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A CHRISTMAS CAROL - Preview Thread  Dec 17 2019, 11:21:34 AM

I finally saw this.  I had a hard time believing that I would like it as much as everyone else on the board here has liked it, given how many times I've seen the play through the years in community theatres.  But I was blown away.  It gave me all the feels in all the right moments.  

Way Too Early 2020 Tony Predictions thread  Dec 17 2019, 10:52:40 AM

What are people's predictions for Best Play?  Prior to opening, I would have thought Inheritance would be a lock.  But after the reviews I feel like there's an opening for another contender to make the race interesting.  

SING STREET @ NYTW  Dec 17 2019, 09:48:30 AM
Does this create the most ideal situation for the Shuberts, Sing Street and Beetlejuice? Shuberts have a good reason to tell Sing Street to hold off. Sing Street comes back next season retooled and is a legit contender for Best Musical. Shuberts capture political capital by helping Beetlejuice move into the Lyceum.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/28/19  Jul 29 2019, 10:02:57 PM

Mr. Wormwood said: "Beetlejuice is finding an audience for sure. I'll be curious to see if that continues into the fall.”

Like around Halloween time?  I wonder...


Way Too Early 2020 Tony Predictions thread  Jul 29 2019, 03:21:24 PM

theblackumbrella said: "Based on the more independent (Band’s Visit or Hadestown) and less branded/commercial (Mean Girls or Tootsie) tendencies of Tony voters in years past"

I would normally agree with this.  But Band's Visit and Hadestown were not jukebox musicals like Girl from the North Country.  They had a different air of originality about them and were able to sweep up a bunch of the "other" awards, providing them the momentum

Hadestown's commercial future  Jun 24 2019, 12:54:53 PM

blm2323 said: "SisterGeorge said: "The biggest hurdle Iface with "Hadestown" is that the music I've sampled here and there just hasn't appealed to me.

I would give it a shot, if you can. Just my opinion, but there have been other shows where I didn’t like the music until I actually saw the show and realized it fit perfectly. 

This was me with.  The music for Hadestown was alright, but not my personal favorit

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/16/19  Jun 17 2019, 05:43:49 PM

Hadestown average ticket price has jumped into second place for the first time, just behind Hamilton.  

Some interesting statistics that mean absolutely nothing, but I was curious enough to look it up, so I thought I would share:

One week after the Tony Awards, here is how recent Best Musical winners did:

Hadestown:  117.2% Gross % Potential; $172.31 Avg Paid

Bands Visit:  104.4% Gross % Potential; $128.71 Avg Paid

Dear Evan Hansen:&

Hadestown's commercial future  Jun 13 2019, 11:32:29 AM
Why couldn’t Hadestown essentially be a Come From Away but that actually won the Best Musical Tony (in other words, potentially have even more staying power)?

RIDEL: "Ain't Too Proud could pull upset."  Jun 1 2019, 09:51:39 AM
The headline “Bryan Cranston likely to win Best Actor” won’t get as many hits as “Nerds could pull shocking upset!”

He’s not much different from the media in general though. Shocking and/or divisive gets more eyeballs than expected and purely factual.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/26/19  May 30 2019, 04:30:24 PM

Can you buy a seat to just part 1 or just part 2?  If so, then the issue is likely:

A student buys a seat to a Saturday matinee part 1, with the plans to watch part 2 some later week when they have more money.  The people buying tickets don't want to buy just pt 2 in the Saturday evening performance, so some of those seats go unfilled.  Later, when student is ready to watch part 2, the same thing happens but in reverse.  They buy just the part 2 ticket,

IBDB - Internet Broadway Database has a new look  May 23 2019, 10:58:02 AM

It looks good.  They'll probably need to work out a few of the technical kinks, but the design is nice.  I also like that headshots look like they will be a more common thing, similar to IMDB.  

Beetlejuice or Hadestown?  May 14 2019, 05:57:00 PM
Beetlejuice is just pure fun. Doesn’t require too much thinking and you’ll just have a big smile on your face while you’re watching eye popping scenic design.

Hadestown is incredible art with great music and a story that will have you thinking about the show long after you leave. Hadestown has the better chances of winning lots of awards as it was nominated for 14 Tony’s and might be a more difficult and expensive ticket to purchase later.

I’d say take the comp for Hadestown

Brantley and Green's WILL WIN/SHOULD WIN 2019  May 14 2019, 12:48:13 PM

bdn223 said: "I get that fact, as I said Tootsie and The Prom's producers might be just as bad.  My issue was doing it openly in the lobby of the theater..."

Just out of curiosity, what tipped you off that they were producers as opposed to investors or fans?  Were they the lead producers?

Brantley and Green's WILL WIN/SHOULD WIN 2019  May 14 2019, 12:10:28 PM

HamilHansen said: "I find it interesting that Hadestown is not many people's first choicefrontrunner for Best Musical...”

I’ve been following the “odds” at goldderby, and it’s been interesting to see them shift over time. The people over there making predictions seem to mostly feel like Best Musical is Hadestown’s to lose. Current predictions of all users:

Hadestown: 486

Tootsie: 49


BEETLEJUICE Reviews  May 12 2019, 10:07:36 PM

VintageSnarker said: "Warbucks2 said: "
These types of inflammatory and ignorant comments arewhy people like Trump become president and we all scratch our heads wondering what went wrong.


Yeah, nope.

People in middle America (there happen to be a lot of them) don’t like to be called stupid or looked down upon (nobody does). When such attacks seem to come mostly from blue state

BEETLEJUICE Reviews  May 12 2019, 08:57:18 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Christ, this board is getting even more filled with snobby 15 year olds than ever before.

“Beetlejuice” has an amazing set, solid performances, a serviceable (in most cases) score and a lot of humor (especially Kritzer). If you want Shakespeare, go see “King Lear”. People who walk into this show expecting some sort of transformative fine art experience are beyond ridiculous. This is f’ng BEETLEJUICE.


BEETLEJUICE Reviews  May 12 2019, 06:45:27 PM

BenjaminNicholas2 said: "It's just such weak material.

It really does play to the middle America crowd.

These types of inflammatory and ignorant comments are why people like Trump become president and we all scratch our heads wondering what went wrong.  


The Great  May 4 2019, 11:06:05 PM

ChildofEarth said: "Hadestown is already campaigning heavily. Methinks they are afraid."

And if they didn't campaign heavily people would complain they are looking arrogant as the clear front runner.  I think what any show does when it is given good reviews and lots of nominations is that it campaigns heavily.  The strategy is to pour gasoline on the fire, and they are smart to do it.  


which 2 shows (hadestown, beetlejuice, ain't too proud, or tootsie  May 4 2019, 09:59:58 PM
Hadestown is a must.

Next, I’d probably say it depends on how old you are and personal preferences.

If your formative years were in the 90’s then Beetlejuice. That happened to be my favorite of the remaining three due to its eye popping fun. It was everything I want a broadway musical to be.

If your formative years were in the 80’s, Tootsie. It feels a bit more low key and old fashioned compared to Beetlejuice, but very funny - a lot of one-liners like a comedy cl

August Rush in Aurora IL  May 4 2019, 01:04:40 PM
Has anyone seen this yet?

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