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Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 3 2020, 10:54:08 PM

Has Naya Rivera commented yet?

Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 3 2020, 02:34:24 AM


Lea Michele on Twitter  Jun 2 2020, 08:34:03 AM

n2nbaby said: "With everything been going on, this is a MUCH needed distraction. I am LIVING for Amber’s tweet."

Amber's Tweet was everything!!!

Glenn Close wants to start 'Sunset' movie by the end of this year  Apr 24 2020, 07:48:38 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: ""

Love it!!!

2020 Kennedy Center Honors  Mar 31 2020, 07:54:15 PM

Tag said: "The awards haven't been the same since creator/producerGeorge Stevens Jr. was let go in 2014."

Thanks for this!  I was wondering what had happened.  The quality of the show has gone down so far !

Valerie Harper dead at 80  Aug 31 2019, 08:53:45 AM

Wasn’t Valerie also reported to be difficult on the set of her NBC sitcom ‘Valerie’?  That fight got pretty nasty, leading to a major lawsuit.

David10086 said: "Back in the mid/ ate 90s, Harper visited my hometown (Providence) for about 2 weeks or so, as she was looking for a theater to premiere her work on Pearl S. Buck. One of my very close friends was the assistant manager at the theater she chose, and was privvy to most of the negotiations going on (

Closing Sunday, August 18, 2019  Aug 16 2019, 09:01:30 PM
I’m still surprised ‘Pretty Woman’ didn’t get a longer run. I thought it would make it through the end of the year holiday season as a draw for tourists.

FAYE FIRED  Jul 25 2019, 03:40:54 AM
Were there wire hangers in Faye’s dressing room?

How much chili at Oklahoma?  Jun 12 2019, 01:39:00 PM

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart.

The more you eat, ...

Teaser trailer for Judy w/Renee Zellweger  May 22 2019, 03:09:20 PM
I can’t wait for this! I think the trailer looks great.

A Chorus Line/ Shubert Theater Electric Ticker?  Aug 26 2018, 11:47:48 AM

Love this thread!  What an amazing piece of history.

Patti LuPone - Gypsy (the literal showstopping performance)  Apr 26 2017, 03:43:22 PM

I've said this before...Patti should have been fired on the spot!

Ann Reinking's 1985 Oscar Performance  Feb 27 2017, 11:54:07 AM

Dance 10, Singing -3

Actors Freaking Out on Stage  Jan 25 2017, 06:45:54 PM

Brandon Victor Dixon, when Mike Pence visited 'Hamilton'.

Hillary at The Humans  Jan 18 2017, 07:55:53 AM

Did the cast make a statement after the show?  LOL

State Ballet Theatre of Russia  Jan 15 2017, 10:04:47 AM

Is anyone familiar with productions put on by this touring group?  They are currently touring a production of "Cinderella" and have also recently performed "Swan Lake".  Is anyone familiar with this company?

Hello Again Movie Musical Filming  Nov 22 2016, 12:51:04 PM

MarkBearSF said: "Unfamiliar with the musical, my first thought was "Why would anyone make a musical of that old Shelly Long movie?"

Ha!  I had the EXACT same thought/reaction!!!


Last I Heard...  Nov 21 2016, 12:01:17 PM

Scarywarhol said: "The idea that it would have been acceptable only if the message was given backstage to Mike privately is just silly. It was meant to be seen and shared. It was meant to tell people that they are not alone and that you can stand up to this administration and have a voice."

I agree that the cast message was fully intended to be seen and shared.  The intent from the very beginning was for the cast speech to go viral.

Brandon was on th

Last I Heard...  Nov 20 2016, 06:41:29 PM

Dancingthrulife2 said: "fbueller, did you vote for Trump? Is this why you've been so upset"

Dancingthrulife2--Not at all.  I am a Democrat and voted for Hillary.  It was just so wrong and inappropriate for a statement to be made at any type of performance to an audience member for no reason.

When an audience member is causing a distraction or speaking out of turn, it is appropriate for a performer to heckle and  be proactive to stop the inappropriate talking or behavior

Last I Heard...  Nov 20 2016, 11:09:17 AM

aaaaaa15 said: "Pence responds to the incident by encouraging everyone to go and see the show and saying how great it is. That boycott lasted long."

I'm sure Pence was really confused when the cast made the statement.  He was there as a guest and thought the show was over.  Pence made no comment the entire night.  The cast statement was inappropriate.

When Barbra Streisand was heckled by a political protestor at Madison Square Garden a few years back, she stopped her sh

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