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The Best Man - Spotlight on Plays - 10.14.2020  Oct 15 2020, 03:38:15 PM

Dear god, I forgot how boring this play can be. And a play like this, which requires crackerjack timing, really highlights the flaws in the Zoom format. The entire endeavor was shaky and there was no real chemistry among the cast.

Malkovich, unsurprisingly, gives an impossibly weird performance; he's miscast. Freeman is shaky in his lines but gets by on presence. Quinto is better than I expected. Rashad is oddly muted. The best performances, IMO, were Finneran, Williams and Broderi

Ben Brantley Steps Down  Oct 15 2020, 02:59:47 PM

Brantley is as anodyne as a critic can be -- always has been -- but because he writes for the Times, he's engendered his fair share of animosity from the theater community. (Of course, said community has never adequately considered its own stake in elevating the supremacy of the Times.) If his replacement is indeed a woman of color, I think it will be harder for the theater community to get away with the unfounded attacks that have often been lobbed at Brantley, lest they be pegged as sex

RIP Conchata Ferrell  Oct 15 2020, 10:59:32 AM

I first saw her on stage in Center Theater Group's "all-star" production of PICNIC in the mid-80s. She and the late Dana Hill walked away with the production and far outshone their co-stars (Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rue McClanahan, Michael Learned, Gregory Harrison, Dick Van Patten). Showtime recorded that production and it's findable on YouTube -- worth watching for Ferrell and Hill alone.

Protagonist and Antagonist duets  Sep 24 2020, 08:58:20 AM

On the Right Track - Pippin

What You Own - Rent

When I First Saw You - Dreamgirls

A Waltz for Eva and Che - Evita

You're Nothing Without Me - City of Angels

She Who Has All - The Pirate Queen

Just Go - A New Brain

My Rules - The Goodbye Girl

Just Another Love Story - Passion

Types Like You - Queen of the Mist

You Are My Bitch - See Rock City and Other Destinations

You May Call Me Phocion - The Triumph of Love

Michael Sheen To Star in Live Streamed FAITH HEALER This Month  Sep 19 2020, 01:18:25 PM

I just watched the matinee as well. Thrilling, edge-of-your-seat "theater," even though the two-and-a-half hour, no intermission presentation tested my bladder. (TMI, sorry). Sheen, Varma and Threlfall were magnificent. I was hanging on every word. I've seen Faith Healer twice -- the Broadway production with Fiennes and a West End revival with Stephen Dillane -- and while I think the play is beautiful, it can be a little static in the theater. Matthew Warchus found a way to make

Who was the best Amanda Wingfield?  Sep 17 2020, 06:15:12 PM

The best Amanda I've ever seen on stage is Judith Ivey, in the production that began at Long Wharf Theatre and moved to Roundabout's Off-Broadway space. She was absolutely perfect, and the production was creative in concept without overpowering the play (as Sam Gold's did).

Runners up would be Julie Harris in the '94 Broadway revival and Shirley Knight in a superb production from McCarter Theatre in Princeton, from the early '90s. That production also had Dylan McDe

Ben Brantley Steps Down  Sep 12 2020, 09:21:54 AM

Wick3 said: "Even though he doesn’t work for NYT anymore, do you think he has enough of a following or influence where if he continues to review shows on his own and post them on his own website or blog or something, people would read it?"

His retirement announcement stated that he would still occasionally contribute to the Times, though I imagine it likely won't be as a regular reviewer. I would guess he'll write essays or profiles from time to time. T

Ben Brantley Steps Down  Sep 10 2020, 10:55:29 AM

My guess is the next critic will be a woman of color, like Soraya McDonald, who was a finalist for this year's Pulitzer in criticism, or Maya Phillips, the current critical fellow at the times. The Times got a fair amount of criticism for hiring Green and given the current climate I don't foresee them hiring someone who is essentially the same demographic. Whomever is hired, I hope it is a fresh choice. The Times' theater coverage needs a new perspective.

