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What's the 1st show you're planning to see when the quarantine is over?  Apr 15 2020, 06:17:51 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Literally anything. Whatever happens to be playing, I will be at and supporting."


Actors Fund Ragtime  Apr 15 2020, 02:52:38 PM
We retained our tickets too. Glad it hasn’t been outright cancelled!

Actors Fund Ragtime  Apr 8 2020, 10:43:30 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Stokes said last week, This is definitely going to happen at some point and that they are also looking at things like Broadway HD as a way to make it acceptable to even more people when it happens. "

Thanks, Jordan.  I didn’t know that.

Actors Fund Ragtime  Apr 8 2020, 08:32:37 PM

Obviously it isn’t going to happen at the Minskoff at this point. At a time when Actor’s Fund needs and deserves the money spent on tix, I’m wondering how they are gonna weather this. Postpone? Stream? Cancel altogether? I’m sure they are trying to figure it out. Any conjectures?

WHEN WILL THEY ANNOUNCE  Mar 26 2020, 05:14:28 PM
I have no inside sources or anything of the ilk, but it is almost a certainty that Broadway will not open on the originally announced date. NYC still hasn’t peaked and Daddy Cuomo and Hizzoner are certainly not going to put people in danger. Am I upset that the Ragtime benefit will likely be postponed/cancelled? Sure. But look at all the wonderful ways we have been given access to our favorite shows and performers via Seth, Rosie, and other outlets. Everyone needs to stay home, keep positiv

Best restaurant for your birthday before a show?  Jan 28 2020, 01:17:52 PM

LovesBway! said: "Marseille 44th / 9th Ave"

I’ll second this and add Becco on Restaurant Row.

Chenoweth & Benanti Working On Something Together?  Nov 18 2019, 05:11:30 PM
I was there on Saturday too. My takeaway was that she was just saying she was hoping to work with Benanti sometime. Her interludes talking to the audience seemed scattered, so maybe im chalking it up to that. That said, Benanti and her daughter were a highlight of show that was already great and I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 11/17/19  Nov 18 2019, 05:05:55 PM
I almost have to wonder whether The Lightning Thief has given up on marketing. I was walking down Broadway on Saturday and glanced across 49th and was like “oh, that’s still open”.

Also a bit shocked at how Cheno turned out. Saw the Sat matinee and it was definitely sold out, but my friend and I were looking at seating charts on TM throughout the week and theater didn’t seem full for most shows. That said, it was a fun afternoon (Benanti added to my pleasure) and Cheno was truly fa

Irishman at the Belasco  Nov 3 2019, 07:22:14 PM
Has anybody been? What is the sound/screen quality like? I want to get a single in the first row of center the mezz, but it looks like that ship has sailed. Basically, is it worth it or would the recliners at the Landmark on 57th be better?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 9/1/19  Sep 3 2019, 07:48:34 PM
It’s free, but is anyone on here gonna bitch about the Hercules lotto for the millionth time? IMHO, the Public handled it well.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 9/1/19  Sep 3 2019, 06:48:05 PM
I seriously don’t understand the loathing for Tootsie each week on these gross threads. People are seeing it and liking it. Maybe it’s in the wrong theater, but it’s there. We will see how it goes through the doldrums of autumn. I didn’t love it or hate it, but saying “it must go” is petty. Unless you are are producer of the show or a member of Nederlander looking for another show to go in, it shall remain. It’s like everyone being an armchair meteorologist during hurricane season.

Available Theatres  Aug 30 2019, 08:51:15 PM
The Nederlander thing confuses me since I thought the Harry concerts were officially announced. I mean, we could hear things come Tuesday, but it seems off.

Any new marquees since July?  Aug 27 2019, 11:49:18 AM
LCT was still MFL as of last week when I saw The Rolling Stone.

Next for the Sondheim Theatre  Aug 25 2019, 04:05:29 PM
Since it isn’t going to be Company, maybe we will get a complete shock to the system and we’ll get Brunel. I know it’s a pipe dream, but given that LCT gave us a shocker this week I can still keep hope alive that this will actually surface. Again, a pipe dream.

Page Six literally slut-shames Kara Lindsay and Stephanie Martignetti over pregnancies  Aug 10 2019, 12:40:44 PM
I saw this post right when it was posted and kept my yap shut. First, it is Page Six. Second, there is no slut shaming. Third, the gift wrapped box of condoms shows the two actresses got the humor or did Page Six. The article posted about a coincidence and added a little fun to it. I’m not the hugest NYPost fan, but there is nothing ugly here. Move on. Not everything is offensive in these times as much as people want things to be.

THE BODYGUARD to Broadway - What Happened?  Jul 8 2019, 10:22:15 AM

qolbinau said: "You missed “I’ll always love you?!!!”. To each their own lol. "

Frank sings “I Will Always Love You” in the karaoke bar in the last scene before intermission!  

THE BODYGUARD to Broadway - What Happened?  Jul 7 2019, 08:37:51 PM
I saw this at Gateway today. Some lovely voices, but quite obvious why it didn’t make it to Broadway. The book is dreadful and in this production, at least, it didn’t know what time period it was in. It would be eviscerated by every critic in NYC and by everyone on this board. While I had fun (I mean, those songs!), I felt like I was gonna exit the auditorium and find myself on the Empress of the Seas or in front of a coaster at Six Flags. Credit where credit is due though...the cast was gi

PROM: TDF or RUSH?  Jun 1 2019, 03:45:53 PM
I was actually wondering the same. Had great luck with an amazing single at Ink last night from TDF. Would prefer to use TDF so I don’t have to shuffle in from BK and then home and then back into the city if the locs are traditionally good.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/19/19  May 20 2019, 03:50:02 PM

n2nbaby said: "I cannot imagine Frankie and Johnny will be finishing their 16 week run, which is sad. I wish more people would give it a chance."


Agreed.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it seems the appeal just isn’t there.  I’m not even sure a slew of great reviews can save it.


Tootsie Lottery  Mar 29 2019, 06:19:21 PM
I walked up and got rush price at 6 for tonight. Try that! I can’t believe I lucked out. Good luck to those trying!

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