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Loudest gasp you've heard in the theatre  Feb 12 2020, 11:13:55 PM

(1) I was totally one of those people who gasped and then laughed until I cried at the lion suit bit in Mean Girls.  One of my favorite laugh moments in any show.  

(2)  My all-time favorite gasp: the woman sitting behind me at Hamilton, maybe four months into the Broadway run. She gave a very, very loud gasp right after "...I'm the damn fool that shot him."  My husband turned around and said "You didn't know!?"

Girl from North Country advice  Feb 7 2020, 08:18:54 AM

And I loved Girl From the North Country -- thought it was beautiful and moving -- and was bored by much of The Band's Visit!  (Incidentally, my teenage daughter was fairly bored by both.)

Can't tell unless you go.  

& Juliet  Dec 3 2019, 05:05:18 PM
I'm so glad others have seen and liked this. I saw it a couple weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a better *production* than Jamie (which I also enjoyed but found weirdly amateurish in parts), and didn't distract me with all the switching-among-songs-every-30-seconds like Moulin Rouge did. Loved the cast and found the whole thing to be lots of fun.

I do think familiarity with at least some of the music helps. I'd never heard of Max Martin as an individual but recognized 1/3 o

Hamilton Performance Added! Tix Just released! Nov. 6th  Jul 22 2016, 06:03:15 PM

Many, many, many of my friends and colleagues thank you for this!  

Fun Home running time?  Feb 16 2015, 04:34:30 PM
It wasn't shorter. They usually started around 8:05 and got out around 9:50. Not sure whether there will be changes to the material and/or staging that will shorten (or lengthen) the show, but if they were to magically transport the Public Theater production, you'd get out at 9:50.

The City of Conversation Previews  Apr 14 2014, 05:15:20 PM
Has anyone else seen this yet? I am going in a couple of weeks and am very excited to see Jan Maxwell!

Hedwig preview seats just released...  Mar 18 2014, 02:51:50 PM
Thank you! I am one of those people who hadn't bought tickets because I didn't like the availability. Just bought first row center mezz for first week of April. Woooo!

Rocky Previews  Mar 11 2014, 09:45:07 AM
Thank you for all the great detail!

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