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re: What Temporary Show for the Hilton?????  Feb 20 2009, 12:18:53 PM
Take Riedel with a Grain of Salt? You can say a lot about him, but one thing for sure- he has incredible credible sources.

re: Neil Simon is Booked  Feb 20 2009, 12:01:50 PM
Y'all are clueless- a QUILTERS revival is going into the Neil Simon starring Marla Schaffel. DUH!

The real Rumor is that Starmites is being revived in the St. James.

re: Marc Ecko dumps its hold on Times Square Theater  Feb 19 2009, 11:42:13 AM
All of this is so amazing intriguing to me, its like treasure hunting through time.

re: RIALTO CHATTER: SPIDER-MAN Will Swing To Broadway Later Than Planned  Feb 19 2009, 11:17:46 AM
This will either be absolutely brilliant, or make carrie pale in comparison in the world of flops.

re: Beauty and the beast revival..WHEN?  Feb 12 2009, 02:26:51 PM
I wish Disney would figure out how to make their looming Hunchback musical thats been testing around europe for a while. the score is fantastic.

re: RENT Filmed LIVE on Broadway! -- Released TODAY  Feb 4 2009, 07:42:10 PM
They had it at Toys R Us! Shocking- bought the last two copies- one for me and one for my mom as a gift.

Totally agree with you EricMontreal!....not the same... if you ask me, compare spring awakening to BARE- had BARE not been effed over the producers, people would have called Spring Awakening the poor man's BARE- much in the way of dirty rotten scoundrels followed the producers.

re: RENT Filmed LIVE on Broadway! -- Released TODAY  Feb 4 2009, 06:05:08 PM
really? they have it? Time to go across the street!

re: RENT Filmed LIVE on Broadway! -- Released TODAY  Feb 4 2009, 05:07:53 PM
I think its interesting that Spring Awakening is always compared to RENT. Its often attemped to be put on par with RENT. Considdering the impact that RENT had as it crossed over into pop culture and mainstreem media in such a way that Broadway hadn't in a long time, I considder it such a misleading comparrison. If it had been on par with RENT, Spring Awakening would probably have had a better chance at still running to this day.

re: actor needs Bernard Telsey's e-mail or contact address  Feb 4 2009, 10:30:00 AM
I'm looking for Barack Obama's top secret email address. This is regarding the recent economic recession. I have a few ideas. If anyone has his top secret email address on his 40,000 dollar blackberry, please post it here or email.

re: RENT Filmed LIVE on Broadway! -- Released TODAY  Feb 3 2009, 05:08:56 PM
Yea- Target requires quite the adventure to a far of neighborhood. I still can't believe I can't find it- and I work in Times Square. This is crazy.

re: RENT Filmed LIVE on Broadway! -- Released TODAY  Feb 3 2009, 04:57:27 PM
Union Square is sold out now too. I wonder why there is such a big shortage!

re: RENT Filmed LIVE on Broadway! -- Released TODAY  Feb 3 2009, 04:33:15 PM
Hey New Yorkers...
Both Virgin Megastores only have BluRay.
All the best buys are sold out
The Theater Shops are all sold out of it, or they never got any.
I'll be damned if I go to Colony and pay 50.00 for it or whatever they mark it up to.

Anyone have any luck finding it elsewhere?

re: RENT Filmed LIVE on Broadway! -- Released TODAY  Feb 3 2009, 12:14:16 PM
The Blue Ray disc has even more Special Features than the regular DVD. Me thinks its time to get a Blue Ray Disc Player- I've been putting it of....

re: Best homemade costumes.  Jan 23 2009, 05:32:33 PM
The best part of my friends costume is that Toto is colored hair by hair with a sharpie- Mimi couldn't find the right color. That dog was originally white.

re: Best homemade costumes.  Jan 23 2009, 04:49:13 PM
Obviously its ariel, drunk 3am at the merman frat party, mermaid. DUH!

re: Best homemade costumes.  Jan 23 2009, 04:04:58 PM
Drag Queens always out do the rest of us!!!

My friend Mimi Imfurst (drag Queen) was dorothy for the recent defying inequality benefit at the Gershwin. Everything was made by hand include her ruby slippers.

re: The Zipper Factory to Close Without Warning  Jan 14 2009, 04:24:25 PM
It IS Awful. All these venues are going under- being snuffed outta town... or where ever the cool venues go to die. I'm really sad by this- with the loss of these types of spaces, I'm not really sure where downtown artists are going to do Shows. There are some great smaller cabaret type spaces, but nothing with quiet the size and capacity that the Cutting Room and The Zipper could hold and support. I'm at a loss for words at the moment...The Cutting Room and the Zipper have joined the Fez wit

re: Songs That Sound Suspiciously Similar  Jan 9 2009, 12:34:51 PM
The begining of La Vie Boheme (RENT) is clearly the same underschoring as Your Fault from Into The Woods. Given the fact that Larson notoriously "borrowed" from many sources and being a huge Sondheim fan- I'm not surprised.

Its the "no please no not tonight" part.

Vague subject header with ellipses  Jan 9 2009, 10:51:43 AM
It became a such a huge phenomenon when Jonathan Larson died. It was a great, fun, downtown rock musical with a small breeze at its back- but as fate would have with the passing of the show's sole author the eve of the 1st performance was a very interesting news story.

It only became more interesting when life imitated art. Here Jonathan had written a show about people who's time on this earth was limited and how they had to struggle between having time for their artistry and payi

re: Gerald Schoenfeld, Longtime Head of Shubert Organiztion, Passes Away  Nov 25 2008, 02:02:36 PM
Who cares?! Are you crazy- Mr Schoenfeld was key to bringing many shows to Broadway. He was an enthusiastic theatre person, as a producer, theatre owner and patron. Just to give you an idea of his legacy go over to ibdb and check out the 80 bazillion shows he helped bring to broadway.

I can't think of anyone who has helped as much as he has. Without folks like Mr. Schoen

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