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Cuomo Snubs Broadway  Apr 30 2020, 12:32:23 AM

Terrible subject here,. This should be deleted since it is actually WRONG.  James Dolan was chosen and is mentioned in the article itself, He owns Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall and well as The Beacon Theater.  None are technically Broadway but if Broadway is part of The Entertainment World then it was represented.

The quote Cuomo said about Broadway was taken out of context.  It is an exact quote but it was in answering a reporters question about h

SO I'm blacklisted  Dec 31 2019, 11:21:20 AM

You are NOT Blacklisted.  Apparently, you do not understand the term.  You simply are embarrassed about your bad decision to withdraw from your, obviously, first Broadway show when there was no reason to do so.

This is not how professionals act. This is not how professionals react to having the role they are UNDERSTUDYING replaced long before the first rehearsal.  At this point you had value in the track you were cast in NOT in the more prestigious track.  As e

What seats to purchase for Chicago?  Nov 27 2019, 10:25:59 AM

You should be warned that the current, low budget version of Chicago that plays on Broadway each night is NOTHING like the full scale, colorful film you have seen.  It is a concert version of the show that was moved over after a successful two week run at City Center.  


The score is magnificent but you will not see sets or costumes like in the original version - or the grittiness that Fosse intended. There are plenty of clips online that will show you

"Four Jews In a Room Bitching" Falsettos Animated Lyric Video!  Nov 20 2019, 07:26:28 PM




FOSSE/VERDON  May 28 2019, 03:20:13 PM

According to Chita's understudy, Lenora Nemitz, Gwen's tirade during the scene introducing Nowadays never remotely happened and it was always a duet. Too much artistic license is being taken with facts in this series and it would've been easy to check with the people who were in the room.

John Rubinstein has put on the record that Gwen never showed up to a Pippin rehearsal, laid on the floor and talked to Bob about Chicago. No one ever would do that. We all knew that w

Hamilton-Convince me.  Feb 1 2019, 07:19:18 PM

I enjoyed Hamilton even less than Jordan.

Like you, I see everything with the original cast and spent Full price for a Broadway ticket $55 (not a typo) and wished I had been in any other theater that night. The inane lyrics, with often sloppy rhymes repeated endlessly, (country/ hungry ) come at you relentlessly and for some unknown reason principals play multiple roles.

It was pretty to look at but there is a good chunk of theatre professionals

Favourite scene transitions?  Dec 30 2018, 06:29:18 PM


Nice topic. Looking forward to people's responses.

Susan Stroman's transition of the Arrival of the Ladies into Deadrock using treadmills in Crazy For You is one of the most exciting things I have seen on stage.

There was a moment in the original Pippin when Ben Vereen lifted a red handkerchief off the floor centerstage and the entire set rose out of it. Likewise, the reveal of the entire company in the revival of Pippin during Magic to

EPA Auditions Help  Dec 22 2018, 06:25:21 PM

The truth is that no one with the authority to make a casting decision is required to be at an EPA(as opposed to a Chorus call). Also, no casting decisions are actually made at EPA, you would be required to come to New York for more auditions anyway.

I would suggest you contact the casting director and be ready to submit a video tape audition. Most actors have videos of themselves ready to go or are already online.. If you do not have one this is a good reason to start.

Need help with Phantom seats  Dec 4 2018, 06:02:05 PM

There will be no further discounts added. Print out the logo of the show and put it in a Christmas card with a note saying that she is invited to see the show in March then sign it O.G., if she is a fan of the show she will understand.

Always avoid the first five rows out of musical since you cannot see the entire stage and take in the spectacle.... And this show is spectacle. What a nice gift, you are a Very thoughtful parent.

Hey broadway.. Salvation Army anti gay reminder thread...  Nov 27 2018, 02:31:17 PM

Thank you Miramar3, that is an eye-opening link to many great stories regarding the LGBT community and the Salvation Army-with good outcomes.

It looks like they are changing their tune.

THE PROM Previews  Oct 28 2018, 05:02:13 PM

For the poster who asked if they should see King Kong or The Prom, there is no comparison. King Kong has the most astonishing puppet ever put on the stage but the book, music and lyrics fall entirely flat.


The Prom is probably the best honed musical-comedy since The Producers... Okay, it's no Mel Brooks, but it is that kind of professional, tight fun with an A- list cast that rarely happens.

THE PROM Previews (possible spoiler ahead)  Oct 28 2018, 04:50:49 PM

CoreyRyan3 said: "Look, this show is not perfect. It’s hokey, it chews the scenery, it wears its little bleeding heart on its sleeve and it loves every damn minute of it. But that’s exactly what makes this show so special. It achieves exactly what it sets out to do, which is to beat us over the head with heart and a message of acceptance and tolerance. And I know some people don’t go to the theatre to “preached” at, but this one finds new ways to make th

Chosing a College Program  Oct 2 2018, 11:44:30 PM

Distinctive Baritone knows his stuff. Good call. Musical Theater programs are so lucrative for colleges yet there are so few Jobs out there for person to make a living that the programs should be illegal.

Spend your money on a college program where you can actually make a living-and possibly do well. Sure, 5% of the graduates do very but this means 95% are all doing something else by the time they are forty and have not even finished paying back their loans.

This is from a

Walking from Belasco to Radio City?  Sep 13 2018, 12:26:41 PM

Head up to Radio City immediately. The lines to get through security are at least 30 minutes. It says two hours on your ticket but no one pays attention. We arrived five minutes early and missed the first six numbers. Also, they are kidding about the 10 PM show being racy.... It is not like Vegas, it is always the same show.

song advice  Aug 1 2018, 11:00:17 PM

All For The Best  from Godspell

One Step from Starting Here, Starting Now. The male part is entirely spoken in rhythm.


24 Broadway Overtures in 200 seconds. Will you recognize them all ?  Jun 29 2018, 02:38:14 PM

Where is style
Where is skill
Where is forethought
Where's discretion of the heart
Where's passion in the art
Where's craft?

Quick question  Jun 15 2018, 08:03:41 PM

Be advised that two people can sing any song ever written together.  The song need not be composed as a duet.  Use your own creativity.  People are giving you great choices and you are shooting them down. 

Nothing Can Stop Me Now does not need Ooh's and Ah's you know that -any two people can sing the lyric and the message is good.

Tonight and I Wanna Be Seen With You are both uptempo with a great feel and message for an o

...JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR LIVE Discussion Thread  Apr 1 2018, 09:36:54 PM

There is nothing "IN CONCERT" about this staging, you guys should know that.  This is a FULLY STAGED, expensive, first rate, choreographed, CLASS A production with huge sets and extraordinary costumes.  It is only billed as "IN CONCERT" to get people to watch it who would not watch a MUSICAL on television. It was brilliant marketing.

Need Ideas for Tap Song that's Not Traditionally a Tap Song  Mar 16 2018, 10:33:52 PM

You know you can tap to anything, right?  Everyone on the planet would prefer she not tap to Forty-Second Street or Dames At Sea so you are on the right track there.

It probably would be innovative if she tapped to something from Hamilton or Let It Go.

You'll Be Back lends itself to a tap number but the other tunes would be more interesting. 

re: voice teachers  Jan 9 2018, 12:22:05 PM

I have had a lesson with Joan Lader and her technique is really wonderful.  Steve Potfora is a Vocal Coach (who works on audition material) with students in over one hundred Broadway Shows who is great, accessible and in Manhattan.  His info is on Facebook.

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