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What’s the last show you saw on Broadway before its closing?  Mar 15 2020, 11:15:54 PM
Had my annual nyc trip the week before its closing, being able to see Six, Company, JLP, The Minutes among others. So grateful I was able to see them!

“Company” Rush/Lottery  Mar 7 2020, 01:09:04 AM
i was there this morning, at 9.45 they announced they weren’t selling any rush tickets, so they sold us SRO.

SIX - Preview Thread  Mar 5 2020, 11:20:53 PM

Rogerdellibovi said: "Has any one stagedoored? Who came out?"

andrea, britt and samantha came out on tuesday 

Mean girls rush  Mar 4 2020, 07:38:28 AM
since no one has posted in a while: got here at 7.30 on a wednesday and there’s only two people in front of me!

Six Rush or Lottery News  Mar 3 2020, 04:49:33 PM
we got AA111 and AA112! there were around 20-25 people by 10am.

Six Rush or Lottery News  Mar 3 2020, 07:46:25 AM
rushing right now (tues march 3rd), got here at 7.30 and there was only one person in front of me!

Mean Girls Cast Replacements  Feb 11 2020, 12:16:42 PM
just saw tee’s post! so happy she’ll be back!

Mean Girls Cast Replacements  Feb 11 2020, 12:09:22 PM

Well played after the Cameron Dallas disaster. Now, who will play Cady in the gap between erika leaving and sabrina taking over? Olivia and Becca?

Audience Rewards  Feb 3 2020, 08:20:25 AM

They just added a few dates for Beetlejuice (1,500 + $42) in early march, just got a ticket! 

Audience Rewards points question?  Jun 28 2019, 07:49:17 PM
I’ve gotten points from box office/rush tickets before but not everytime. For example I’ve never gotten Waitress to give me points from the box office.

yay for alison! always knew she’d be jenna someday, she’s so great for the role

Ferryman Rush  Mar 21 2019, 01:46:54 PM
rushed today, got there at 9.55 and was the 10th person in line. Got seat E8!

Waitress Rush Tickets  Mar 6 2019, 11:25:06 AM

any updates on rush tickets? I wanna try on a monday at the end of the month, i'm guessing more people will be there at the start of shoshana's run tho... 

Ferryman Rush  Feb 5 2019, 09:58:52 AM

any updates?

Mean Girls Discount?  Feb 5 2019, 09:47:30 AM

any new codes?

Broadway Roulette experiences  Dec 16 2018, 07:33:37 AM
any new experiences? thinking about trying this for my trip next year

The IN THE HEIGHTS Film Adaptation Thread  Oct 11 2018, 09:29:34 AM

JP2 said: "Eiza González (Baby Driver) is being considered for a role"

I forgot she could sing! 

Spotting Celebrities at Shows  Sep 7 2018, 06:57:24 PM
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise at Carousel! I was getting merch and they were at the lobby during intermission. I said hi and they were both very kind.

Who could be coming into Waitress post-McPhee?  Jul 25 2018, 07:48:30 PM
so happy for nicolette!

one of the current lulus posted they only had 6 weeks left in the show. Will they cast POC lulus? that’s so awesome!

Dear Evan Hansen national tour cast  Jun 8 2018, 01:28:55 PM

Elegance101 said: "Call_me_jorge said: "

would love to see Mallory Bechtel play Zoe on the tour!

I kind of expect her to, but I do not find her to be a very good actress. Kind of dead behind the eyes. But considering the fact that she has a history with the show, I'm thinking she'll probably end up doing it.

What history? didn&

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