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Head Over Heels on Broadway  Oct 26 2017, 05:51:07 PM

LMcC95 said: "And I said a couple of month ago when a similar post was made, this show sucked. When it was done in Ashland, it was so embarrassing for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I hope this is not coming to broadway"

Of course, how can I forget that no show has ever improved after an early out-of-town developmental production?

Head Over Heels on Broadway  Oct 26 2017, 01:11:42 AM

James Margruder did the adaptation. 


I'm excited. I heard only great things from a lab they did over the winter from people all across the industry. 

Pretty Woman Hits Chicago (and Broadway)!  Oct 18 2017, 02:32:14 AM

There have been a number of actresses in that role, before and after AA. Don't know why everyone is so fixated on it being "her" role. 

THE HONEYMOONERS at Paper Mill  Oct 3 2017, 04:27:27 PM

I'm hearing rumors that the Nederlander is out. What other theatres are possibly up for grabs? They do have a commerical producer attached (like they seem to have for most of this season). 

Pretty Woman Hits Chicago (and Broadway)!  Oct 3 2017, 12:13:06 PM

Orfeh is confirmed as Kit



Significant Other and The Humans...a producing question  Oct 2 2017, 05:43:52 PM

I guess the most basic answer to the question is: because they were not the lead producer. Scott Rudin picked up The Humans and Jeffrey Richards brought in Significant Other. 


I'm going to answer based on my experience (others, please chime in if you have experienced something else!). I'll give a more generic answer first, and then dive into RTC.

The relationship between Off-Broadway NFPs and Broadway producers varies, but I would say that

Pretty Woman Hits Chicago (and Broadway)!  Sep 26 2017, 12:00:51 AM


Samantha Barks will be playing Vivian, and Steve Kazee will be playing Edward.

The show will premiere at Chicago's Oriental Theatre in March and open on Broadway in the fall at a Nederlander house. 

Meteor Shower Discount Code  Sep 21 2017, 09:36:04 PM

Just a heads up, according to the Box Office, the $59 seats are few and far between and the $99 seats have slim pickings as well through the current on sale date. 

2018 - 2019 Touring Season  Sep 21 2017, 09:34:27 PM

Drudging this ol' chestnut up again. I added TGC. Any others missing from the first post?

What's Next For The Nederlander?  Sep 21 2017, 02:22:11 PM

I'm predicting none of the above

John Stamos the next Willy Wonka?  Sep 19 2017, 09:28:40 AM

He's doing it at the Hollywood Bowl.

Beyoncé at DEH  Sep 18 2017, 11:06:27 AM

Hellob said: "raddersons said: "Check that out. Well, I was wrong. Sorry about the confusion. However,my sentiment still stands: Having parents in this business gets you known, gets you buzz, and gets you parts. It doesn't win you tony awards, but to act as if "This is all just happening to me!" is insincere.

Also, I'd again like to point out that I know this is irrational, but someone asked why people don't like Platt, and I gave them a reas

Bandstand appreciation thread  Sep 17 2017, 11:32:44 PM

Malka2 said: "Whaaaaat?? Who got engaged? (Assuming they said yes, lol)"

Jamie Verazin (the one who does all the big lifts and has ridiculous arm muscles - seriously, every time she is in the costume with the red/white/blue fan, I just stare at her arms in jealousy)

Bandstand appreciation thread  Sep 17 2017, 06:35:54 PM

Sadly, it doesn't show a cast member getting proposed to on stage after the show... cause that happened.

Beyoncé at DEH?  Sep 15 2017, 10:32:20 AM

adamgreer said: "RippedMan said: "*Eye roll*"

I second the eye roll. Platt had no trouble showing up the night his idol was there, I see.

You mean the night he was scheduled to show up? Like he is most nights? 

Explain your favorite broadway show horribly.  Sep 13 2017, 06:00:43 PM

henrikegerman said: "asmith0307 said: "Not a "favorite" (though I did see it twice, but...):
A young french girl becomes a woman under the watchful eyes of her two aunts - one of whom wants to partner her up withthe slightly older "big brother" in her life, mostly for his money.

Are you sure you saw it twice? Because hey aren't the girl's two aunts. They are hergrandmother and her great aunt.

Oh, right.

Explain your favorite broadway show horribly.  Sep 13 2017, 04:24:25 PM

Not a "favorite" (though I did see it twice, but...):

A young french girl becomes a woman under the watchful eyes of her two aunts - one of whom wants to partner her up with the slightly older "big brother" in her life, mostly for his money. 

The Mad Ones (previously  Sep 13 2017, 01:04:55 PM

Fankhauser singing "Run Away With Me"? Yeah, I'll go. 

Post Closing Notice?  Sep 12 2017, 07:36:10 PM

I remember Les Mis announcing pretty early last year... Like 8 months or so.

Famous ensemble members  Sep 7 2017, 01:06:17 AM

Lisa Gajda (who may have more or less retired post-Tuck?) has at least 16 shows under her belt. 

Jennifer Smith (currently MBP's cover in Anastasia) has been around for a while as well.

For me, (and this could be because I am in the industry and I have a decently large internal database in my brain) I would classify "famous" ensemble members as people that when I read the full casting list and I see their name, I think "oh, yay!

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