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The Metropolitan Opera Reschedules Opening Until September 2021  Sep 23 2020, 02:20:32 PM

The company sets the furlough for each individual employee. I have co workers who were furloughed for 2 months, others nine months. A furlough period can be as long as one year. 


In my org, a couple positions have already be "re-thought" meaning they have different duties, or positions were combined. I think a larger scale staffing change would depend on what it looks like when theatre comes back into operation. If demand is slow to build, companies will ob

WEST SIDE STORY film delayed by a full year  Sep 23 2020, 01:44:29 PM

The problem is the budget for these films. West Side Story has a reported budget of $100 million. And I dont even think that includes marketing. It is near impossible to make your investment back for a budget like that with just streaming platforms. They could go the Mulan route and charge a premium, but you still are only getting one purchase per group or family instead of all those individual tickets. And many movies also rely on 3D and/or Imax screenings in their finances, which obviously

The Metropolitan Opera Reschedules Opening Until September 2021  Sep 23 2020, 01:30:18 PM

Expect more and more of these announcements in the coming days. The only places that will be able to show any type of live theater before next fall are non-profits who find angel donors. Because the only way to open will be with severely reduced capacity and the donors will make up for the lost ticket revenue with their contributions. Everyone is going after these donors right now, but even if they secured support, the new rules coming from equity on rehearsal and performance requirements are

Who are your Favorite Broadway Riffers?  Sep 23 2020, 11:30:41 AM

Alysha Umphress for me as well. I still can't believe she wasnt Tony nominated for On the Town. 

And for everyone who enjoys some good riffing, Vishal Vaidya does an annual "Rifftober-fest" throughout October on his insta.

74th Annual Tony Awards will go digital this fall  Sep 21 2020, 04:30:43 PM

@Jsquared do you have actual basis for that claim or is it just your speculation?


December is still technically fall, but obviously not quite what people think of when they hear "fall" as a date. It is weird that they have no update on the timeline...shouldn't they at least be trying to generate news around the ceremony, nominations, etc? How is anyone supposed to cover the Tonys and time articles appropriately when they have no idea when they are happening?

Pulitzers to consider canceled productions and web broadcasts  Sep 11 2020, 01:41:41 PM

Very hard to determine the contenders b/c I really didn't keep up with new works being streamed (I def hit a wall with all the streaming events).

I'd say these are most likely in terms of what we actually saw on stage:

"Where We Stand"  by Donnetta Lavinia Grays

"72 Miles to Go" by Hillary Bettis

"Endlings" by Celine Song

"Grand Horizons" by Bess Wohl

"All the Natalie Po

For Colored Girls  Jul 23 2020, 01:21:13 PM

For all we know they might have indeed worked something out with Gardiner in terms of compensation. I have no idea. If it was film/TV, then Gardiner would be required to still be billed as director if replaced (see: "Solo: A Star Wars Story". But I am not up to date on those types of rules for theatre (at least for directors). 

But if they move to a proscenium Bway house, the entire staging w

For Colored Girls  Jul 23 2020, 10:09:36 AM

As far as I heard, the design team is remaining intact. The director is the only position on the creative team being changed. As far as casting, my contact indicated that they intended to keep most of the Off-Broadway cast, but getting one of two names was a possibility.

George Salazar Calls Out Tony Awards on Twitter  Jun 29 2020, 01:34:49 PM

Broadway61004 said: "Let's just think about the 2019 Tony Awards for a second here: Best Musical went to a show with an incredibly diverse cast written and directed by women. Best Play went to an ethnically diverse cast (no, not black and white, but Irish, British, American, etc.) with a British playwright and director. Best Revival of a Play went to a play that centered around a group of gay men. Best Revival of a Musical went to a non-traditionally cast and diverse staging of w

The Minutes & American Buffalo Will Now Start Performances in March  Jun 26 2020, 02:59:28 PM

Broadway61004 said:
I feel like Doubtfire will return. Company will likely return depending on availability of that cast (although they could also recast if needed of course). I'm not sure how advanced sales for Sing Street were looking before all this (whether they'd invest the money to bring it back or not). I think it's safe to say Diana won't return, given how dreadfully it was being received when it was in previews. But who knows."

Kelly Devine g

How is everyone doing?  May 29 2020, 06:00:11 PM

I just need to vent here for a moment. Today has been particularly awful. I've been holding it together relatively well in this quarantine. I've pushed thru moments of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty by pouring myself into various work and trying to find the positive each day. 

