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re: Best Anything Goes Recording?  Oct 15 2007, 12:48:20 AM
The 60s version will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first show I was ever in, so I may be biased, but I'm casting a vote for that one.

re: EDEN found on Broadway?  Aug 26 2007, 08:34:03 AM
I adore the Paper Mill soundtrack ... SO excited!!

re: Riedel: Messing, Hathaway for Guys and Dolls, Nero on Broadway?  Aug 17 2007, 08:12:09 AM
Next project: finding roles for Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack. :)

re: Tony Winning Moment  Aug 16 2007, 09:19:19 PM
Raul's Being Alive made me think the Tony should have been his. Also, yet another vote for Christine Ebersole's Another Winter.

re: 20@20 Returns!  Aug 16 2007, 09:05:45 PM
NOT FAIR! I'm already back at college! Urgh ... I did the 20@20 last time and watched McNally's Some Men. It was a fun time.

re: Spelling Bee Rush Question  Aug 14 2007, 11:02:25 AM
I don't know, I had the opposite experience. When I rushed, I had to wait for my friend who was coming to see it with me because he had his student ID and I forgot mine at home - the guy at the box office wouldn't give me SR tix unless I had the ID. So ... ::shrug::

re: Break a Leg Nick Spangler!  Aug 12 2007, 03:11:46 PM

re: Break a Leg Nick Spangler!  Aug 12 2007, 01:37:45 PM
Does anyone know when his contract as Matt is up? Specifically, if he should still be there in, say, November?

re: The Ritz logo  Aug 10 2007, 09:52:38 PM
All I know of McNally is Some Men, which I went to see over my spring break this year ... But this is looking better already.

re: Bway in Bryant Park  Aug 10 2007, 01:13:18 PM
Hey, those fans were *cool*.

GET IT?! GET IT?! Hahahahaha ... Okay, I'm done now.

re: Bway in Bryant Park  Aug 10 2007, 12:46:05 AM
Did any of the shows that performed today give out anything, like Mary Poppins, Stomp, and Hairspray all did last week? just wondering & if they did what did they give out? Just interested to know.

Wicked gave out fans ... And Fantasticks gave out vouchers for $15 off a ticket. I'm not sure if SA or The Color Purple gave out anything ...

re: best opening lyric  Aug 10 2007, 12:09:42 AM
Anybody who stays home is dead. If I die, it won't be from sittin' - it'll be from fighting to get up and get out!

re: Bway in Bryant Park  Aug 9 2007, 03:19:48 PM
Gerard Canonico did well in that line or two of Hanschen's in place of Jonathan Wright - I wonder if he'll fill in for him tonight (I rushed this morning and got two tickets for me and my sister for tonight(it's her birthday tomorrow)).

re: Bway in Bryant Park  Aug 9 2007, 02:44:25 PM
I was there - I loved it! I taped all of The Fantasticks, all of SA, and two songs of Wicked - after watching, I can't believe I didn't tape The Color Purple. But all of them did a great job.

Julia Murney is my new homegirl.

re: Songs That Make You Cry No Matter How Many Times You Listen to them....  Aug 8 2007, 07:21:16 PM
1. Overture from Gypsy - I don't know why. It just gets me so elated that I cry whenever I listen to it.

2. Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You from L5Y - That entire show, but especially that song, just devastates me. ::shivers:: Norbert Leo Butz and Sherie Rene Scott ... <3

3. Around the World from GG - Especially the stripped down Ebersole-and-a-piano version, that song gets me every time.

4. See Me from Bare - The idea of the song and what's going on it

re: Broadway Abridged Presents: Les Miserables  Aug 7 2007, 05:09:53 PM
That was absolutely HILARIOUS. And covered all the important parts succinctly and accurately too.

re: Ideas for future Encores Summer Stars series  Aug 6 2007, 11:40:31 PM
Sutton Foster as Reno in Anything Goes?

re: Sondheims Talks Sweeney Todd Film (Details)  Aug 6 2007, 11:16:00 AM
Thanks for posting that! I'm SO excited to see this.

re: Spamalot v. Spelling Bee  Aug 5 2007, 11:53:15 PM
Spelling Bee. Both are insanely hilarious, and you'll have a great time at both, but for the price and general enjoyment, I'd go for Spelling Bee - intimate theatre (any seat is a good seat - as opposed to rear mezz in a big house), great cast, etc. ::shrug::

re: Last Five Years  Aug 5 2007, 09:59:04 PM
The entire show is musically gorgeous - it has to be one of my favorite musicals of all time. And my favorite musical theatre love song of all time (The Next Ten Minutes) comes from it - it's the only song they sing together, but something I was never clear on - do they actually ever SPEAK to each other before, during or after?

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