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Repeat Attenders fan documentary premieres at DOC NYC  May 16 2020, 07:17:06 PM
Full yikes. That was an uncomfortable watch.

The Music Man should do the right thing and postpone/cancel the run now  May 14 2020, 05:07:33 PM

akhoya87 said: "Maybe they can get Norm Lewis and Jessie Mueller to fill in... or just Jessie. I would give my right kidney to see her as Marian on Broadway. She was splendid in the Kennedy Center Concert series. I am less jazzed about Sutton Foster. "

I would like both of them, please. It won’t happen, but I would be much more excited about this production if it was. 

Kiss Of The Spiderwoman Revival?  May 5 2020, 09:20:25 PM
After having gotten a little taste of it in Prince of Broadway, I’d love to see Janet Dacal as Aurora.

Could this be the end of live theater, period?  Apr 11 2020, 05:01:48 PM

Jordan Levinson said: "Bored as we may be, this is actually a plausible new way of life."

Is it, though? (It’s not.) 


National Tours / Venues postponing or canceling stops due to CoronaVirus  Mar 26 2020, 04:36:50 PM
The Band’s Visit just announced that they’re on hiatus through July 26th.

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME/Britney Spears musical to play pre-Broadway Chicago engagement  Mar 17 2020, 05:37:13 PM
Heard from another cast member today that the Chicago run is in fact cancelled.

Off-broadway still open?  Mar 12 2020, 04:07:19 PM
I was told that tonight’s Darling Grenadine was still going on, but the show now seems to be gone entirely off the Roundabout website...

Broadway to Close?  Mar 12 2020, 03:24:02 PM

rpvee said: "mcsquared said: "rpvee said: "Has anyone discussed what might happen to touring productions? I wanted to see Band’s Visit in Boston and Hartford, but I wonder if tours will be put on pause too..."

Broadway in Boston sent out a notice this morning that performances would continue but wouldn't be surprised if they updated within the next few days.



Just had an email

Six Rush or Lottery News  Mar 11 2020, 07:07:13 PM

Kea4 said: "Does anyone know if they'll be offering rush/lottery/SRO tomorrow for the opening?"

Just confirmed with the box office that there will *not* be rush offered for tomorrow. 

Six Rush or Lottery News  Mar 11 2020, 07:07:13 PM

Kea4 said: "Does anyone know if they'll be offering rush/lottery/SRO tomorrow for the opening?"

Just confirmed with the box office that there will *not* be rush offered for tomorrow. 

Six Rush or Lottery News  Mar 7 2020, 04:20:49 PM

steven22 said: "I haven't done standing room since the original production of Spring Awakening. I just walked by the Brooks and was able to get a standing room ticket for the 3pm show easily.

Has anyone done standing room for SIX?

I have, and I loved it. The view is excellent. 

Company Previews ThreadThird preview is also stopped again tonight  Mar 6 2020, 04:15:24 PM

dabrams said: "Hey everybody. I have a specific question regarding Lenk's singing for anyone who has seen the show. When I saw her perform on the NYE Sondheim concertit sounded like she was still doing her Dina accent. Was I completely imagining this? Because I haven't seen this particular point discussed anywhere, but it struck me to the point where I had to confirm online that she is in fact American (and I consider myself a fan).I am wondering if the "accent" (or

The Band's Visit tour cast  Mar 5 2020, 06:51:24 PM

dmwnc1959 said: "Seeing this next weekend!!! So excited! For those who have attended the tour, do they have the inner and outer turntable stage? I remember it used at the beginning in the songWaiting and at the end with Answer Me. Isatfront row at the Barrymore and can still visualize that couch sailing past me with John Cariani all laid back, and as thecast all came out singing that gorgeous ending."

The turntable is alive and well! <

SIX - Preview Thread  Mar 1 2020, 11:29:49 PM

Scarlet Leigh said: "Gosh I would LOVE to see all the understudies in the costumes of the ladies they cover. After seeing the picture of Nicole tonight, gosh I love the idea the alternates having their own set of costumes rather then their singular alt costume. They have the money for it at this point with these grosses"

It’s my understanding that they will have their own set, but they will have their own version of each queen. 

SIX - Preview Thread  Mar 1 2020, 09:49:38 PM

ACL2006 said: "How soon before they add another alternate or two? After opening?"

One more alternate being hired after opening. 

SIX - Preview Thread  Mar 1 2020, 08:46:19 PM

YvanEhtNioj said: "A bunch of my friends saw Mallory the other night and said she was “horrible” which I fine very hard to believe. "

While I definitely preferred Abby, “horrible” is quite the stretch. Mallory wasn’t bad by any means. I’d be interested to see her in another track (I believe Howard is her other first cover, and that I’d love to see). 

Songs about learning (school)  Feb 28 2020, 11:32:41 AM
The School Song (if that’s what it’s called?) from Matilda. The one where they go through the alphabet.

SIX - Preview Thread  Feb 27 2020, 03:29:43 PM

JSquared2 said: "VotePeron said: " Very happy to hear Abby is taking time out of the show to recover, instead of “pushing through” like she did on Sunday night. Would’ve given anything to see an understudy perform the role as intended instead of Heart of Stone being whispered."

Recover? The poor thing has to do what -- sing one song in a 75-minute show? Must be so exhausting!!


So, you never take a day off

SIX - Preview Thread  Feb 26 2020, 08:46:40 PM
Re: the costumes

On Mallory’s Instagram, she responded to someone that the alternates *will* have their own costumes, but they aren’t finished yet, which is why she had the regular Jane costume.

SIX - Preview Thread  Feb 25 2020, 03:20:45 PM

YvanEhtNioj said: "hmmmm...I wonder who is out..Abby i'm assuming?"

I’m not sure who she’s on for actually, but Mallory Maedke will be on for someone. 

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