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Hamilton Broadway Coming to Disney Plus July 3  May 12 2020, 11:47:51 AM
I wonder what they’re going to do about some of the language in it.
Disney + recently cancelled the Lizzie McGuire reboot and even moved the Love, Simon TV show to Hulu because it was deemed as “too inappropriate” for their service. Interesting... 🤔

Jason Robert Brown Concert  Apr 28 2020, 06:00:31 PM

I mean that in terms of that they're both out of this world amazing.

Jason Robert Brown Concert  Apr 28 2020, 02:39:38 PM

I see how people are thinking she sounded autotuned, but as a long time fan, that's just her real voice.

Jason Robert Brown Concert  Apr 28 2020, 11:56:15 AM

Ariana and Shoshana's voices are stupid.

Patty and Emily Closing  Apr 22 2020, 10:02:42 AM

Revisited their videos and I gotta say, DAMN I miss their content!  

Mean Girls Cast Replacements  Mar 10 2020, 09:05:26 PM

Was anyone there tonight? Any reports on the new cast members? Intrigued to hear how Sabrina is in the role!

re: Which '13' Cast Member...  Feb 23 2020, 03:40:53 PM

Cool to look at this thread and see how a good portion of that cast are doing great things!


.Ariana Grande - Grammy Award winning pop star

.Elizabeth Gillies - Dynasty (The CW), Sex&Drugs&RockNRoll (FX)

etc, etc, etc.

Jamie  Jan 23 2020, 09:52:07 PM

Had a friend go to a screening of the film version last night in LA. He said it was great!

MEAN GIRLS Recoups and Announces Film Adaptation  Jan 23 2020, 09:45:35 PM

Renee Rapp is Regina.

“The Nanny” Musical  Jan 8 2020, 08:27:52 PM

Lesli Margherita, Leslie Kritzer, or Nina Arianda. Period.

FUN HOME Film Adaptation  Jan 2 2020, 06:33:35 PM
Super excited to see this musical get more recognition!

Worst Broadway Show of the Decade?  Dec 22 2019, 07:32:50 PM

Having seen hundreds of shows in my lifetime, hands down the worst of them all... Enron.

Movies that WILL be musicals, inevitably  Nov 6 2019, 03:46:20 PM

I've always said ​​​​The House Bunny starring Annaleigh Ashford would be exquisite. 

Spring Awakening Film?  Nov 3 2019, 02:02:54 PM

What's the tea? I haven't heard anyone talk about this on here.


My Favorite Elphaba  Jul 27 2019, 07:52:54 PM

hayleyann said: "jbroadway4 said: "Glinda: Ariana Grande. Just get the girl some acting lessons and she'd be stellar. Not sure why people think she should play Elphaba"

She can't act her way out of a paper bag. This would be beyond needing lessons. Would you recommend a great actress for this part and then say "just get her some singing lessons"? No.

I mean... Hollywood would. Look at the majority of modern

My Favorite Elphaba  Jul 27 2019, 05:56:05 PM

Anyone think JoJo could be a good Elphaba? She has an insane vocal range and lots of prior acting experience. I think she was in the Jawbreaker workshop a few years ago.

I mean.... c'mon!

Live Action Little Mermaid - Ursula?  Jul 3 2019, 04:04:39 PM
She’s going to be perfect in this role! Voice of an angel! I’ve always said she should play Ti Moune in a film adaptation of “Once on this Island”, which is funny considering OOTI is loosely based off The Little Mermaid (right?).

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox?  Jun 2 2019, 04:03:01 AM

Does anyone know where I can watch the previously recorded Chatterbox's? I used to watch them all on his website, but they seem to have been all taken down. Any help is appreciated :)

My Favorite Elphaba  May 20 2019, 08:11:12 PM

Elphaba: Liz Gillies, JoJo, Sia, Haven Burton! Tori Kelly would be a great choice too, if she can act. 

Glinda: Ariana Grande. Just get the girl some acting lessons and she'd be stellar. Not sure why people think she should play Elphaba.

Fiyero: Brendon Urie (maybe a tad too old, though), Darren Criss, Jelani Aladdin, Isaac Powell, Harry Styles.

Boq: Daniel Radcliffe, Ben Platt, Jason Eric Testa, Andrew Feldman.

Madame M

FOX doing RENT Live  Sep 26 2017, 01:29:43 AM

Put Brendon Urie and Liz Gillies in this somewhere. Please.

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