74th Annual Tony Awards will go digital this fall  Aug 24 2020, 10:04:42 AM

Theatermania is reporting that the cutoff date is February 19. That means the following shows will not be eligible: West Side Story (opened February 20), Girl From the North Country (opened March 6), Six (in previews, never officially opened), The Minutes (in previews, never officially opened), Hangmen (in previews, never officially opened), Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (in previews, never officially opened).

Bad News on Seating Capacity - Berkshires  Aug 14 2020, 12:47:18 PM

Borders in the Berkshires are particularly tenuous. If you're in Williamstown, for example, you can drive 10 minutes in one direction from the center of town and be in New York state -- and drive 10 minutes in the other direction and be in Vermont.

Bad News on Seating Capacity - Berkshires  Aug 14 2020, 12:00:34 PM

Lots of New Yorkers have summer homes in the Berkshires too, and those are often the people you find in the audiences of productions at Williamstown, BSC, BTG, etc.

Bad News on Seating Capacity - Berkshires  Aug 14 2020, 08:43:50 AM

I declined a ticket to one of these productions, and as much as I'm missing live theater, I feel confident in that choice. 

Barrington Stage is supposed to be presenting an indoor concert next Monday featuring 92-year-old Marilyn Maye -- I wonder what the chances of that actually happening are at this point.

Brent Carver has passed away.  Aug 8 2020, 01:01:38 PM

His New York Times obituary didn't specify a cause of death. I get the sense he was a private person, and perhaps he didn't want it revealed.

TONYA WAS ROBBED  Aug 7 2020, 10:39:08 AM

Donna Murphy was thought to be the favorite going into the Tonys. She won the Outer Critics Circle and Drama Desk Awards -- however, those awards are given by critics' organizations, whose members by and large saw Murphy at press performances early in the run, when she was in spectacular form. Because Murphy missed so many performances throughout her run, some Tony voters didn't even get to see her, and others were not sympathetic to her frequent absences. (The real reason for her abs

Common on Broadway  Aug 7 2020, 10:23:02 AM

Common was attached to the Lynn Nottage play that was supposed on open this fall and is now scheduled to open in September 2021. I'm not sure if the schedule change will affect his availability, but he could possibly still be attached.

Brent Carver has passed away.  Aug 7 2020, 10:18:37 AM

A remarkable artist, and a kind and humble person to boot. His versatility was limitless -- big Broadway musicals and small contemporary dramas, classical theater and operetta, even cabaret. As a native Canadian, I saw him multiple times at the Stratford Festival, going back to the early 80s when he played Edmund Tyrone in LONG DAY'S JOURNEY opposite Jessica Tandy and another great Canadian actor, Bill Hutt. For many in Canada, Brent Carver WAS the face of Canadian theater. He will be missed.

Actors who revived their starring roles on Broadway?  Jul 17 2020, 04:10:41 PM

toottoot said: "Richard Kiley returned to Man of La Mancha several times after the original Broadway production.

Joan Diener also replaced Sheena Easton as Aldonza over the course of the early '90s revival.

Actors who revived their starring roles on Broadway?  Jul 17 2020, 07:26:49 AM

John Cameron Mitchell - Hedwig (original was Off-Broadway, but same idea)

Did Kevin Anderson get fired from Sunset Blvd with Patti Lupone?  Jul 11 2020, 02:46:50 PM

Anyone who's ever met (or worked with) Patti knows that it's best to take whatever she says with a grain of salt. That being said, I recall her writing about Anderson in a rather snide, backhanded way in her memoir. To paraphrase, it was essentially: Poor Kevin. He thought what happened to me wouldn't happen to him. Fired or not, his motorcycle accident and subsequent recovery would have rendered it impossible for him to open the New York production.

“We See You White American Theater” Publishes Demands  Jul 11 2020, 08:54:51 AM

Kad said: "While Broadway’s onstage diversity has certainly improved a great deal, the overwhelming majority of backstage and creative roles are usually white. Directors, writers, designers, producers, etc. The people who make the decisions and control the budgets. And look at every major casting office and you will rarely see someone who isn’t white working there."

I would add to this the overwhelming whiteness of the theatrical public relations industry

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