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Shut down until June 7  Apr 29 2020, 12:27:08 AM

Patti LuPone said on WWHL Monday night that she doesn't expect Broadway to be back until "Next year"

Meryl Streep, Patti LuPone, more to perform for virtual Sondheim 90th birthday celebration  Apr 27 2020, 12:53:22 AM

"The boy from..." Faith Prince performed it at The Palladium right before all this craziness started, Billy Stritch on piano, and she was amazing!

Broadway Bares...  Apr 8 2020, 06:23:49 PM

Will surely be cancelled - right?  I love this event, yes for the naughtiness, but also the sheer excitement and feeling of community that it brings as well.

THE INHERITANCE to close  Feb 26 2020, 01:28:50 AM

While I realize that Kyle Harris is straight. I had zero problem believing him (and his incredible ass in those jeans 😜) as Jasper!

WEST SIDE STORY reviews: opens Feb 20 2020  Feb 24 2020, 12:34:48 AM

Isaac was out for the matinee today (2/23) too.

JBH Returning to Inheritance?  Feb 7 2020, 01:23:41 PM

Anyone know when JBH is returning to the Inheritance?  I've seen both parts with Tony twice, and would like to see it again with JBH.  Saw both parts this past Sunday and Kyle Soller was out on vacation - his understudy was a little underwhelming in my opinion.  Thanks!

DADDY previews (New Group/Vineyard co production at Signature)  Feb 16 2019, 11:17:53 PM

OK, sorry to be a downer here, but I caught the matinee today and I thought it was dreadful.  Judging from the moans and mumbling from those around me, I wasn’t alone in my disappointment.  Get in the pool, get out of the pool, get naked, get dressed, play with dolls.  Seriously this was the worst piece of theatre I’ve seen in a long time.  Charlayne Woodward’s performance was the one bright spot.  

DADDY previews (New Group/Vineyard co production at Signature)  Feb 13 2019, 11:19:06 PM

Curious too...I have tix for this Saturday's matinee.  It's almost sold out for its (short) run!

The Cher Show  Jul 5 2018, 11:09:18 AM

I saw it on 7/3 for the 2nd time and agree that it has gotten much more cohesive. 

Jerrod Spector deserves to be shirtless in the bed scene...I did keep thinking...Sonny was never that buff was he? :)

The Cher Show  Jun 27 2018, 10:17:51 PM

I sat two rows in front of Cher at this past Sunday's evening show.  My opinion is that the 1st act needs a lot of work.  Jokes fell flat, I didn't really care that much about the characters, there wasn't a lot of energy or excitement presented.  There also is an issue with the sound, very hard to hear at points, and the musical numbers seem a tad weak.  

The 2nd half bought be back though!  Full of energy, humor, and emotion.  

Angels in America - 2nd part only?  Jun 13 2018, 09:48:54 PM

I have an opportunity to see the 2nd part of Angels in America this Sunday.  My question is, should I if I wont be able to see Part 1 first?  Do they stand alone well, or will I be lost?  

Broadway Bares?  Apr 15 2016, 11:26:25 PM

Just wondering if the 9:30 show or the midnight one would be a better experience?  Anyone familiar? 

AMERICAN PSYCHO Previews  Mar 29 2016, 12:16:12 PM

wish i were here2 said: "BIG shout out, to Alex Michael Stoll, who I pretty much gawked at throughout the entire show"

You should have seen the view from the front row!  Dave Thomas Brown's ass was hanging out for most of the work out scenes.  The straps to his jock or dance belt were on full display as was his taint during the thrusting....someone needs to tape those shorts down! (or not)



AMERICAN PSYCHO Previews  Mar 29 2016, 02:39:17 AM

I sat in the front row last Saturday night, only drawback was getting covered in smashed fake red blood in act 2!  House manager seemed shocked after the show to see what happened to myself and those around me. Hopefully they correct this ASAP!

Shuffle Along Matinee this Saturday?  Mar 24 2016, 09:49:50 PM

Anyone have any insight in the likelihood that this Saturdays matinee of Shuffle Along will be cancelled or not? I am seeing 4 shows this Saturday and Sunday and if Audra is going to still be ill I would like to book something else!

Premium Tix cheaper at the box office?  Mar 19 2015, 07:58:33 PM
I travel to NY often for business and see shows by myself regularly, I will be in town in a few weeks and want to see the Audience. There are few tix available, but there are 3 single premium tix at $265 each. My question is, if I go to the box office on the day of the show, will these tix be any cheaper? I was able to get a premium tix to Glass Menagerie this way, just wondering if I was lucky or if that is the way it works. Thanks

Hedwig Orchestra Seats are $400 now?  Jun 10 2014, 02:38:00 PM
whoops....I meant $162!

Hedwig Orchestra Seats are $400 now?  Jun 10 2014, 02:32:25 PM
I just got $262 American Express seats for 10pm, on June 28th!

Mothers & Sons Closing Early  Jun 10 2014, 02:30:54 PM
Last performance will be June 22nd.

Extension for Mothers & Sons?  Apr 25 2014, 02:05:31 PM
Looks like it HAS been extended through July 6th!

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