play is such a competitive category this year! 

Ever After Musical  Jan 25 2019, 11:03:23 AM

They briefly mention at the top how Rodmilla turned cold after the father die. But compared to the film... Danielle here is more concerned with maintaining her fathers home. She works there not as a servant/slave but more as someone who hopes to keep things a float until, hopefully her stepmother's plan works and they can move to the palace and she can het her home back. Rodmilla seems to view her as a necessary burden. When she realizes that Danielle is actually a thr

It's official! Frankie and Johnny coming to Broadway with Audra McDonald and Michael Shannon  Jan 24 2019, 11:42:49 PM

This seems an odd choice for Audra BUT she seems to always surprise and be brilliant so I am excited for this! 

Ever After Musical  Jan 24 2019, 11:40:42 PM

SPOILERS....Hey Degrassifan. I'll share a song list from the playbill when I get chance. It was interesting to me that 7 or 8 numbers where new from before. We no longer see the father die at the beginning of the show. Now it begins with her as an adult. Danielle now has memories of herself as a little girl with her father in two numbers. One silently during her solo in Act 1 I REMEMBER you seem them behind her. And during a new song for this production NO FAIRY TALES ALLOW

Oliver! revival?  Jan 24 2019, 07:42:59 PM

This is hearsay but what I was told by a British actor I know is those 30-40 kids in the opening two scenes in London were given $50 a show plus transpiration. They go home after the first two scenes. The kids in Fagin's gang get a full contract. 

The saw the 2009 production and it was awesome. HUGE in size and scale. as OLIVER is meant to be. I wish this production would play NYC. Equity should make an exception. It would give dozens of equity contracts for the remaining

Ever After Musical  Jan 24 2019, 07:07:06 PM

I was in Atlanta this week for work and decided to check out EVER AFTER at the Alliance since I am huge fan of the film and I had seen the production at Paper Mill Playhouse a few years back. I was excited for that production at Paper Mill but let down when I saw it so never wrote much of a post. I had been thrilled for Christine Ebersole but she was oddly out of place and didn’t have much teeth to her performance. The production was also drab and dull in design. 


REVIVE CARNIVAL  Jan 20 2019, 08:46:23 PM
I think I wrote on a thread on this board a long while back about how Carnival should be revived. (To lazy to check right now)

Carnival is a beautiful show with wonderful score. Nothing makes me smile more than hearing Beautiful Candy.

I understand accepting Lilys belief in the puppets is difficult in modern times but an skillful insightful director is what this piece needs. The material itself is strong. Maybe if Lili and Paul are both equally young, like Paul is a strange s

The Legendary Carol Channing Dies at 97  Jan 17 2019, 09:37:06 PM
This is sad news, I had hoped for years wed get one more Carol Channing stage performance. During the late 90s early 2000s when Chita Rivera, Bea Arthur, Barbara Cook, Dame Edna, and of course Elaine Stritch had one person shows (or close to
It) on Brodway that Carol might do the same. Anyway she was an incredible performer and tireless ambassador for Broadway and Theatre is general. Rest In Peace funny lady!

Riedel on Steve Martin keeping Bright Star open  Jun 2 2016, 01:41:35 PM

BRIGHT STAR is a wonderful show. I went in expecting very little. As a matter fact I was kind of dreading it.  BUT I knew VERY little about it. To my delightful surprise I fell in love with it. I found it moving, charming, and wonderful gem of a show. I was enthralled with Carmen Cusack. Never heard of her before and now would never miss her. 

SO I found myself contemplating the shows troubles despite solid reviews and a rave from the NY Times. I do fault the press and m

Hamilton - Best Musical 2016?  May 25 2015, 05:34:30 PM

I think HAMILTON is hands down the favorite show to sweep everything in 2016. It's just white hot. HOWEVER- In the theatre only a fool is sure. They have a challenge ahead of them. They need to maintain hype while also seeming humble. Remember MATILDA? It to came in white hot. The revolutionary show with rave reviews, a huge advance, and the thing that crush anything around it… yet come Tony Time KINKY BOOTS took the gold. Something NO ONE would have predicted the summer before. <

LIVING ON LOVE closes Sunday  Apr 30 2015, 01:06:09 PM

Clyde Barrow - who hurt you? why are you so nasty and bitter to so many shows? Not liking a show is one thing, but being so down right cruel and disrespectful is just wrong. You know they all represent peoples hard work even if not to your taste.

