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Jay's ANYONE CAN WHISTLE recording is  Oct 17 2020, 02:03:04 PM
The chosen design was made by producer Bill Rosenfeld, one the Old show queens.

Everybody’s talking about Jamie film trailer  Oct 11 2020, 01:05:58 PM
Was the father character present on the stage version? I saw it a few years ago and I don't remember

Aurora Spiderwoman!?!?  Sep 24 2020, 08:08:12 PM
Patti Lupone singing Blow Gabriel Blow during the 1988 revival. A fantastic video with crystal clear quality!!! I want his whole archive!!! Hahah

Why didn't Betty Buckley do Into the Woods on Bway?  Aug 17 2020, 11:25:32 PM

best12bars said: "Buckley was a mess in the mid-'80s at the height of her career in theatre and in her professional problems. She survived both, but opportunities were lost and squandered. Ultimately, she got her act together and her enormous talent endured. In the end, that's what counts."

What do you mean by “a mess”?? Everybody even Patti Lupone and that s a lot haha, praises Buckley...

Not having Betsy Struxness in the Hamilton movie does a disservice to the show  Jul 5 2020, 07:39:26 PM

GRoff is a star in a juicy role for which he was nominated for a Tony

54 below at home  Jun 12 2020, 08:00:00 PM
Sorry I didn’t make the connection! Haha.

54 below at home  Jun 12 2020, 12:56:05 PM
Sorry what’s BLM ?

54 below at home  Jun 12 2020, 09:04:28 AM
Anybody know why they paused the past shows transmitions? We had a great week scheduled with Lea Salonga and Rachel Tuckers shows!

Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House” Concerts  May 11 2020, 01:22:12 AM

Is Liza hard to get? A Chita and Liza reunion would be everything!

Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House” Concerts  May 4 2020, 10:36:29 PM

Tag said: "^I've said this 100 times in this thread, she appeared in the Randy Rainbow episode of Stars in the House."

No she did not. Donna Murphy appeared in that episode, not Patti. 

Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House” Concerts  May 4 2020, 03:33:25 PM
Do Seth and Patti have an issue or something? I find it strange that she didn’t appear in any episode and tonight they’re doing a Hollywoods cast reunion and the only one who’s not featured is her.

Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House” Concerts  Apr 25 2020, 11:39:12 PM
Gee!!! I missed that!!!

Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House” Concerts  Apr 25 2020, 07:52:38 PM
I wonder why Patti Lupone was never featured in any of the shows.

First Look At Meryl Streep & James Corden in The Prom Movie  Feb 18 2020, 10:49:55 AM

Who´s playing Emma???


CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Dec 24 2019, 12:20:32 PM
For those who have seen both versions...what are the differences??

The IN THE HEIGHTS Film Adaptation Thread  Dec 17 2019, 09:00:03 AM
Lin manuel recorded all of his Piraguas scenes and he even saued that he used the same keys than the original piragüero

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Dec 16 2019, 05:47:34 AM

Which glory days? She seems to be very young...

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Dec 13 2019, 11:56:10 PM

Which second trailer is that?


Elaine Stritch Biographies  Nov 5 2019, 10:46:24 AM

Nothing like At liberty!!

Tick Tick Boom casting  Nov 5 2019, 10:43:50 AM

If Shipp plays Susan, maybe Vanessa plays the actress who sings Come to your senses...

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