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Chicago : cast a new Velma  Aug 17 2014, 09:27:22 PM

What Do Show Cast Members Say About Their Audiences?  Jun 23 2011, 12:14:30 AM
Every time I saw In The Heights, each cast member showed so much modesty to their fans' compliments. And one time I was eating lunch on the stairs of the Richard Rodger's and got recognized by atleast 3 cast members as they walked inside. (Greatest feeling in the world.) I even got a huge bear hug from Clifton Oliver and he was the one who walked up to me.

EVERYDAY RAPTURE suggestions?  Jun 19 2011, 10:45:32 PM
Go into debt and buy the whole album.

Complete casting for 5th Avenue Theatre's production of Disney's Aladdin.  Jun 14 2011, 05:05:34 PM

Nicole Parker  Jun 7 2011, 10:34:20 PM
"I would love to see her as Kate Monster/Lucy the Slut in Ave Q,"

Oh my god, yes!

Complete casting for 5th Avenue Theatre's production of Disney's Aladdin.  Jun 1 2011, 03:11:05 PM
Courtney Reed is Jasmine. I'm content. ^.^

Aladin 5th Avenue Theater Cast  May 29 2011, 11:11:37 PM
Courtney Reed for Jasmine 2011.

Submissions Only is FANTASTIC  May 13 2011, 10:14:14 PM

Alex Ellis Fly Fly Away  May 11 2011, 09:45:51 PM
When she goes on for Brenda, I must be notified ASAP.

FIRST ALADDIN CAST MEMBER!  May 6 2011, 06:05:37 PM
Courtney Reed for Jasmine!

Free download of HELLO from Book of Mormon!  Apr 28 2011, 05:20:23 PM
I just listened to the song. I was hooked by the first 20 seconds. I MUST SEE THIS SHOW AND BUY THE CD NOW!!!!!

YOUR FIRST ROLE IN A MUSICAL  Apr 26 2011, 09:30:35 PM
Mr. Brownlow in Oliver. I was 12 years old and it was weird to see a Filipino Mr. Brownlow have a Caucasian, blonde grandson. LOL.

Best on stage illusions  Apr 25 2011, 03:28:53 PM
Defying Gravity illusion:

When I was 10, I saw Beauty And The Beast and I thought the Enchantress' entrance was the SHIT!

Oprah Says It's Her Dream To Be On Broadway  Apr 25 2011, 03:26:13 PM
"Wasn't she in Legally Blonde?"

I don't get the joke. :P

SISTER ACT OPENING ON 420!  Apr 20 2011, 03:32:56 PM
Didn't American Idiot open on 4/20? That seems to be more funny than this.

BWW TV: WONDERLAND on Broadway - Complete Sneak Peek!  Apr 13 2011, 11:59:28 PM
She held that note for 12 seconds. Damn!

Universal to make an American Idiot movie and NOT In The Heights?!  Apr 12 2011, 09:22:57 PM

Submissions Only is FANTASTIC  Apr 3 2011, 08:52:45 AM
This episode's pre-credits audition scene was the best you've had. And could you PLEASE release a soundtrack of all of your music? :)

Universal Dropping IN THE HEIGHTS Film  Mar 28 2011, 10:14:39 PM
poo :'(

Baby It's You  Mar 22 2011, 02:41:54 PM
*moms not mom's

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