For Renee Fleming Fans and Happy Opening to LIVING ON LOVE  Apr 20 2015, 09:05:13 AM

I have already posted earlier about how I enjoyed this show and their is a preview review thread for that (with spirited debate) but I still think it was a special performance by Renee Fleming. This news piece perfectly conveys the joy in watching this great performer try her hand at something new and fun, so thought I'd share of those who didn't see it.ée-fleming/vp-AAbjWhn

Living on Love Previews  Apr 2 2015, 10:54:30 AM

I caught this last night and thought it was incredible. Funny. Fast. Beautiful. I only paid $19.57 but I would say it was worth top dollar. Stunning set. Beautiful costumes. It feels rich and worth the money.  

Everyone there laughed pretty consistendly (as did I) and Renee Fleming seemed to be having a total ball riffing on the foibles of the music business. As a matter of fact all the actors seemed to be having he time of their lives up and there and it was something one fel

Gene Saks, Actor and Director of Stage and Film, Dies at 93  Mar 29 2015, 06:04:56 PM
RIP Mr. Saks. You brought laughter to Broadway for so long! You lived a long and fruitful life !

Is it time for another Music Man Revival?  Mar 28 2015, 10:19:06 AM
The Music Man is a such a perfect tight well constructed classic musical it's hard to think there is a time that isn't' right for it. The bigger question is who can carry it. I really think it demands a star talent or personality. Someone who can make the audience focus on them and not the memory of Robert Preston.

I enjoyed the Stroman revival, but it felt like the film just splashed on stage. And Craig Bierko while very engaging, was Robert Preston's standby.

Curious- Did a

Fun Home Previews  Mar 28 2015, 10:15:00 AM
I would love to see FUN HOME be a surprise hit. I personally have not seen it yet. But the idea that a dark serious emotional musical without gimmick, novelty, spectacle or stars can capture the attention of audiences would be so wonderful for Broadway and the theatre in general.

Will Fiddler on the Roof Recoup?  Mar 25 2015, 10:44:39 PM
I adore Fiddler it's one of my favorite shows, however, I don't like the casting they've announced.

LIVING ON LOVE $19.57 Ticket Promo for first 3 Previews  Mar 23 2015, 10:16:33 AM
Yeah. I did some research and realized that the balcony there has a far over hang so just got 2 front row center balcony seats for under $40. Decided the view would be better that back orchestra on the far side. Hopefully I'm made the right decision!

These ticket promos for these shows like this H2G, etc. have really helped my theatre budget! And allowed me to actually plan and not sit outside praying for a lottery. ( and sadly I passed by passing as a student a long time ago, haha)

LIVING ON LOVE $19.57 Ticket Promo for first 3 Previews  Mar 22 2015, 02:52:48 PM
Has anyone else bought the $19.57 tickets for first previews? If so did you manage to get an orchestra seat?

I was hoping to try and go the first night. I got Orchestra for SOMETHING ROTTEN would love to get that here. Although there seems to be plenty of the promo tix in the Mezz which isn't bad in that theatre. The 2 orchestra i see avail are in the far back corner. That's a small house so would I better off in the mezz? Anyone have an opinion on seating in that house?

Gigi Previews  Mar 22 2015, 11:51:12 AM
So for those who know the film and have seen this new stage production.. has the role of Honore been scaled down and the role of Mamita beefed up? In the film Mamita has a relatively small yet featured role and Honore almost the largest role (or certainly most prominently featured). The film almost seems to stop to showcase Honore's moments. (Of course this is because of Maurice Chevalier) and then of course the Broadway production had Alfred Drake who was a major star, received top billing and

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