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Roles Donna Murphy can play on Tuesday nights as the alternate  Sep 18 2020, 02:00:05 PM

Chad Kimball  Sep 17 2020, 02:41:34 PM

Why does anyone care anything about Chad Kimball?  Not objecting to you caring.  But help me understand.

Variety hosts Legit! The road back to Broadway.  Sep 17 2020, 02:37:13 PM

Alia Jones-Harvey (“Ain’t Too Proud” and “American Son&rdquo, Tom Kirdahy (“Hadestown&rdquo, Kevin McCollum (“Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Six&rdquo and Carmen Pavlovic (“Moulin Rouge: The Musical&rdquo

Variety hosts Legit! The road back to Broadway.  Sep 17 2020, 02:34:51 PM

Forgive me if already posted.  Should be interesting.  It looks like our concerns will be represented.

Lotteries and Rush tickets will now be a thing of the past?  Sep 17 2020, 11:05:00 AM

HogansHero said: "alovingfan said: "We will see. We still might have a civil war after the election to contend with. Way too many unknowns ahead of us. And I am not sure I believe in the whole history repeating itself argument. But it is a very valid one."

a couple of quick points:

1. Note that I did not say when most everyone will have come out of the other end of this. It could be post-revolution as well as post-covid.

2. Re histo

trouble  Sep 15 2020, 02:48:36 PM

Kad said: "He's always been on a quasi-double bill with AfterEight, both of them a mixture of William F. Buckley and Abe Simpson in varying amounts. "

More like poor imitation.

trouble  Sep 15 2020, 01:56:54 PM

Took the word(s) right out of my mouth

Lotteries and Rush tickets will now be a thing of the past?  Sep 14 2020, 11:39:12 PM

HogansHero said: "Some people were germophobes before covid. Maybe a few more will be after. Everyone gets to decide how they want to engage the outside world.

I will say that there is not much to be gained from paying attentionto people on this subject right now. We are in the middle of a pandemic. Our collective mental health is shot. Some people think this will never end, justlike some think the economy will never recover. But once the fact of recovery is staring most p

Randy Rainbow's New video contains apology  Sep 14 2020, 08:03:06 PM

everythingtaboo said: "I think his apology is kinda of lame, but whatever. I'm so far beyond it now, the world is ending."

I thought it was lame as well.  I am just sick of it all.

Broadway in Chicago- Six and Moulin Rouge updates?  Sep 14 2020, 08:01:54 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "You’re exactly right, but I’m mostly wondering why there hasn’t been any official cancellation announcements yet."

Did they already have advances and tickets sold?  Maybe their trying to hold on to the money a little longer?

Broadway in Chicago- Six and Moulin Rouge updates?  Sep 14 2020, 05:37:45 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "After hearing that Six will continue to go ahead starting in November across the pond, I wonder if Equity and the city of Chicago will let the Chicago production to begin performances beginning November. I just think its kind of unusual there have been no updates regarding Six and for that matter, Moulin Rouge which is supposed to begin performances in December over here. Any word on if they are actually still planning on going ahead with these two show or if the

Lotteries and Rush tickets will now be a thing of the past?  Sep 13 2020, 04:08:51 PM

HogansHero said: "I am not really trying to persuade either of you of anything but I would just counsel patience in making pronouncements right now. We are still in the middle of a pandemic, and you are reacting based on that. It's totally understandable but I think it is worthwhile not to predetermine what your frame of mind might be at some point in the future."

True.  Just chit chat.

Lotteries and Rush tickets will now be a thing of the past?  Sep 13 2020, 03:20:49 PM

Highland Guy said: "Vaccine or not, my husband and I will wear face masks for the remainder of our lives. Whether in a theater or the great outdoors, we will wear a mask. It's not an inconvenience for us.


Not a inconvenience for me either.  I just don't know if I will ever want to sit at the Booth or the Music Box or theaters like that where the person behind you is breathing down your neck.  Mask or no mask.

Lotteries and Rush tickets will now be a thing of the past?  Sep 13 2020, 03:00:25 PM

Sutton Ross said: "You might be right.

He is 100% right.

or Davenport LOL


But if they are forced ( even with a vaccine) to remove or block seats ( as has been mentioned in many future plans) ..wouldn't the remaining seats be more expensive?

They are not doing that on Broadway. They need/want to make as much money as possible, like any business. They will open wh

Lotteries and Rush tickets will now be a thing of the past?  Sep 13 2020, 02:17:20 PM

HogansHero said: "producers have always looked for the sweet spot between full price and discounts. That will not and cannot change. If a show can't bring in enough money by hook or crook, it won't run; same as always (not counting the tyros who live in fantasy land [or Davenport LOL])."

 Well of course.. I understand commercial theater is all about making money.      But if they are forced ( even with a vaccine)  to remove or block s

Lotteries and Rush tickets will now be a thing of the past?  Sep 13 2020, 02:09:38 PM

MattieIce2018 said: "I would think that if a vaccine has been administered to the general public and proven effective, there won't really be a reason for seating restrictions after a while - assuming we are "back to normal." In terms of people being hesitant to come back, I could see more discounts being offered as a way to try to fill seats."

I don't know.  I have always been bothered by the tight New York houses.   Every time I go to

Where are touring sets currently at?  Sep 11 2020, 02:56:23 PM
Call Me Jorge snd Hogan’s Hero.. I don’t think of either of you as nobody’s on this board . I enjoy your posts immensely. But yeah...Tone. I am guilty of that at times as well. But part of the fun for me.

Charlie Stemp  Sep 10 2020, 05:30:29 PM
A few chorus boys have joined the “” work force . So I’ve been told .

Where are touring sets currently at?  Sep 10 2020, 05:27:48 PM

seaweedjstubbs said: "The Dolly set has long been loaded out. I doubt any tour still has their sets in the last city they were in."



Where are touring sets currently at?  Sep 10 2020, 04:02:31 PM
I think the Dolly set must be at its last abrupt stop. From what I gathered from social media they were all sent home fairly quickly .

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