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Tickets Refunds  Mar 26 2020, 11:13:34 AM

We have gotten everything back but Wicked (purchased on Ticketmaster)  

We purchased tickets at the box office for Frozen and The Play That Goes Wrong and then purchased tickets for Beetlejuice online and have received refunds.

Ticketmaster is saying it could take up to 30 days. 

Charlotte D'Amboise  Feb 9 2020, 07:40:04 AM
Wow! You guys are harsh! I’d love to know what leading roles you’ve played on Broadway? If you don’t like her, then just remember what my grandmother used to say: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. I’ve enjoyed Her performances in both A Chorus Line and Chicago. I’ve seen lots of Broadway stars and performers but everyone is different. Instead of bashing people celebrate that everyone is different and has different talents to bring to the table.

Discount Codes  Jan 2 2020, 04:35:59 AM
Any codes for Beetlejuice beyond March 1? We are going the very end of March and was hoping to purchase tickets while we are there tomorrow. Thanks all.

Black Friday Broadway sale??  Nov 29 2019, 05:43:49 PM
Any Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for Mean Girls? We are needing January 4th matinee.

DELETE Please  Nov 20 2018, 07:21:51 PM

Please delete..  All Playbills have been sold

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chicago - Discount code??  Oct 9 2018, 04:49:46 AM

Found this on


On the 20th Century & Mild Adult Themes  May 25 2015, 07:54:04 AM

We took our kids to see this show they are 10 and 7.  They have both grown up in the theatre world but there wasn't anything in the show that had questions about,etc.  They found it very entertaining and fun esp w/ the tap number.  Hope that helps!  

Radio City TDF seats  Mar 31 2015, 06:36:52 PM
We had TDF ticket this past Saturday at the 8pm performance. We were in the middle of the 1st Mezz. For 45.00 not bad. We had our kids with us and they loved it.

Beautiful Discount Code?  Mar 12 2015, 07:07:05 PM
Sorry, I've looked everywhere and didn't know the chances of one opening up=? I've noticed it's been on TKTS lately but would rather use a code before we get there if possible. Wanting to go on Wednesday the 25th.Thanks!!

Aladdin Seating - Box seats  Jan 11 2015, 09:23:45 PM
Thanks! I remember when we went to Poppins last time we had the box seats that weren't as close to the stage and they were fine. I'll send my friend to the box office to see. Thanks again!

Aladdin Seating - Box seats  Jan 11 2015, 08:33:20 PM
I apologize if this has already been asked but I did look and couldn't find anything. :/

We are going to bring our kids to NYC in the spring for their first time to NYC and thought about taking them to "Aladdin". My wife and I had a friend get us the box seats for "Mary Poppins" but I couldn't find any information for "Aladdin". Are they still selling them at the box office and if so, what is the price. thanks all!

Spring CLeaning Sale-Signed Windowcards/Broadway Merchandise/Playbills  Apr 14 2014, 03:20:13 PM
Sorry, didn't realize I couldn't get messages on here... I've changed that now. let's discuss! :-0

Addams Family / TKTS help Saturday performance  Dec 30 2010, 10:40:25 AM
That does sound like a mess. However, I'll be there MLK weekend which is the 15th so hopefully it'll be cleared up by then.

Addams Family / TKTS help Saturday performance  Dec 30 2010, 10:22:19 AM
All -

Sorry for asking this but been to NYC tons of times but never used TKTS. I always use the discount codes but now "Women on the Verge" is closing I have space for another show. I didn't know if TKTS would still have tix available for Addams Family around 5pm as I am going to a matinee. I really don't want to pay full price for this show. The discount they have doesn't cover Saturday performances. I'll be there January 15th. Thanks for any help or advise you can provide.

CHICAGO Tix for Jan  Aug 29 2010, 07:16:08 AM
Thanks guys. I was planning on doing rush that Sunday Morning to save money. (I've never done that but thought for this show I could) Just was looking on telecharge and noticed they weren't on sale yet. Just figured they'd already start selling them but my intent was to buy the day of.

I'm going MLK (Martin Luther King Weekend).

CHICAGO Tix for Jan  Aug 28 2010, 12:57:43 PM
Hi guys,

Anyone have a any insight when they'll start selling CHICAGO tix past the end of December? I'm hoping to catch it again while I'm out there during MLK weekend but tickets aren't available yet. Telecharge only has tix till December 23 and they're only selling group tix till December 19th.

Thanks for you help!

!!!!!!!  Aug 21 2009, 01:13:00 PM
I'm really hoping this is at least in previews while we're out there... We'll be there December 2 - 6th.

re: 9 to 5 closing date?  Jun 11 2009, 09:15:02 AM
Well, I really hope it lasts.. We have tix to see it in early December. (I'm also going in a few weeks as well)

re: BAA Cincy 09/10 season!  May 14 2009, 07:07:27 AM
I'm in Indiana and just talked to the group sales rep last week about the new upcoming season. She advised the annoucement would be made during the "Wicked" run. So I would think it should be no later than June 2nd. Here's hoping they have another good season..

re: 9 to 5 seating question  Apr 14 2009, 06:39:26 PM
I hope they're good because I bought tix for this December and we're Orchestra B seats 105-106. Loing forward to seeing it!

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