Today I feel like I don't have the strength to do anything. I was already angered and sad by whats happening in MN, and woke up with that. Facing down racial injustice during a pandemic feels e

Why didn’t Kelsey Grammar switch over and play Albin as originally promoted?  May 14 2020, 02:26:58 PM

I didn't see Sieber on Broadway as George, but I saw his Albin on tour in Boston. He was MAGNIFICENT. Possibly the most incredible version of I Am What I Am that I've ever seen live. Sieber is a great physical performer and was very comfortable in the role.

George Hamilton played George, and at his age doesn't move around too swiftly. When George gets up during Song on the Sand to reminisce and do a little dance, Sieber observed his painfully slow movements an

A Candid Conversation With Broadway League President Charlotte St. Martin: Future for Broadway.. what will it be like?  Apr 19 2020, 10:54:29 AM
Regarding the remarks about Broadways inability to open with houses cut to 50% capacity: this makes me think that the non-profits on Bway could be the first to open.

While cutting houses may not work for commercial ventures, I know of many non-profit companies who are already looking into this option. The idea is that they could find a big donor(s) to underwrite the loss in ticket income. Generally speaking, This will be easier to achieve for off-broadway companies rather than Bway one

Drama League's Distinguished performance Award 2020  Apr 15 2020, 02:41:24 PM

Oh! Also realized you've left off Ian Barford and Sally Murphy from Linda Vista, who should definitely be included. 

And speaking of the Hayes, we can keep in Jane Alexander from Grand Horizons. But Cromwell's character wasn't as explosive as those around him. Ashley Park is a much more likely second nominee from that show.

Drama League's Distinguished performance Award 2020  Apr 15 2020, 02:35:22 PM

I'd have to think Joaquina Kalukango from Slave Play would make it in. And perhaps one of the men, Paul Nolan or Ato Blankson-Wood. 

I would actually list two different Inheritance men: Paul Hilton and Andrew Burnap. Two utterly fascinating performances with a high level of difficulty. 

As for who would totally be Mary Louise Parker if she hadn't already won the prize. The most obvious one to me, given the shortened list of contenders, is Adrienne War

Tickets Refunds  Apr 2 2020, 12:32:03 PM

As a box office manager: please have patience. And PLEASE DEAR GOD do not dispute a charge for any tickets for a non-profit (seeing CSC's Assassins mentioned made me think of this). The limited staff there doesn't need that headache to delay the work of refunding people even further.

Not too long ago, box offices could simply utilize a tool in the backend of their ticketing system to blanket refund entire performances. Due to newer PCI compliance rules with credit card dat

The Official TDF Thread  Mar 5 2020, 09:54:27 AM

Adding to what @voteperson said... Yes, you should remember that TDF does not assign seat locations. That is up to the box office.

However, the seats ARE supposed to be in certain price zones. for instance, if I allocate seats to TDF that are $50 at full price, they will appear on the TDF site as $25. So their pricing is base on the price zone offered to them. Broadway shows often get away with seating TDF ticket buyers outside of the designated price zone because TDF always does

Chris Evans in Talks to Play Orin in LITTLE SHOP Remake  Feb 24 2020, 04:08:09 PM

Interesting. I was actually thinking of Chris Pine or Chris Pratt for Orin. As they naturally fit into more stylized or over the top performances. (And in the case of Pine, we already know he has a great voice). But I'd love for Chris Evans to surprise us by being great at a type of role he hasnt been allowed to do thus far. Does he have any background in singing?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/23/20  Feb 24 2020, 03:56:39 PM

The Inheritance may have papered somewhat. Sometimes there is a limit to how much producers and box office will paper, or they will only paper enough to fill in the orchestra. 

And if they had been seeing a steady amount of business from discounts, then they may be trying to get the most they can from discount offers rather than doling out a bunch of comps. Getting $39 from a TDF ticket is better than getting $0. And once you start throwing a ton of performances on papering sites,

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/23/20  Feb 24 2020, 03:29:40 PM

Six is off to a great start in previews. I was worried this would skew too young to be profitable, but as long as these numbers arent front-loaded it looks like their marketing blitz is paying off. 

Girl From the North Country looks like it will need glowing reviews and/or awards love to turn into a genuine hit. I think they could stand to make Bob Dylan more prominent in the marketing. Their key art is very pretty, but they should learn from the mistake that The Last Ship made by

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