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HADESTOWN Reviews  Oct 9 2019, 11:21:38 AM

dmwnc1959 said: "HighFlyingAdored97 said: "You sound completely ignorant."

Completely uncalled for. This type of language, and by default, YOU, are what’s wrong with this forum. Do you knowJarethan personally, or are you just using your online time to be utterly rude to people you don’t even know?


I’m not the problem. The problem is people like that user writing comments like “may

HADESTOWN Reviews  Oct 9 2019, 08:15:55 AM

Jarethan said: "I just got back from seeing the show.

Finally, Amber Grey was out again. Her understudy was outstanding. Based on the number of performances she has apparently missed, maybe it is time to get rid of her and officially hire her understudy to take over the role on a permanent basis.

You sound completely ignorant. Amber Gray is injured right now. Did you want her to perform while her left arm is in a sling? Aside from her scheduled vacation a

BCEFA FLEA 2019 COLLECTORS UNITE  Sep 25 2019, 08:41:45 PM

northlandfan said: " Just wondering if anybody was at the Hadestown table at the end of the day as they were not budging on the price of autograph playbills nor autograph window cards. The price was 150 for a window card and $80 for an autographed playbill which I found quite steep. I really don’t understand why they won’t lower the price in order to make more money for charity instead of taking back all the product for the following year when the hype is less....&qu

BCEFA FLEA 2019 COLLECTORS UNITE  Sep 23 2019, 12:36:07 AM
I found the Hadestown table to be super disappointing. I’m a huge fan of Amber but those candles were creepy looking. They looked like they were going to be used to summon her in a ritual that requires a blood sacrifice.

Amber Gray fan mail  Sep 6 2019, 04:01:39 PM
When people say they send in a donation with the request, what does that mean exactly? Do you just send in cash with the SASE and everything? I would also like to write to Amber.

Upcoming Waitress casting  Jul 23 2019, 03:09:40 PM
Bumping to say if anyone sees Alison and Mark tonight or the next few days please post thoughts here! I’m planning on going again next week.

Moulin Rouge Previews  Jul 23 2019, 01:49:35 PM
If these two lovely people can’t make it I’d be happy to join you

Hadestown Understudies  Jul 21 2019, 06:25:42 PM
Khaila Wilcoxon was Eurydice today, July 21st. I didn’t particularly care for her performance.

Lucky Seat  Jul 7 2019, 12:04:22 PM
I’ve never won a Lucky Seat lotto or whatever it is My Fair Lady/Oklahoma/Dear Evan Hansen use. Meanwhile I’ve won Hamilton, Aladdin, Cher, Wicked, and a ton of other shows off of Broadway Direct. Any lottery that isn’t Broadway Direct has made me kind of skeptical.

2019 Tony Snubs  Jun 10 2019, 02:20:31 PM

Ali seems like a lovely person and is talented, but I think Amber deserved it more. It was a snub IMO.

2019 Tony Awards Reactions Thread  Jun 10 2019, 12:02:23 PM

I'm massively disappointed that Amber didn't win. She sang, danced, and acted the hell out of Persephone. She's magnetic and is going to be so difficult to replace when her contract is up. I'm not sure what else you can do to win an award. I was rooting for Patrick specifically for his acting during Chant II and Epic III, but Andre was fabulous as well. I can't believe how incredibly rude and disrespectful the people sitting around me in the first mezzanine

Patti LuPone's 70th Birthday Gala at the New York Philharmonic  May 9 2019, 09:33:35 AM
I'm going! I can't wait!

Tonys Weekend Dilemma 2019!  Apr 27 2019, 09:05:42 PM
Another vote for Hadestown and The Ferryman

Extra BURN THIS Lotto TIcket 2 PM  Apr 27 2019, 12:39:16 PM

Extra BURN THIS Lotto TIcket 2 PM  Apr 27 2019, 12:19:40 PM
Hi all -
I have an extra Burn This lottery ticket for today at 2 PM. Just looking for the $39 cost. PM me if you want it, thanks.

RENT Live on Fox  Jan 27 2019, 10:43:12 PM
My favorite part of this broadcast so far was the teaser trailer for Fosse/Verdon.

Laura Benanti to replace Lauren Ambrose in MY FAIR LADY  Jan 23 2019, 08:48:51 AM
Does anyone know if Laura is performing both shows today?

The Waverly Gallery Rush  Dec 5 2018, 07:33:50 PM
I rushed yesterday 12/4. My friend and I showed up at 11:30 and got front row all the way to the right. Good seats. Side note the gentleman working at the box office was very friendly.

Extra Ticket The Cher Show Today 2 PM  Nov 28 2018, 12:25:45 PM

Extra Ticket The Cher Show Today 2 PM  Nov 28 2018, 11:49:30 AM
Hey BWW,
I have one extra lottery ticket for The Cher Show today at 2 PM. If anyone wants to come with me PM me. You can meet me outside the Simon at 1:30 and pay me the $32.

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