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The Disney Renaissance Formula  Oct 19 2020, 10:14:34 AM
Is Mulan the first Disney musical to have different people working on the music/lyrics for the songs and for the underscore? There was also some weird dissonance between the score and the songs in that film, but it sort of worked since they decided to go "to hell with it" with that 98 Degrees song in the ending. The movie was sort of...not very serious which people who've seen the movie ended up loving and then freakin' out once they heard all the songs were removed from the live action remake t

The Disney Golden Years Formula  Oct 16 2020, 05:00:35 PM

It's funny because Pocahontas would have had that too if they kept the song "If I Never Knew You", but since they cut that number, "Colors of the Wind" sort of became both.

Randy Rainbow  Oct 9 2020, 01:37:59 PM

What does it matter? You don't have to be an active fan to cancel someone. Most canceling happens with people who weren't really into the person but had no problem previously with that person until that person gave them a reason to have a problem. Many join in as a form of solidarity.

The idea is that you are using your purchasing power and your voice to bring attention to a certain person's attitudes/actions that you find abhorrent. That person is reliant on consumers to buy into t

Randy Rainbow  Oct 9 2020, 12:52:30 PM

What about when gays canceled Anita Bryant for her continued homophobic remarks and activism and thus (arguably...depending on who you ask) costing her a spokesperson spot for Florida Orange Juice? Were they wrong to do so?

Studio Recordings vs. Live Recordings  Oct 9 2020, 12:31:22 PM
Speaking of Dreamgirls, we still don't really have a full studio recording of that score. It wasn't until I heard the live benefit concert album where I realized that the musical was almost fully sung and how many songs were truncated or cut from the original Broadway cast recording.

Randy Rainbow  Oct 8 2020, 04:57:45 PM
I think it helps that he has a very niche audience who mostly act, look, and think like him. If he was a bigger star with broader appeal, who knows. It took forever for Woody Allen and Roman Polanski to finally suffer career set backs. Nothing is truly over. Younger people become the dominate voice and they won't tolerate as much as the older generation that let things slide...if Randy Rainbow will still be relevant in the next decade. Most of the time, the way most people cancel is by paying le

This board in the old days  Oct 8 2020, 04:52:58 PM
I originally started here as a teenager, and one of the Wicked fanboys/shills. However, I now realized I was more of a fan of the IDEA of Wicked and really just fell in love with Chenoweth's voice more than anything. This board was a much tougher place back then, but I loved it. It kind of felt like you stepped into New York and you better develop that thick skin and survival skill or else. That was part of the fun. People were really mean but you were expected to be mean back. There were some i

Randy Rainbow  Oct 8 2020, 11:16:20 AM
Cancel culture will never truly die as it existed before and after Twitter. Many performers and businesses have been subject to boycotts or people simply deciding to take their business elsewhere. Many lose relevancy while others survive it for a few more years or for a longer time. It's nothing new and it's not surprising that it has always existed because in this country, the only real power regular folks have is their purchasing power. The all mighty dollar rules all, and now people are angry

Best & Worst Best Original Score Tony Winners  Oct 7 2020, 02:23:56 PM

I don't think Kinky Boots is the "Worst" score to have won, but it totally robbed Matilda. Just the level of word play and skill in the lyric-writing put Matilda heads and shoulders above Kinky BootsMemphis is a boring score. I liked it enough when I saw it live, but nothing really stands out, and the finale song that I thought was good when I first saw it really is just repetitive with not many words, even for the g

Kat McPhee Next Broadway Show?  Sep 29 2020, 12:18:21 PM

Let's be honest, this is the most anybody's really cared about McPhee on Broadway. She should be thanking those who are rightfully angry at her donations to a fascist racist sexist homophobic tax dodger who is setting civil rights backwards after all her pandering to the LGBTQ community...well, a very specific niche of the LGBTQ community...the type she thinks she can accessorize...just so that's truly the last fanbase she has thanks to that awful show Smash&nbs

Next Sondheim revival?  Sep 28 2020, 04:10:19 PM

I wouldn't mind seeing Assassins again.

Question Lyric Change UK's Hairspray's "You Can't Stop..."  Sep 28 2020, 04:08:01 PM

It's kind of like those big band covers of Broadway songs on dancing reality shows. Like when they do "Steam Heat" they don't say "Come on, union, get hot!" they say "Come on, people, get hot!" I think any lyric change from the original takes the zing out, but it's a zing that won't work out-of-context.

Glenn Close and Patti Lupone in Angels in America  Sep 25 2020, 12:25:14 PM

Nice to see them working together.

Next Sondheim revival?  Sep 24 2020, 03:50:00 PM

Staunton as Dolly? I can't wait to see her crazy eyes ramped to 100 from start-to-finish with lack of nuance take on it...

Who was the best Amanda Wingfield?  Sep 24 2020, 10:26:29 AM

I grew up on the Joanne Woodward version and I don't know...there's just something missing for me. I don't know if it's the pacing, the way it was filmed, the blocking, or what but it just doesn't have that snap I'd like. It's kind of sleepy, which I get because it's a "memory" play and everything is supposed to seem like it's from Tom's memory and have that effect.

Anyway, I remember the Katharine Hepburn version vividly when it was av

How long until a Madonna Jukebox Musical  Sep 17 2020, 12:01:32 PM

Another thought I had was that maybe Madonna won't even consider having a full-blown musical with her catalogue until she feels she's done making music, and that probably won't happen until she dies. It's one thing to let a friend use her catalogue for one special episode of Glee, and of course she has no control over the songs she does not own, but for an actual authorized musical, which will probably be a bio-musical, she probably feels it can't really be done until she&

Showtunes that evoke nostalgia and maybe a little regret?  Sep 16 2020, 04:49:35 PM

I also thought of "Our Time" even though the song on its face is supposed to be youthful and optimistic. It's about looking forward to the future when they realize their dreams. It only evokes nostalgia and regret because we already know what happens to the characters by the time they sing this song because the story is told backwards, which makes a happy-on-it's-face song turn out to be quite a bummer.

The Sound of Music  Sep 16 2020, 01:19:53 AM
Whatever one thinks about whether this was a fitting end for R&H, I will say it gave us "Edelweiss" which I do believe is a fitting end for Oscar Hammerstein.

How long until a Madonna Jukebox Musical  Sep 15 2020, 01:55:26 PM

I find it interesting that she's working with Diablo Cody on a screenplay about her life when for a few years now there's been a floating screenplay called Blonde Ambition that was like on top of the Blacklist of unproduced screenplays that she doesn't approve of. It seems Madonna sees an opportunity to take control and tell her own story before someone else does in a "major" film production and I guess quarantine has given her downtime to do such a th

Angela Lansbury and Audra McDonald and Other Comparisons  Sep 14 2020, 04:21:25 PM

I was inspired to make this post by one of the Gypsy threads here when I saw a bunch of people recommending Audra McDonald play Mama Rose. I always knew McDonald was held to high esteem and even considered a legend, but for reason it took that thread for me to realize she's become like a certain segment of the fandom's "it" person when they think of Broadway.

I was thinking about her past work and many accomplishments and the only other actress who I think was he

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