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Profile: Mother of 2 who both studied theatre. My dad was born in Brooklyn and raised in da Bronx. Sadly, I am far removed from New York. Living vicariously through you posters who get to see shows all the time.

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HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  May 21 2016, 11:07:18 AM

Beanie Feldstein is not an unknown but she is also not very well known at all.  I also know of someone in the running but Beanie is far better.  I would say that most people do NOT know who Beanie is. I happened to catch her on Fallon and looked her up.  She has the right personality and charm and could nail the part.

HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  May 21 2016, 01:11:05 AM

Here is my choice to play Tracy AND she can sing!


This Year's NBC Musical...  Jan 19 2014, 07:22:43 PM
I like Kristen Bell for Peter but if they want a boy- Daniel Radcliffe or Joseph Gordan Levitt. Kristen could be Tinker Bell too.

Carrie Underwood to Star in NBC's Live Broadcast of THE SOUND OF MUSIC  Nov 29 2013, 03:17:24 PM
Thanks justincharacter. Why I like that she is not majoring in MT is because on college confidential, there are so many people who make such a big deal out of ranking college programs or feeling like they have to be accepted into what they think are the top MT programs but the fact is, if you have talent- you have talent! You don't have to major in MT to prove that you are dedicated to your craft because there are so many experiences you will get out of college that can contribute to a success

Carrie Underwood to Star in NBC's Live Broadcast of THE SOUND OF MUSIC  Nov 29 2013, 12:16:46 PM
I DVR'd the making of the SOM and watching it now. This makes me want to watch it more and I'm getting very excited. Interesting that the girl playing Liesl is not a MT major in college. Rolf does look much older than he should but I will live with that. It was fun watching the kids get their casting calls! Carrie definitely has a gorgeous voice.

Maclaine, Joel and more among Kennedy Center honorees...  Sep 13 2013, 07:49:05 PM
I was really hoping for Liza as well. I did not know the opera singer but the others are great choices. The music for Billy Joel and Santana will be show-stoppers. Shirley has a great book of material to draw from and I hope they get someone good for Sweet Charity. I loved her in "What a Way to Go" and I wonder if Warren will speak for her?

Molly Ranson  Aug 7 2013, 07:56:17 PM
I saw her in Carrie, the Musical and she was FABULOUS! She has an incredible voice! She was also very nice to my daughter and me after the show. I hope her career soars!

The Official TONY Awards Thread  Jun 9 2013, 08:51:45 PM
Could the camera not find her when they were announcing the nominees?

The Official TONY Awards Thread  Jun 9 2013, 08:33:42 PM
I personally LOVED the opening number and thought NPH NAILED it! I was a cheerleader and so was my daughter, but that number from "Bring it On" was NOT good in my opinion! They all looked so old too! Yeah- I just said that.

"The Frogs" at La MaMa this weekend!  Apr 23 2013, 07:50:46 PM
Hi everyone! The Physical Acting Class at NYU's New Studio on Broadway is opening "The Frogs" this weekend at La MaMa. It's definitely a very different show and my son is in it. If anyone goes to see it- I'd love to get a report. Here is a link with all the details. Thanks!

Help please my friends! In search of a soprano comedic female song!  Mar 30 2013, 02:31:02 AM
"Gorgeous" from "The Apple Tree"

how to enhance?  Mar 17 2013, 02:57:13 PM
My son saw the show last night. He is a big fan of Phish. Anyway, he said the show started to get tired and that some of the songs were good but the rest were just ok. He was able to get free tickets from his college.

Michael Learned as  Mar 7 2013, 08:50:58 PM
The crowds in Jacksonville, Florida aren't as sophisticated as they are in New York- I know- shocking! The lady that was sitting at my table was still using the term "colored" for an African American person.

Michael Learned as  Mar 7 2013, 07:36:25 PM
It's okay Dollypop! Really! I'm a pretty tough critic but since the show didn't get a standing ovation, I suppose I'm not the only one who thought that. I have seen so many mediocre shows at that venue that have gotten standing ovations and here was a show with a 4 time emmy award winner that did not. Like I said, I was thrilled to be in the same room with her and the play itself is very well-written so it held my attention. There were just some moments that weren't directed well- imo- but

Michael Learned as  Mar 7 2013, 02:18:11 PM
UPDATE: I just got back from seeing this show at a matinee. I only paid $26 for the ticket. Apparantly, it was student day but the audience was full of high school students and senior citizens. I couldn't beat that price but unfortunately, Michael did not stage door because the staff said she only comes out during "real" shows. So, I guess, because I am trying to save money, I was not part of a real audience-lol! It was nice to be in the same room with her though.

I thought her

Congratulations to Rob and the BWW team!  Mar 1 2013, 01:07:39 PM

Michael Learned as  Feb 26 2013, 12:55:25 PM
Aww! Thanks guys! I really appreciate that! I guess you haven't seen my posts about Khate Gosselin and Sarah Palin because I'm not always sweet-lol! Reg- right now, I WISH I would have started to save for my kids' college funds in the 6th grade. Being broke is NOT fun!

Michael Learned as  Feb 26 2013, 11:25:43 AM
Ha! I realized after I hit post message that my syntax was off! What I meant is that I didn't know if I could see her show right now because of the cost. I wrote letters when I was 11 but I never sent them because not only did I not know where to send them but I didn't think my parents would allow me to do such a thing. This was a time with no Internet and personal computers and such. I wrote the letters as more of a dream. Glad someone reads my posts though! :)

Michael Learned as  Feb 25 2013, 10:04:35 PM
She's actually playing this now at my local dinner theatre. I really hope I get to see it. I have been a fan of hers since I was in the 6th grade! I used to write her fan letters but I never sent them. (with 2 kids in out of state college- it's all about the funds)

OH DAD POOR DAD benefit reading with Juliet Mills and Maxwell Caulfield  Feb 24 2013, 01:50:33 PM
Well, I LOVE Juliet Mills! I would see this show for her alone but- I live too far away!

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