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Anything Goes Rush  Mar 26 2011, 09:47:50 AM
Hi! Does Anything Goes have a student (or general) rush? Hiptix is virtually sold out and I couldn't find any rush information on the Roundabout's website.

re: The new Billy Elliot love thread  Jun 17 2009, 02:23:22 PM
No, Haydn is back today.

re: any news on vanities?  Feb 2 2009, 05:06:11 PM
I wish they would release it! But Lauren will be singing from VANITIES at this benefit:

It should be fun!!!

re: CARE Benefit on 2/9 with Kerry Butler, Lauren Kennedy, Erin Davie...and more!  Feb 2 2009, 11:13:47 AM

Just found out that Lauren is singing Fly into the Future from Vanities at this event...people should get their tickets now!!

CARE Benefit on 2/9 with Kerry Butler, Lauren Kennedy, Erin Davie...and more!  Jan 29 2009, 11:07:04 PM

Just wanted to let BWW readers know that a few fun names have been added to this event! Lauren Kennedy, Katie Adams, and Lucia Spina have been added to the lineup. It's going to be a great night for a really great cause!

There's a facebook event for th

re: Kelli O'Hara South Pacific Schedule?  Nov 19 2008, 05:00:30 PM
Kelli doesn't have any vacations scheduled, but if she is for some reason out of the show (illness, etc.), Laura Marie Duncan is her understudy.

re: The Most Unique/Original Voices on Broadway  Aug 26 2008, 09:27:04 AM
I'll second Kristin Chenoweth.

I'll also add Kelli O'Hara. Its not that her voice in itself is uniquely different, but she's played such a wide variety of roles in her career and has managed to find the perfect "voice" within her own for each character. Its not like Clara (from Piazza) and Nellie (South Pacific) have much in common vocally, but Kelli does both amazingly. And then there is her solo cd which is definitely the voice of Kelli, and I really enjoy that, too!

re: SOUTH PACIFIC - Laura Marie Duncan in for Kelli O'Hara  Jul 5 2008, 10:51:10 AM
Anakela, what kind of gig was Kelli out doing??

re: SOUTH PACIFIC - Laura Marie Duncan in for Kelli O'Hara  Jul 4 2008, 11:21:58 PM
Does anyone know if Kelli was back in the show tonight? I hope she is feeling OK!

Christine Ebersole at Birdland (Photos)  Jun 30 2008, 11:23:35 PM
Mine and my roommate's new website covered Christine's concert tonight! We got some great photos and a pretty spectacular quote! You should all go check it out...

Thanks in advance for your support!

re: CURTAINS Closing Weekend Details Here  Jun 29 2008, 11:31:50 PM
Its so nice that the cast is so close...this BWW article was sweet about it:

re: SOUTH PACIFIC - Laura Marie Duncan to replace Kelli O'Hara  Jun 28 2008, 12:19:09 AM
This is true, but South Pacific was only supposed to run until the 22nd of this month, and I'm fairly certain Kelli arranged to take this vacation in her contract when the run was extended.

She'll be missed for this week! I honestly don't know if I could see the show without her.

re: Awkward Stage Door Moments  Jun 22 2008, 10:52:43 PM
At the end of the run of The Apple Tree, my friend and I saw Kristin Chenoweth leave the stage door and go running into the arms of Aaron Sorkin where they then proceeded to make out and display extreme public affection. Kristin then returned to the crowd and signed autographs as if she was in a daze and then ran back to him where they made out some more and barely made it into the car with their clothes on.

I'm sure it wasn't awkward for them, but it was certainly...interesting for the

re: Kristin Chenoweth's New Boyfriend!  Jun 16 2008, 09:33:36 PM
Ha ha ha. In all seriousness, I just saw her at a party two months ago where she was DEFINITELY with Aaron Sorkin. Either she gets around or something is fishy with this story!

Kristin Chenoweth's New Boyfriend!  Jun 16 2008, 09:13:36 PM
Apparently Kristin's dating a younger man!! Her new boyfriend was her Tony date...his name is Charlie McDowell. He's 25 and very cute.

I thought she was with Aaron Sorkin but this is very interesting.

re: Tony Awards tickets  Apr 7 2008, 12:55:20 PM
This may be semi off topic, but does anyone know anything about being a seat filler at the Tonys?

re: Grey Gardens Returning To Broadway With Ebersole?  Apr 1 2008, 12:48:12 AM
I know its April Fools, but that was a mean tease, haha.

One can only dream.

South Pacific Rush  Mar 2 2008, 07:42:52 PM
I know the show just started previews, but does anyone know if there is a student rush/lottery/anything? Thanks!

re: Sarah Jessica Parker to star in BOEING BOEING  Feb 26 2008, 03:21:40 PM
I'm REALLY excited for this. =)

re: Photo Preview: Kristin Chenoweth Performing 'That's How You Know' at th  Feb 24 2008, 10:32:33 PM
I thought she did a very fine, respectable job. It wasn't the best I've ever heard her sound, but I thought she captured the essence of the song and performed it well. Perhaps she was nervous, or maybe it was the 6 inch heels she had on that made her slightly unsteady...she always sounds beautiful, though. =)

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