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Member Name: My Fair Lady
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Gender: Female
Location: New York

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How does one find out about open calls in NYC?  Feb 26 2007, 01:50:52 PM
Just curious.

re: 'Legally Blonde' Lyrics  Jan 28 2007, 01:36:56 AM
There's a song called "Omigod You Guys"?

Am I the only one who fears for the fate of humankind?

Man 1 and Man 2  Jan 24 2007, 11:22:42 AM
In Songs for a New World, why is the first man who sings called Man 2 and the second man who sings called Man 1? It's kind of confusing.

How high is the highest note in "Initials"?  Jan 16 2007, 12:02:06 PM
I was listening to the Actor's Fund Benefit recording of Hair (which by the way, I love) and was astounded by the last note in Initials. What note was that?

re: Favorite Mental Breakdown Song  Jan 2 2007, 11:15:23 PM
Hysteria-The Light in the Piazza

re: Audition help  Dec 28 2006, 08:16:51 PM
Horton's male. Is this for rep?

re: Theatre/Broadway Related Christmas/Hannukah Presents  Dec 25 2006, 10:29:54 PM
Grey Gardens, The Drowsy Chaperone and Floyd Collins :)

re: What kind of music do we like other than showtunes?  Dec 11 2006, 08:48:21 PM
Yann Tiersen, Ben Folds, Fallout Boy, Deathcab and Stephen Speaks.

re: JRB's 'Christmas Lullaby'  Dec 5 2006, 07:40:34 PM
I actually thought it was the Virgin Mary.

re: Does Les Mis have Standing Room?  Nov 24 2006, 03:30:37 PM
What's the new rush policy?

Does Les Mis have Standing Room?  Nov 23 2006, 11:58:05 AM
Or rush...or lottery...or anything. I'm seeing a matinee on Dec. 27 and I want to know if I could possibly get tickets to Les Mis for the night show, but they can't be expensive.

Really Good Speller in Spelling Bee  Nov 14 2006, 11:09:28 PM
When my school went to go see Spelling Bee, a girl who had placed in the top 5 in the National Spelling Bee on ESPN for 3 years in a row went up on stage and just wouldn't spell words wrong. Did anyone see this performance or see a performance like it?

How high does "Tonight" go?  Nov 7 2006, 09:37:51 PM
I'm just high does "Tonight" from West Side Story go?

re: Seth Rudetsky Appreciation Thread  Nov 7 2006, 07:45:26 PM
This guy's fabulous. He gave a great performance at Usdan this summer and also did a wonderful job with Snoopy.

re: Suggestions for 3 New Cast Recordings  Nov 6 2006, 09:42:38 PM
I have See What I Wanna See and I love it.

re: Suggestions for 3 New Cast Recordings  Nov 6 2006, 08:46:27 PM
Thanks everyone! I own a lot of these, but I'm looking at the ones I don't own (I own Ragtime and I love it!).

re: Suggestions for 3 New Cast Recordings  Nov 6 2006, 05:49:09 PM
Thanks! I own Wedding Singer, Miss Saigon and Les Mis, but I'll definitely look at the rest!

Suggestions for 3 New Cast Recordings  Nov 6 2006, 05:41:09 PM
So basically, Chanukkah's coming up soon and my mom wants me to make a list. What cast recordings would you recommend for me? I already have over 100, which I unfortunately can't list now. But the list is vast. I like operas and operettas, but I also like some more rockish musicals. From the criteria I just said, I already have Rent, Tick Tick Boom, Rocky Horror, The Light in the Piazza, Sweeney Todd and Bare. I love Jason Robert Brown, and I already own L5Y, Parade, Songs for a New World and So

re: Have you ever walked out of a show? Or seen others walk out?  Nov 5 2006, 09:59:08 AM
When I was younger, I walked out of a lot of shows because I was too antsy to sit in a theater for 2 hours. However, now I would never walk out. My parents were tempted to walk out of Caroline or Change, but I made them stay. I told them it would probably be better. My mom and sister wanted to walk out of The Light in the Piazza, but I was loving it. I always force my parents to stay.

re: What shows have audience participation?  Nov 5 2006, 12:37:47 AM
In Mamma Mia the audience dances. Does that count?

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