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re: Next to Normal rush lately  Sep 29 2009, 10:54:25 AM
what about rush during the weekday? How has that been?

New Cast Member  Sep 27 2009, 02:16:37 PM
ohhh,yes it was, oops. I really did not like his energy in the show. I can't really explain it, just ug. I also didn't like his costume so that didn't help.

New Cast Member  Sep 27 2009, 10:41:18 AM
last time I saw hair, I saw someone new in the Theo-track; and was VERY dissapointed. His presence just seemed all wrong for the show. He was heavy-set with wavy hair. Anyone know who that was, or if he's still in the show?

re: new Ragtime logo  Aug 15 2009, 09:43:38 AM
i really do like the new one....I think it will look stunning on the marquee

re: new Ragtime logo  Aug 13 2009, 10:07:18 PM
i like it, but would have rather they had just used red, blue and a little purple. More patriotic,

re: Erin Mackey's first night in Wicked on Broadway, did anyone go?  Aug 12 2009, 07:12:51 PM

re: 'Hair' Recoups  Aug 7 2009, 01:20:05 AM
that was fast

re: And the 'Worst Logo of theYear' award goes to RAGTIME  Aug 7 2009, 01:07:10 AM
i'm so confused....

re: And the 'Worst Logo of theYear' award goes to RAGTIME  Aug 6 2009, 04:52:28 PM
i wish they would do something like "N2N" did on the outside of the theater, with close-ups of historical figures (the real evelyn nesbit, houdini, etc)...and maybe work that into the logo.

anybody have the london logo used? I've never seen that...

re: Menier Chocolate Factory's LA CAGE AUX FOLLES To 'Sparkle' On Broadway,  Aug 6 2009, 03:22:21 PM
does anyone have a link to the poster? I can't find it...

re: Good logo of the day: THE NEIL SIMON PLAYS  Aug 6 2009, 12:37:15 PM
it's almost Norman Rockwell-esque, I wish they had gone further with that, I dont like the font or the white background.

re: Low turnover rate in Phantom casting  Aug 6 2009, 12:30:18 PM
i don't think actors really care much about 'us' in that sense....we make up a VERY small percent of the audience, particularly in a show like "phantom"

re: Sam Mendes GYPSY Logo/Website?  Aug 6 2009, 01:49:16 AM
it wasn't a train wreck, it was wonderful. Some people just didn't like it, simple as that.

re: Favorite Sarah Brightman Album?  Aug 5 2009, 03:47:39 PM
i forgot that sbfan...glad to hear other people who love "surrender" too, and just positive stuff about Sarah. She's really what got me to start listening to mainstream music, and not just showtunes.

re: PHOTO FLASH: Shaiman and Wittman's CATCH ME IF YOU CAN At Seattle's 5th  Aug 5 2009, 01:04:00 PM
looks more like a concert...any chance the set isn't entirely done yet?

re: Favorite Sarah Brightman Album?  Aug 4 2009, 08:14:35 PM
as far as compilations/"best of..." cd's go, "Surrender" is her best, imo. Most all of the songs aren't available on any other recording, and she just sounds fantastic. I also love the cover (but then, all of her album art is pretty great).

re: PHOTO FLASH: Shaiman and Wittman's CATCH ME IF YOU CAN At Seattle's 5th  Aug 4 2009, 05:45:18 PM

re: Favorite Sarah Brightman Album?  Aug 3 2009, 06:32:58 PM
if i can only pick one, Eden...I think it's the most beautiful and has a good flow to it, even though its so diverse. La Luna, Harem and Symphony are great too!

re: Favorite Overture?  Aug 3 2009, 02:35:56 AM
Crazy for You

re: Anymore recent 'Nine' news?  Aug 3 2009, 02:31:05 AM
actually its a movie.

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