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Closing nights  Apr 21 2015, 09:12:53 AM

I would like to go to Mamma Mia but no tickets are listed for closing night 

Closing nights  Apr 21 2015, 09:01:05 AM

Are tickets usually available for closing night performances? 

Mamma Mia!  Apr 10 2015, 10:29:51 PM

I love Mamma Mia and am sorry to see it close.  

Need to sell tix to Cabaret and The a River  Jan 27 2015, 08:26:30 PM
Thanks everyone the tix are gone

Need to sell tix to Cabaret and The a River  Jan 27 2015, 07:51:37 PM
I need to sell a cabaret seat at Cabaret for matinee on 1/28 and riverbank seat at the evening performance of The River. If interested please pm me

Nicole Parker in Wicked  Jan 8 2015, 10:35:01 PM
I have one. It's a little tattered but you can have it

Judy McLane to star as Dianna in N2N  Jul 18 2011, 02:19:33 PM
I think she will be awesome. Wish I could see in it.

MAMMA MIA CAST HELP ?2005?  Jun 9 2011, 02:45:03 PM
Carey Anderson, John Dossett, Michelle Pawk, Olga Merediz, Judy McLane I believe were in the cast at the end of 2005

THE BOOK OF MORMON Reviews!  Mar 28 2011, 12:24:05 PM
Saw it. Loved it!

CMIYC performance cancelled  Feb 18 2011, 08:44:05 PM
I'm so disappointed. Had tix for that and Book of Mormon. Now have to find another show. Any recommendations?

CMIYC performance cancelled  Feb 18 2011, 02:14:57 PM
Just got an email from Ticketmaster that the Mar 23 performance is cancelled. Anyone know what's going on?

Saddest moment in musical  Jan 8 2011, 11:02:29 AM
The Letter from Billy Elliott
Kim's suicide in Miss Saigon

Songs to sing for concert  Dec 6 2010, 12:54:55 PM
The Story Goes On from Baby

the actor you have seen the most in  Dec 6 2010, 12:30:21 PM
Will Chase-Miss Saigon, The Full Monty, The Story of My Life, and Billy Elliott.

Terrance Mann- Les Mis, Getting Away With Murder, The Addams Family

Sutton Foster - Little Women, Shrek, Young Frankenstein

Carey Anderson - Mamma Mia, Avenue Q

Where have you been backstage??  Jul 12 2010, 11:38:55 AM
Winter Garden (Mamma Mia)
Golden (Avenue Q)

Actors and actresses that you wish had more roles  Apr 13 2010, 04:02:03 PM
Carey Anderson

Displaying Playbills  Jan 25 2010, 06:01:54 PM
wdwfreak and burgandy - your rooms look great. Do you use 8x10 frames?

Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll post a pix after I get done with the room.

Displaying Playbills  Jan 25 2010, 06:52:59 AM
I would like to decorate a wall in my bedroom with Playbills but I can't afford individual frames. Anybody have any suggestions?

re: Favorite or Most Emotional Finale Experiences  Oct 20 2009, 02:59:53 PM
Les Miserables

re: How many times have you seen Wicked  Oct 19 2009, 11:01:54 AM
6 times

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